What is the Max Level in CS:GO

This article will tell you all you need to know about the maximum level and the medals that you can get in CS:GO.
What is the Max Level in CS:GO

Though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known to have a well designed skill group ranking system, there are other medal ranks that more casual players can grind for. Players who are not into competitive matchmaking can play more relaxing game modes such as Casual, Arms Race, or Deathmatch and focus on getting their profile ranks up. Have a quick read of this article to learn about what these players are leveling up their profile rank for.

What is the Maximum Level?

Though the maximum competitive rank is The Global Elite, there is also a maximum medal for the player’s profile rank, which is Level 40. You can check out our article on The Global Elite if that’s what you’re looking for.

This profile rank level is completely separate from the player’s skill group, and focuses more on how active a player is instead of how skilled a player is. The profile rank is shown above your skill group.

Level 40

How do I get to Level 40?

The way to be able to level up all the way to Level 40 is to gather experience points. Let’s learn what experience points are, and how we can collect them.

Experience Points

These experience points can be gathered by simply playing CS:GO. The game modes that you can play include Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Wingman, Demolition and Flying Scoutsman.

At the end of every match, you will be able to receive experience points, which can be used to level up to higher levels. Keep in mind that leaving a match before it ends won’t reward you with any experience points. An EXP bar will be shown below the scoreboard, where you will be able to view your progress and how many experience points you gained for that match. 

How many EXP points will I need?

There are 40 ranks in total, and each rank along the way requires 5,000 XP points to level up. This means that to reach the max level, you will need to accumulate a total of 195,000 XP. You are able to gain more experience points per game if you perform well, but it is not compulsory to perform well to gain points. 

How are EXP points calculated?

Different game modes reward you with different “Earned XP”, so some game modes can help you gain more experience per match. Here is a table to give an idea:

Arms Race1.0 * Your Score
Casual4.0 * Your Score
Competitive30 * Rounds Won
Deathmatch Classic0.2 * Your Score
Deathmatch Team vs Team3 * Your Score
Demolition2.5 * Your Score
Flying Scoutsman4.0 * Your Score
Wingman15 * Rounds Won

What do I do after getting Level 40?

After you have managed to get all the way up to Level 40, a button will appear on the top of your screen. The button will say, “Get Service Medal”. When this button is clicked, the player’s rank will be reset all the way to Private Rank 2, and in return, a Service Medal will be added to the player’s collection. 

Being Level 2 will still allow you to meet the ranked requirements to play the Competitive mode. Read more about ranked requirements in our article about it.

Get Service Medal

The Service Medal will act like any other medal, and can be displayed on your profile. Valve releases a new Service Medal every year, so the player will receive the Service Medal of the current year in which they claim the medal. This makes it so that players will have proof of themselves actively playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the particular year.

2022 Service Medal

Upgrading Service Medals

The first Service Medal that the player receives in the year will be gray in color. Service Medals can be upgraded to higher levels. The maximum level of a Service Medal is 6. 

Once players reset their profile rank, they can continue to grind their way all the way up to Level 40 again, and that will allow them to have the option of upgrading their Service Medal. The table below will show the different colors of Service Medals depending on their level.

Level 1Gray
Level 2Green
Level 3Blue
Level 4Purple
Level 5Pink
Level 6Red

Are Service Medals Important?

It is widely agreed that Service Medals and profile levels are not as important as skill group ranks. If you want to understand the importance of skill groups, head over to our ultimate ranking system guide. People would prefer to be Master Guardian with a low profile rank compared to being Gold Nova with a high profile rank. 

Though Service Medals aren’t that important, players who have a more casual approach to the game can play to upgrade their service medals, then display them to prove that they are an active member of the community. At the end of the day, it’s really what the players personally want to accomplish by playing Counter-Strike, but having a maxed out Service Medal can be a really big flex!