Surfing in CSGO

CSGO isn't known for the acrobatic gameplay. What players do have is the ability to make their maps which can allow for things that are typically impossible on the official maps. The videos of players sliding across slanted ramps at incredible speed and jump all over the place are one such case of this. It's becoming beloved to the community and has been nicknamed "Surfing".

What is CSGO Surfing?

Surfing is different from the typical shooter mechanics of CSGO.

The added acrobatics seem more in line with the Titanfall series but there are benefits to learning how to “Surf” in CSGO. It helps to increase your reaction time in general and not just in CSGO. It can be quite a fussy thing to do and require precise movements for the most complex Surfing maps. So this requires a lot of accuracy and precision to do correctly for long periods. It might not be the standard game but this is a great learning tool for the movement practice.

CSGO Surfing can also be a lot of fun which adds to this being a great learning tool. There’s also a lot less pressure here than with competitive matches and even full casual games. Most Surfing maps are quite relaxed and casual which is great for if you don’t feel like playing with others at the time.

How to Surf in CSGO

To do this, you first need to find a CSGO Surfing map on the Steam Workshop and Subscribe to whichever one you want.

There are some servers online that are just for Surfing and there are a variety of ability level maps around for both online or offline play.

Once you’re on a Surfing map or server, to start your first Surf all you need to do is walk onto the ramp to start. You no longer need to press forwards once on the ramp as it will automatically move your forwards due to the slope of the ramp. The aim is to “surf” by moving left and right to stay steady on the ramp and to ride it to completion.

Example of CSGO Smurfing

Pressing forwards on these ramps will usually kill you by making you slide off it to your death and forcing you to start over. The same goes for pressing to go backward as well! For Surfing, the only buttons needed are A and D. Which way you move usually depends on what side of the ramp you’ve jumped onto to slide down but the aim is to stay in the middle or as close to the middle as possible.

Trying to turn is the hardest part of Surfing and the explanation isn’t too great either. The best thing you can do is to watch videos of other people doing this as it will make more sense then. To turn you need to be strafing in the direction you want to turn while being in the air and moving your mouse direction to match it as well. Once you’re going in the right direction then you can stop strafing.

So to recap, here is how to surf:

  1. Load up a Surfing map or server
  2. Walk onto the ramp
  3. It automatically moves you forwards
  4. Move left or right depending on what side of the ramp you are on
  5. Don’t press forwards or backwards

How to Play on CSGO Surfing Maps

To play on a Surfing Map offline, you need to go to the Steam Workshop for CSGO and search for “Surfing” maps. Once you’ve found at least one map you need to click the Subscribe button on the map page or you can press the “+” button from the browsing menu instead.

Surf Maps CSGO Steam Workshop

  1. Go to the Steam Workshop for CSGO
  2. There is a Browse button with a drop-down menu, hover over that and select “Maps”
  3. Put “Surf” or “Surfing” into the search bar for the Steam Workshop
  4. You can edit the search results by changing “Sort By” to something else and change the “Over Time Period” to get different results
  5. “Sort By: Most Popular” and “Over Time Period: All Time” combined will give the highest rated maps for CSGO Surfing
  6. Click each map to take a closer look at their page for more details about it and to read comments
  7. If you’ve clicked onto the map, there is a big Subscribe button to download it
  8. If you don’t want to see the page, hover the mouse over the map image and click the big “+” button instead to Subscribe

Subscribe to CSGO Steam Workshop Maps

Once you have the map(s) installed, you can return to the game and play the map. There are two potential ways to do this.

  1. Play > Find a Game or Offline with Bots > Select the map from Workshop in the game
  2. Enable the Developer Console > Open the Console > Enter “map workshop\ID Number for the map\Name of Map

Best CSGO Surfing Servers

To play on a server you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Launch CSGO
  2. Click on “Play”
  3. In the top-left dropdown menu, select the “Community Server Browser” option
  4. Type in “Surf” for the Tags section at the bottom
  5. Locate the one you want to join then click Connect
  6. Clicking the “Players” tab at the top will also put the most populated servers first

Surfing CSGO Maps search community

Maps often have a Tier assigned to them which shows their skill level. Not all of them do and those that don’t are usually for more experienced Surfers. If you are new to Surfing then you’ll want to look for a Tier 1 server to get started.

Most players use servers are easy to access and regularly updated by their creator or the team that made it. This means the best ones will always have more active players on them while you search for a game.

Surfing Servers usually combat-focused which adds a different level to Surfing and Deathmatches in CSGO. These aren’t usually something you’d want to start playing immediately if you’re not too sure about how to Surf yet since fighting on these kinds of maps feel completely different from classic CSGO. It is advised that you start playing on solo maps until you kinda understand how to stay on the ramps at least!

If you feel like you’re ready to play some multiplayer games then some of these servers are great for Surfing and CSGO combat. There’s no requirement to play in Deathmatches for Surfing as you might prefer to do private time-trials or to set your challenges on maps. Just remember that if you do start playing CSGO Surfing servers then the combat will feel quite different from what you’re normally used to.


This map was sponsored by Fnatic to be a tier 2 difficulty. This means that while this map is orientated towards beginners, more experienced Surfers will enjoy this server as well which means this can keep new surfers busy for quite some time.

Surfing CSGO Map Surf Summer

It’s themed on what people classically “want out of the perfect summer” including the beach, a skatepark, waterpark, and more. This map has a lot included in the theme of a sunny summer’s day with lots of shortcuts for experienced players to find and learn to use. There is also a PasteBin link which includes server settings for singleplayer.


This map is designed to have a futuristic style with the map set in the middle of a vast ocean and is made to be a combat map. While surfing as fast as possible is not the goal here, it is possible to Surf very fast here. Greatriver 2015 is mostly an outside map which also includes an outdoor waterfall for players to Surf past and enjoy while fighting.

Surfing CSGO Map Great River

Greatriver 2015 is primarily a Classic Deathmatch server and is a recreated version of surf_greatdiver by Black. This map, however, was made by JorisCeoen Gaming Reviews who gave the map an aesthetic overhaul as well. Some other changes were made to the map were also made to improve the skill balancing.


Surf 4fun gets regular updates and while this map has 2016 in the name, this is only the year it was first made. This map has received a 2020 update to make changes to the balance, fix old bugs and to adjust the music volume due to the complaints they received. Creator Vedeshka listens to those who play the map and are willing to update it as needed.

Surfing CSGO Map Surf 4 fun

This map is set in the sky above a large mountain range with a beautiful otherworldly sky with a ringed planet. Bots cannot be spawned on this map as it automatically kicks them from the game and dying will put you into the Jail. To rest the level you run the command “reset_expo”.


Unsurprisingly, Surf Egypt2 is set in Egypt! It was created by Charles “Mariowned” Joyce who also created the original Surf_Egypt map for Counter-Strike: Source. This person also invented “Surfing” maps and was the one who started this back in Counter-Strike 1.6. There is also a link to a download for the Surf_ Egypt2 port which makes it available for Counter-Strike: Source.

Surfing CSGO Map Egypt

While the map can be opened alone, there is an IP command included in the description for this map where players can join a server. This is not an easy map to play and new Surfers will find it challenging but this difficulty level also keeps players constantly coming back to it. The detailed map and ability level are the driving factors for why players keep returning to the map. It was only posted in 2019 but this has already become one of the best Surfing maps around and considering the creators’ previous record, it’s easy to see this is such a good map.

Surf Master

This one might be the most ‘basic’ map on our shortlist but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s set in an enclosed room with walls to jump over and different ramp segments for players to jump between. Due to the amount of jumping on this map, it’s not one that many beginners consider to be simple to do with all of the jumping and turning around. Surf Master looks deceptively simple due to bland looking room you spawn into. The reality is completely different, however.

Surfing CSGO Map Surf Master

What Surf Master lacks in terms of aesthetics, it makes up for in terms of skill level. The description for this map called it “fun and easy” and this definitely won’t be too tricky for people with experience but this is not a Tier 1 map for most players. Some players do find this somewhat easy but for newcomers, this is a good map to choose if you want something to practice on for a while. It allows for different movements and lets you practice a range of things here. This is also a fantastic map to play alone.

Surfing is not something that was intended for CSGO but has become a popular unofficial mode amongst CSGO players.

First created for Counter-Strike 1.6. the Surfing scene has only gotten stronger and a large number of Surfing maps shows how loved this is. If you’ve never Surfed before then you will have some trouble initially since the movements are very different to normal.

There’s no harm in downloading a map and giving Surfing a try! Even if you don’t find this to be much fun then it’s still a great learning tool for teaching you more in-depth knowledge about movement in CSGO. Surfing encourages players to think in a different way to normal and uses a lot more accuracy and precision than normal movement. As a result, it can hone your movement skills especially but you also might find yourself becoming bolder with movement in general.

Whether you want to play on Surfing Servers to just stick to some single-player Surfing Maps, there’s a lot of ways to enjoy this unusual movement in CSGO.

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