CSGO Commands to play with a controller

Want to play CS:GO using a controller? Find out how to and what the best console commands are by reading this article!

joy controller commands csgo
joy controller commands csgo

There is a small majority of players who use the joystick controller to play CS:GO, even though it is a PC-based shooter game. There may be an influx of console players who want to try out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for themselves. If you are one of those players, then this article will help you learn the best console commands for the controller!

How to Use Joystick Controller in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allows you to use any type of controller, with noteworthy examples including Xbox and PS5 controllers

If you are still not familiar with enabling the controller in CS:GO, then don’t worry, as the process is quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the controller.

  1. Step 1: Launch CS:GO, Go to Settings and click on Controller.
  2. Step 2: Head over to “Controller Enabled” and change it to Enabled.
Enable Controller

Best Joy Controller Commands CS:GO

To enable these commands, you will need to know how to enable and open the developer console. For a guide on opening the console, you can check out our article on the ultimate console guide

Here is a list of the best console commands for your Xbox or PS5 controller!

Command Use
joystick 0/1 This command will determine if you want to enable the joystick or not. The value of 0 will disable it, and the value of 1 will enable it.
joy_inverty 0/1 This console command can be used to determine if you would like to invert the Y axis on your controller. When turned on, your character will look down when you move the joystick up. Put 0 as the value to turn the command off, and put 1 instead to turn the command on.
joy_movement_stick 0/1/2 This command is used to choose which stick on your controller you will use to move your in game character. The values of the command are changeable from 0, 1, and 2 to determine which stick you would like to use, with 0 being the left stick, 1 being the right stick, and 2 being legacy controls.
joy_response_move 0/1/2/3/4/5 This command will determine the way that your controller will respond to movement. Values can be set to: 0 for linear, 1 for quadratic, 2 for cubic, 3 for quadratic extreme, 4 for power function, and 5 for two-stage.
joy_sidesensitvity 2 This console command will be used to determine your joystick sensitivity for your sideways in-game camera movement. The default value for this command is 1. You can set it to negative values, such as -2 for low sensitivity, and you can also set it to higher positive numbers, such as 4, for higher sensitivity.
joy_forwardsensitivity 2 This console command will be used to determine your joystick sensitivity for your forward in-game camera movement. The default value for this command is -1. The value can be set to a negative value, such as -2 to decrease the sensitivity to make it lower, and the value can be set to a higher positive number, such as 4 to increase the sensitivity.
joy_accelmax 5 This command will determine the maximum acceleration of the joystick on your controller, meaning that setting a higher value will allow you to have a higher maximum acceleration. The default value for this command is 1, and you can go all the way up to 5 to set a high maximum acceleration.
joy_accelscale 5 This command is used to determine the acceleration scale of your joystick. The default value for this command is 3.5, and if you are looking for a higher value, you could set it to 5.
joystick_force_disabled_set_from_options 0/1 This command is used to enable or disable external controllers that are connected to your computer. To turn the command off, set the value to 0, and to turn the command on, set the value to 1.
joy_axis_deadzone 0.3 This command will determine the “dead zone” on the joystick on your controller. The dead zone will not impact your movement in the game, and the values can be changed depending on preference. The default value is 0.2, and a 0.5 value will make a large area on your joystick turn into the dead zone.

Should you play CS:GO with a Controller?

The entire professional scene in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is completely dominated by PC players, as that is how the game is meant to be played. But, with lots of console shooter games already out on the market, it is definitely possible for players to climb up to the highest rank using Xbox or PS5 controllers that they are used to using. You can read more about the highest rank here.

We firmly believe that controller players can make it far in CS:GO, as long as proper practice methods are used. To learn more about the best maps to practice in, check out the featured maps in our article about the best workshop maps.

Workshop Map

That will conclude the article on the best controller commands in Counter-Strike. If you are looking to learn more about commands, check out our article on the best commands in CS:GO!