Best CS:GO Jungle Drop Locations in Danger Zone

Jungle offers a tropical region filled with fun drop zones. Discover our CS:GO Jungle drop location map guide and pick the best one for you.
Best CS:GO Jungle Drop Locations in Danger Zone

CSGO Danger Zone Jungle drop points

With two outstanding maps such as Sirrocco and Blacksite already such on the roster for CS: GO’s battle royale mode Danger Zone, Valve decided to spoil fans of the series with yet another map to sink their teeth into. This tropical jungle environment has a wide variety of diverse drop zones, making its pretty difficult to instinctively know which one is best for you.

That’s why we have put together a guide which will help you make an informed decision in order to climp up those danger zone ranks. So here is our guide to the best drop zones in CS: GO Jungle:

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Map



We begin with crane, a large area that is placed on the coast in the south-east of the map. This area has a lot of loot that is spaced out around the area, meaning there are lots to collect here but it will take a while to fully scavenge the area. 

Thankfully, because this location is placed on an island separate from the bulk of the map, you should have ample time to gather all your gear.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Crane

You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for players approaching from Charlie or the docks but ultimately, you’ll be in a good position in the early game. The only issue with this area is that if you need to move more central in the late game, the island location will force you to move through a bottleneck, making you vulnerable to wily players waiting to ambush you.



Charlie is a slightly more accessible area when compared to crane. You’ll have access to much less loot in comparison but there is still usually enough to get you going. On occasion, you might leave short of supplies but you can bolster your gear if you hear south to Floatilla.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Charlie

The good thing about Charlie’s position is that you can easily get yourself off the island without having to worry about any late-game drama, offering more flexibility than it’s island counterpart. It’s really about what matters more to you, a quick escape or a mountain of loot.



We head up to the north of the map where we have the Industry drop zone. This area is another very large one that offers a lot of loot which is very spaced out, leading to longer looting times. As it is placed right on the coast there are fewer angles that the enemy can attack from, making it an easier area to defend than some and gives you that extra moment or two to gather supplies.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Industry

However, you’ll find that those landing in Village, Bunker or Echo will close in on your desirable position fast. This area is great if you can gather loot fast and defend against the onslaught of players who will inevitably arrive, so if you fancy yourself in a fight, this is a good spot.



This area is easily the most consistently good area to get great loot that is densely packed together on Jungle. The only problem with this is the position that you find yourself in when all the loot is gathered.

You’ll be very centrally placed on the map meaning that enemies can come from all angles and with Radio being in close proximity to Alpha, Delta and Echo, your likely to be inundated with players aiming to take you down and steal your loot.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Radio

There are no easy means of escape so your basically guaranteed to get into a gunfight early on. So if you do choose Radio, make all the favourable gear count and grab yourself a few kills on your way to victory.



This area is a very flexible one and can offer a great foundation to build upon if you know how to use the location to your advantage. You’ll be able to gather a reasonable amount of loot here and if you aren’t graced with enough in the early stages, you can always head south towards Floatilla, Town or Picnic to strengthen your inventory.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Alpha

Then in the instances where the position has been kind to you with loot drops, you can choose to mount an assault on radio and aim to rule the centre of the map.

Or alternatively, you could hang out near the bridge and try to get some cheap kills from players crossing from the island. It’s a great starting point and in our opinion, one of the best.


Tower One

Tower One is another expansive area on the Jungle map that offers a lot of loot spaced out around the location. If you start here you’ll have the potential to gather more than enough great to set you up for the match ahead but thanks to the close proximity of Beta and the size of the drop zone, you’ll be unlikely to have the place to yourself for long.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Tower one

Plus, this area’s position will render your map device pretty much useless for detecting players and gauging how many enemies you have in your area.

If you are able to make this area your own then it can be a real game-changer but don’t expect it to be easy.



Lighthouse, much like the area of the same name in Sirroco, offers a much safer and relaxing early game experience. 

You’ll have a handful of money and some gear to get you going and you can excavate other areas such as Cove and Cliffs to bolster your supplies and you can do so with little chance of an enemy’s presence.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Lighthouse

Most players will flock to Tower one or Industry from their respective positions, leaving you to gather your supplies and plan your route of attack.

This is an ideal area for novice players to get their bearings on this map and become familiar with their surroundings.



Beta is an area that overs a good deal of densely packed loot in a centrally positioned location. This means that you’ll be well-stocked and able to choose your next area to explore freely. The only issue with this area is that it’s sandwiched between Tower One, Bunker, Echo and APC, so you can easily find yourself surrounded if luck isn’t on your side.

CS GO Danger Zone Jungle Beta

The best way to use this location is to get what you need fast and make a beeline for Tower One where it is harder to track your location and try to rack up some kills.

However, for more novice players, we would suggest you drop elsewhere. As you can see, Jungle follows the trend of past maps in the Danger Zone mode by offering unique and varied areas, each with their own perks and pitfalls. Your early game performance sets the tone for your entire match so it’s of vital importance that you choose the drop zone that’s right for you.