CS:GO Nuke [Map Guide & Callouts]

Your go-to guide about Nuke: find the best tactics, nades, smokes, and callouts locations. This small but mighty CS map has lots to learn!
CS:GO Nuke [Map Guide & Callouts]

Nuke is one of the smallest maps in CSGO, and it's unique due to the map being set around a building. It does go inside, and the cramped conditions mean close-ranged weapons are prioritized on this map, while snipers are a rare sight here. Both Bombsites are inside enclosed buildings and there is a Vent system that runs most of the map, providing a connection pathway between the two Bombsites along with a Secret

This is also a map that doesn't include a designated Mid-area due to the size and layout. However, the entire outdoor area is known as Outside and is where most fighting will take place.

CSGO Nuke Callouts

Despite being a small map, Nuke has a lot of items and places that can be used as cover including the entire Outside area. There is also a Ladder that allows access to the Lobby Roof, which is also known as the T Roof due to its position being close to the T Spawn. From the T Roof, it's possible to get onto the Silo, which then gives wide oversight over the Outside area. 

While there is no direct line of sight from each spawn, teams can very quickly end up in confrontations on this map. If you want to get a better look at other CSGO Map Callouts:

Bombsite A

Site A is inside the main building on the map. The middle of the site itself has some cover that players can plant the bomb behind. While Site A is part of the largest building, the room itself is connected to some other smaller rooms with doors to the outside.

CSGO Nuke Bombsite A

The top end of Site A also has some Rafter that connects to Heaven, allowing a Defender on Heaven to peek inside when needed. There is also the Locker Room next door that has a window allowing someone to look at part of the Outside area, the Garage, and the CT Red container.

How to defend Bombsite A on Nuke

It's common for Terrorists to attack Site A from the Lobby side of the building, which means they will enter the room via Squeaky. One Defender can be placed at the Tetris area next to Hut, though this leaves them exposed from the Main entrance that leads Outside. Instead, there's a box next to the Main door which a player can hide behind and also peak into Squeaky from as well. 

CSGO Nuke Squeeky

Some pushes come from Squeaky, though most seem to come from the Hut, which are very close together. Throwing a flashbang through Squeaky is a great idea, if aimed correctly, then it can also flash any Attackers near the Squeaky room in the Lobby.

How to attack Bombsite A on Nuke

Smoke grenades are useful for this map, and covering Site A with them makes it harder for a Counter-Terrorist to take you surprised if they're on the Rafters. Entering the room can be tricky, but using smokes and flashbangs can make it much easier

CSGO Nuke Bombsite A

It's advisable to always check behind the box next to the Main door as a play might hide behind there for a surprise attack. However, as long as there is an Attacker on the Silo, the team inside will always have a warning if Defenders try to flank the team, and the Silo player could kill them before entering the room. 

T Spawn

On the left side of the map is where the Terrorists spawn. It's in a long corridor with different cubbyholes and some potential cover as well.

CSGO Nuke T Spawn Callout

The T Spawn is close to Bombsite A, and players also have the chance to rush towards the Garage where the Secret can be found. For this, however, another Attacker should rush for the T Roof and Silo by climbing the ladder in the Lobby.

CSGO Nuke T Spawn Callout

Attackers can quickly reach Site A via the Lobby and Main doors. For Site B however, they need to go through the Lobby and through to Control which leads to the Ramp area outside. It's also possible to use Secret outside for another path into Site B.

CT Spawn

On Nuke, both teams spawn in similar locations. The CT Spawn is on the opposite side of the map to the T Spawn; however, the positioning is essentially the same.

CSGO Nuke CT Spawn Callout

There is less cover in the CT Spawn area, but there is a Box just outside. The CT Spawn faces the Heaven and Hell side of the building, allowing Defenders quick access to Heaven and the inside of Site A via the Rafters. There is also the Lockers room that connects to Hell and a door into the Site A room.

CSGO Nuke CT Spawn

The spawn is also close to the Garage allowing players to rush there to protect Secret or to kill a player on the Silo. The closeness to Secret also means easy access to Site B through that entrance. Hell has a door leading to the Ramp area, which means the Defenders can get to that area first as well.

Bombsite B

The second Bombsite of the map can be found down the Ramp, which is on the opposite side of the map to the Main entrance to Site A. 

Bombsite B Nuke

Once down the Ramp, it leads onto the Bottom Ramp area with some cover at the end, so those coming down aren't immediately killed by any player on the site. There is another potential entrance to Site B via Secret, a staircase that leads from Outside down into the Tunnels of Site B. 

How to defend Bombsite B on Nuke

The Bombsite B double Doors only open when a player is within the range, which Defenders can use to their advantage. A Defender can rush to the Secret entrance behind Garage and hide in the Back Vents or in the cubbyhole behind the Doors to kill any Attackers who try to use the Secret to enter Site B

b site nuke csgo

If no one does, but the Attackers are on Site B anyway, the defender can throw a flashbang onto the site by opening the doors and quickly kill the enemies there. Using a surprise attack is also good for making the enemies leave the site for a few seconds to delay them.

How to attack Bombsite B on Nuke

Attacking Site B has different strategies, but having a player on the Silo is beneficial regardless of strategy. It can allow them to provide cover for a player trying to rush to Secret , so they can get access to the Tunnels. Having a player on Silo also provides your team with needed information about where the Defenders are.

nuke smoke csgo

There are many potential strategies for attacking Site A, including rushing the site with smoke grenades. However, the area Outside of the entrance to the Ramp also needs to be dealt with. It's a good idea to expect there to be at least one player guarding the area though they could be rotating a lot. That said, using a flashbang here can be useful and a generic one can be thrown towards the left side of the Ramp to catch most positions there with it. 


While most of the map is set outside, the main area known as Outside is the front of the building where the Garage area is. The entire outdoors area can be called this, so players normally need to expand on it a bit further to say what they're close to or what their callout means.

CSGO Nuke Outside

Outside is incredibly important on this map, and it's common for most fighting to occur outside of the building due to the cramped conditions inside. 

If one team loses control of Outside, then they will be at a serious disadvantage which will most likely cost the game.


Using the Vents provides a quick path between Site A and Site B. This can be very useful for the Defending team as it means players can quickly rush to support whatever site is being attacked.

CSGO Vents Nuke

Similarly, Attackers could use them to their advantage for surprise attacks such as using Secret to reach the Vents and then coming back through it towards Site A. The Vents do allow for different strategies and force both teams to be mindful of them.

CSGO nuke vents callout


Like with most places called Heaven in CSGO, this one is positioned on top of Hell, where the ladder doing up to it is.

Heaven Nuke CSGO

Heaven overlooks a lot of the Outside area, including where the Secret is so Counter-Terrorists can keep an eye on that entrance. The Rafters from Site A also lead up to Heaven, which means players can rotate the entire area freely.

Heaven Nuke CSGO

Heaven provides an important route into Site A while also giving Defenders the chance to protect Garage and Secret. Having this information allows the team to prepare and rotate better since teams should then have a better idea of where attacks will come from.

Best Nades, Smokes, and Molotovs on Nuke

While smoke grenades are important on this map, grenades, in general, are very useful inside the buildings. Nuke is a small map with limited space in the rooms which does mean different strategies can be used here. Some Defenders like to throw Molotov into the Hut on Site A to delay Attackers and others would rather use a grenade.The size of the map and the rooms allow players to explore different techniques and methods with all the throwables in the game.

CSGO Nuke Smokes

All of them can work very well here. It's more a matter of personal taste and ranking for players to decide what else they want to bring into the game other than smoke grenades. Smokes can also be very useful for running across the Outside areas to stop headshots from the enemy team

Nuke Molly CSGO

Nuke is a classic CS: GO map, and it's easy to see why Valve decided to not expand the map size or change the layouts too much. The small size, tight layout, and sneaky Secret area encourage players to do things they don't usually need to do on other maps. Nuke allows for a variety of playstyles to create a fast game with constantly changing tactics and the ability to use any throwable weapon in the game.

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