Best Hud Commands CS:GO

This article will discuss the best HUD commands in CS:GO that can make your HUD look cleaner and better, with changes such as color and size.
Best Hud Commands CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players who want to make it far in the ranks often tweak their settings to give themselves as many extra advantages as possible. This is no different to changing their HUD settings, as the HUD is important for giving players information. This will be especially useful in intense situations when a quick look at the HUD is required to clutch out a round. Changing HUD settings won’t hurt and will only provide benefits when tweaked to one player’s preferences.

What is a HUD?

HUD stands for “heads up display” and is simply the graphical information that is present on your screen. These graphics are on the screen for the entire period of whenever you are alive, and provide important information that is needed throughout rounds. These include health, ammo magazine, health, armor, money, minimap radar, etc. 

Clearly, all the information listed above is necessary when playing CS:GO at any point of the round. However, some players think that their HUD is too large or distracting. Don’t worry, as this article will assist you with personalizing your HUD, using the best HUD commands CS:GO has to offer.

Most Useful HUD Commands for CS:GO

cl_hud_playercount_showcount 1 

This command will allow the player count to only display the number of players who are alive on each team, instead of showing all the avatars. This makes the player count menu much more compact as it takes up less space, minimizing distractions when you are playing and is preferred by many players. 

It makes sure that you can quickly understand how many players are left instead of counting how many avatars are showing which is very convenient when you have to focus on the round.

Player Count No Avatar

The disadvantage is that you will have to open the scoreboard to see which players are alive. Keeping avatars on can help you identify players, for example seeing if their top fragger is alive, or a specific player always plays B site only.

cl_hud_playercount_pos 1 

This command will make the player count menu show at the bottom instead of the top. Many players find this very helpful as there usually isn’t much action going on at the bottom of the screen as opposed to the top part of the screen.

Player Count At Bottom

cl_hud_healthammo_style 1

This command will make the health and armor section much simpler, taking up less space. This can be useful for most players as they usually only look at the “number” part of their health instead of the “bar” itself. The ammo section is also changed, making it take up less space as well.

Style On

cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 1

This command will remove the bomb icon under the radar. Most players find the bomb icon under the radar very uncessary and choose to delete it. It is also covering a relevant part of your screen, as enemies could appear from the left side of your screen at any time. More radar settings can be found in our article about radar commands.

Bomb under Radar

cl_hud_background_alpha 0-1

This command can adjust the transparency of the HUD background, the lower the number, the less visible the HUD background will be. Reducing the transparency can help reduce distractions and is recommended by many players. The example below is set to 0.1, but most players prefer 0.5 as it balances out.

HUD Background

cl_hud_color 0-10

This command allows you to change the HUD color, with a total of 10 different HUD colors. There really isn’t a “best” color to have your HUD in, this is more of a person’s preference. 

The list of HUD colors is as follows:

  • White Hud: 0
  • Light Blue Hud: 2
  • Dark Blue Hud: 3
  • Purple Hud: 4
  • Red Hud: 5
  • Orange Hud: 6
  • Yellow Hud: 7
  • Green Hud: 8
  • Aqua Hud: 9
  • Pink Hud: 10

To choose your preferred color, simply change the number of the command to the color you want. For example, if you want a red color, type cl_hud_color 5, and if you want a yellow color, type cl_hud_color 7.

Blue HUD
Yellow HUD

hud_scaling 0.7

This command will reduce the scale of the HUD, enabling you to make the HUD smaller. A smaller HUD is preferred by many players as it takes up less of the screen and will allow the player to focus more with reduced distractions.

HUD Scaling 0.7

hud_showtargetid 0/1 

This command can toggle the enemy name which is located above the crosshair when you are aiming at them. Turning it off means that the annoying red text will be removed, making things less distracting. However, the red text may sometimes help you spot out enemies that might be camouflaging, this is completely up to the preference of the player.

No text on top of enemy

Bonus HUD Console Commands

+cl_show_team_equipmentThis command allows you to see the name and equipment of your teammates. It will be displayed on top of their heads and will last through the whole round.
cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices -1/0/1This command will hide kill information on the top right. It is useful when you are making fragmovies where you don’t want anything on the top right showing up.
mapoverview_icon_scale 2The map icon overview becomes bigger and is increased by two times.

How do I change my HUD?

The HUD in CS:GO is quite easy to change. There are two main methods of changing the HUD, the first one being through the in-game settings, and the second one using CS:GO console commands. You can read our article on console commands to understand more about it. 

It is preferred to use the console instead of directly using the in-game settings as the console has more complete commands, while the in-game settings are missing some hidden commands.

How to change HUD through in-game settings

This method of changing the HUD has limited options for HUD customization, but is fairly simple to do. Here is how you can change your HUD settings through the CS:GO client. 

  1. Launch CS:GO and open Settings
  2. Click Game
  3. Press HUD
How to change HUD in settings

How to change HUD through console

To change the HUD through the console, you will first have to enable the developer console. Once it has been enabled, press the “~” key to open it. Then, copy and paste the console commands that were listed in the article.

The best type of HUD for playing at high ranks would be HUDs that are minimalistic, as playing at a high level requires you to get as much information as possible. This means that parts of your screen shouldn’t be covered by the HUD! Pro players ignore having good looking HUDs and go for simple and effective ones instead. Read what else Global Elite players do by reading our article about the topic.

Those are the best CS:GO HUD Commands that you can use to reduce distractions and make your HUD look better! Read our articles on crosshairs and sensitivity to further improve your preferences and elevate your game.

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