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Best ways to invest in CS:GO Skins?

Is it worth investing money in CS:GO in-game items hoping to make a real profit? 
Best ways to invest in CS:GO Skins?

Want to invest in some weapon skins but not sure how to be smart about it? And maybe you don’t even know if it’s worth it? Check out this guide to learn everything about investing in CS:GO items!

Is it worth investing in CS:GO skins?

Whether it is worth investing in CS:GO skins will always depend on how popular the game is at the time. First, we should ask ourselves — do we expect CS:GO to be even more popular than it is now? Do we think that the eight-year-old FPS game still has its glory years ahead of it? 

AWP Dragon Lore Investing

It would seem quite possible, as Valve keeps investing in the game and frequently provides players with updates and new Operations. However, the game is still pretty old, and newer ones (such as Valorant) prove to be pretty good competition for Counter-Strike

M4A4 Howl Investing in CSGO Skins

We have heard stories of people who have gotten significantly rich from investing in CS:GO skins, and we're aware that it's possible. However, we're unsure if this is the right moment and if the best time to do skin shopping on the Steam Community Market hasn't already passed. And sure, if you have a few dollars in your Steam account that you don't have anything to spend, it might be worth investing it in some weapon skins for CS:GO. Nevertheless, we leave the decision on whether to invest or not to you and do so at your own risk

What CS:GO skins should you invest in exactly?

If you still feel like investing in some CS:GO skins, let us help guide you and tell you which investments you are likely to make the most profit on.

The good thing would be to focus on skins that are not so widely available anymore

eSports 2013 Case

Best Case To Invest CSGO eSports 2013 Case

CS:GO Weapon Case

CSGO Weapon Case

Operation Bravo Case

Operation Bravo Case

Operation Hydra Case

Operation Hydra Case

The following items can be purchased on the Steam Community Market, and sites such as Skinport, skinwallet,, dmarket, skinbaron, cs money or skincashier, where you can also sell and trade skins for real money. Remember that we don't guarantee you that the items you invest in will make you a profit

Souvenirs and Rare Special Items

Besides skins from older cases, you might want to consider investing in tournament souvenirs, especially from maps that are no longer in the Active Duty Map Pool, which are Cache and Cobblestone

Investing Knife CSGO

Investments in Rare Special Items, on the other hand, seem to be quite risky, as their prices fluctuate constantly. But here again — it seems to make sense to invest in good quality old knives with StatTrak, such as the Karambit Fade ($1,700) or iconic skins like M4A4 Howl (up to $6,500). 

Stickers and Capsules

We could also watch a steady increase in pretty much all the stickers’ prices over the last two years. 

Sticker Investing CSGO

We offer a simple way to invest — purchase any stickers/caps from older majors (like ESL Cologne or Dreamhack Winter) and just keep an eye on trends.

Access Passes 

Surprisingly, a growing number of collectors are interested in coins of specific Operations on the Community Steam Market. For example, Operation Vanguard Access Pass price has increased from $5 to about $1000 in just one year

Operation Pass Investing

So, if you can buy any Operation Access Pass for less than $25 — why not? There are good reasons to believe that such investments can be highly profitable.

As you can see, there can be many ways to invest in CS:GO. If you have some money in your Steam account and don't know what to do with it, buying some old in-game cosmetics can be an excellent idea. But again, don’t forget that every investment comes with a risk!

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