Is CS:GO Dying?

Is CS:GO still a viable game, or is it slowly dying? Check out this article to find out!
Is CS:GO Dying?

Although CS:GO is one of the more popular modern games, it can already be described as having "legendary" status. However, how long will this popularity of CS:GO last? Is the latest edition of Valve's iconic FPS game past its prime and not likely to have a bright future? To better answer this question, let's dig a little deeper into the topic and see what the numbers say about this.

Is CSGO Really dying?

First, let's see what the situation look like in terms of the number of active players, because that's often the indicator of whether a game is "alive" or not. 

March 2019 16,421,889985,313
July 201914,751,966737,598
November 201922.063,6341,323,818
March 202021,833,8051,310,820
July 202026,810,1471,033,589
November 202031,265,4751,875,929
March 202134,022,3072,041,338
July 202136,011,4772,160,689
November 202136,502,2142,190,133
March 202235,509,9802,130,559

These numbers in no way portend the death of CS:GO, not at all. Quite the contrary! If you compare the numbers from March 2019 to those from March 2022, we're talking about a more than 2x increase.

CSGO Free To Play

The most significant increase in the number of CS:GO players was in November 2019, when the game switched to a Free to Play model and the Prime System got a rework. By making this iconic game accessible to a much wider audience, it would be a massive surprise if it didn't start breaking its popularity records.

Is Esports in CS:GO Popular?

Okay, but the number of players alone is not everything, and certainly not in CS:GO. Counter-Strike has been about competition and eSports since the earliest versions of the game, and it's always been popular. As the number of players has grown, has the number of people interested in eSports grown? 

Is CSGO Esports Popular

Well, yes, eSport competitions in CS:GO are more popular than ever. How do we know this? Just look at the top 5 most-watched major CS:GO tournaments and see when they occurred:

So, as you can see, 3 out of 5 most-watched CS:GO majors happened pretty recently. On top of that, the prize pool of all these events was 1 million dollars minimum, which shows that Valve values this form of promoting the game really high. 

CSGO Esports

With all that said, it’s clear that CS:GO is still a viable eSports title, and the game is far away from dying in that matter. 

Will CS:GO Stay Popular?

CS:GO is alive and well. Sure, Valve has a challenging task to make the game reach its expensive peak popularity and break its records. Still, it's just a good video game! It's free-to-play, iconic, and has one of the most developed eSports scenes out there. 

will csgo be popular

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