How To Switch Hand in CSGO?

Here's one easy way to change the hand in which you hold your weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

How To Switch Hand in CSGO?
How To Switch Hand in CSGO?

Not everyone knows that Counter Strike offers an option to switch hands in which you hold the weapon using one of the developer console commands. The default setting is to have it in your right hand, but if you are left-handed, you may naturally want to change that hand to your left. However, that's not the only reason why you may want to switch hands! 

Holding the weapon in your left hand instead of your right can give you a better field of view, and this applies especially to larger weapons like the Negev or M249. So, here is how to switch hands in Counter Strike Global Offensive!

How To Switch Hands in CSGO

How To Switch Hands in CSGO

We can switch hands in CSGO by modifying the cl_righthand command. The default value of cl_righthand is 1 for the right hand perspective, and cl_righthand 0 is for the left hand perspective.

Command Use
cl_righthand 1 Right hand perspective
cl_righthand 0 Left hand perspective

Here is how to insert them by using an in-game console:

  1. Make sure to enable Developer Console.  
  2. Use “~” to open up your console.
  3. Once the console is open, just insert a command one of the two commands we listed above.
  4. Now click “Enter” and the gun position should be set to one of your choice!
How To Switch Hands in CSGO

How To Bind a Hand Switch in CSGO

You can also set a bind to switch between left and right hands during your games. Here you have the bind command you would want to paste into your Developer Console to set a switch hand bind in CSGO:

bind p „toggle cl_righthand 0 1”

After pasting this command into your console, every time you use the “p” key, you will toggle bind and your hands will switch

However, note that you can use whichever key you want to toggle bind, we just used “p” as an example. Still, you should obviously avoid using your movement keys for it (like “d” key for example) as this will just mess up your gameplay. 

Which Hand Is Better For CSGO?

Whether you want to play with a right hand or left hand, it doesn’t matter at all – it’s all about your preference. We believe that there are some people that play CS for more than a decade and have never used this option.

Which Hand Is Better For CSGO?

Still, there are also some players who believe that a hand switch bind is a game changer for them and can give them a better field of view. At the end of the day, it’s up to you. With all that said, you should definitely try to discover if you can take any advantage from it or not. Still, don’t believe that if you switch to a left hand, you will suddenly find yourself in The Global Elite