Ultimate CS:GO Smurfing Guide

Smurfing is a pass time of trolls to ruin the fun for beginners. Here's a guide on what smurfing is, the bans for smurfing and how to avoid smurfs.
Ultimate CS:GO Smurfing Guide

What is CS:GO Smurfing?

Smurfing is the act of creating a second account that has a lower rank than your main rank to get queued with lower-ranked players to dominate the game as well as to show off personal skills. This issue is quite nuanced in its nature. The reason is that some examples can be innocent and harmless, whilst others can be an example of why the CSGO community has highlighted this phenomenon as a pressing issue needing to be addressed.

The rage within the community, by and large, comes through the professional and high-end players that create smurf accounts to effortlessly beat new players.

What is CS GO Smurfing

With smurfs allowed to dominate the lower-ranked matchmaking, it is very unlikely that new players will stick with the game.

How to avoid Smurfing?

Due to the divisive nature of smurfing and the difficulty that developers can have with enforcing rules to combat it. It often means that the best way to avoid these players is through your own actions. Here are all methods to keep away from CS:GO smurfs:

  • Having a high Trust Factor
  • Prime matchmaking also plays a vital role in curbing this issue.
  • Play outside of sale periods
  • Avoid playing popular maps such as Inferno

One way to give yourself the best chance of avoiding smurfs is to play less popular maps. The obvious map choice for many players when playing CS:GO is Dust 2, a map synonymous with the franchise. 

CSGO Dust 2 Smurf

Another way to proactively lower your encounter chance is to play in the Prime system. It plays a vital role in curbing this issue due to the players within the Prime system being at least Profile Level 21.

CSGO Prime Status Smurfing

With a low trust factor, you run a higher risk of encountering smurfs. The reason is that this system is directly linked to in-game behavior. So if your behavior mirrors that of often toxic smurfs who often get kicked from games and are reported constantly.

Can you get banned for Smurfing?

The simple answer is no. Well, at least not for the direct action of playing in lower-ranked games. The reason is that the player has purchased a copy of the game for a new account. They have entered a game, and they are simply using their skill and ability to win matches.

CS GO Smurfing VAC Ban

The main reasons that a player can be banned are:

Though smurfing isn’t included in this list, it has to be said that the practice is not viewed as acceptable. The practice removes fun for new players, decreases the retention of these players, and breeds an inherent sense of unfairness into the gameplay. Plus reflects poorly on the community for CS:GO and indeed any other title that shares this issue.

How to tell if someone is smurfing in CS:GO?

Although it's difficult to be sure if someone is a smurf, there are some indicators you can pay attention to. First, check the game Statistics and the Steam profile of the player you suspect is a smurf. Next, you need to inspect the player's profile and look for the following characteristics:

Smurf CSGO how to know
  • His only game on steam is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • He doesn't have many hours played (typically under 100 hours)
  • He is giving disproportionately many headshots
  • He is carrying the entire team

If some of these characteristics apply to your suspect, then there is a high chance that you are dealing with a smurf.

With all that said, we think it’s clear that from a moral standpoint, it is clear that smurfing has no place in competitive gaming. It is a negative aspect that often drives away potential new professionals from the franchises in which it occurs. So, we advise you to follow the guidelines to ensure less chance of an encounter with a CS:GO smurf.