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CS:GO Train [Map Guide & Callouts]

All aboard! Check out all the Train callouts along with a strategic map guide!
CS:GO Train [Map Guide & Callouts]

Train is a relatively small map with a lot of open areas. Knowing all the Train callouts on this map is vital for efficient communication with your team to both defend and attack both Bombsites.

So, without further ado, let’s go through all the map callouts for it!

CSGO Train Map Callouts

Mid does not technically exist on the Train map due to the layout and structure. The middle portion of the map is actually where Bombsite A can be found and players don't usually refer to this area as the Mid. 

If someone does then they most likely mean the Site A or Z Connector areas which are close to each other. The T Spawn is in a room at the top left of the map which gives Attackers quite a large distance to travel to reach Bombsite B and a faster route option to Bombsite A.

T Spawn CSGO Train Map

For the spawns, the CT Spawn is much closer to both of the Bombsites with it being positioned at the bottom right of the map. Concerning the Bombsites, the CT Spawn is next door to Site B and a short walk from Site A whereas Attackers need to travel for both. If you want to take a look at other map callouts for other competitive maps consider checking out:

Bombsite A

The bomb can be planted on or around the train just like Bombsite B which is why the Bombsites on this map are also called the Bomb Trains. The room with Site A contains three other trains which are Blue Train, Green Train, and Red Train with the Bomb Train itself being close to the Z Connector and Heaven.

CSGO Train Map Bombsite A

There is also a train known as the Old Bomb next to that Bomb Train which can be found in a corridor. Old Bomb was a plant sport in the past but is no longer where the bomb needs to be planted so take care to not get confused by the names!

CSGO Train map Bombsite A

Counter Terrorists can reach the Site A room by turning left and following the CT stairs to reach the two narrow hallways, both of which lead to the same area which is Site A. 

The fastest route from T-Spawn is to take the second right which is the larger path and follow that round into the A-Main. From there, the doorway leads into the Site A room with the Blue train directly in front, going to the left of that there is the Red train and Bomb Train is behind that. 

How to Defend A Site on Train

There are three main choke points for this area that the Counter Terrorists can exploit as they are the most common areas the Attackers use. 

From the Site A area, it's possible to play aggressively using the Ivy pathway. Pushing Ivy on rotation can be a good tactic and using a flashbang down the hallway first forces Attackers to either run or die which destroys their progress. 

Defending A Train csgo

Being more aggressive can also provide your team with the needed information. While the map is relatively straightforward, the area allows for different hiding positions and provides the potential for different strategies. However, it is a good idea to keep an eye on Ivy, A Main/Connector, and also the Ladder room since this is a common position for attacking. 

How to Attack A Site on Train

There are different optimal smoke bomb locations for the Site A area; ideally, smoke should be thrown between the T Connector and Bomb Train, so it's easier to attack from the Ladder Room. 

csgo train map attacking a site

Adding smoke on either side of the Blue train can also be beneficial for moving into the area as it also blocks off any potential players in the cubbyhole behind the Blue train. 

Bombsite B

Site B itself is next to the Yellow train and behind the White train. Different pathways are surrounding the room allowing for a variety of strategy options and potential approaches for both teams.

CSGO Train Bombsite B

The space is a little deceiving for cover options as there is a limited number of boxes but the trains, Sidewalk, Catwalk, B Ramp (aka T Ramp), B Hall, and Z Connector can all be used for holding this space. (aka Brown Halls)

How to defend B Site on Train

Site B generally only needs two players to defend it since Terrorists normally attack Site A first due to the map layout as seen in wingman. It's still a good idea to have a third player waiting nearby however to act as backup for whoever requires it. Most attacks would come from the B Ramp and the Terrorists would smoke bomb the area around the Bomb Train making it impossible to know if they were already on the site. 

Bomb Train CSGO

It can allow for sight into the B Ramp entrance which allows for a quick headshot or a few shots to try to get a kill. Once they seem to be looking to push, throwing a Molotov into that area will delay them. 

Since Attacking teams usually throw smoke grenades or flashbangs toward B Train, the defending player also has the chance to retreat before they're in any real danger. If there is a sniper keeping watch over them as well, it makes things much easier. More aggressive players might also want to take position behind the Spools between the Upper and Lower sections

How to attack B Site on Train

As expected, smoke grenades are very important for taking this location and there are different potential strategies. Keep in mind that there might be a sniper towards the back of the room, so the team needs to smoke off the lower areas. 

csgo attacking a smoke

When coming down B Ramp, it's a good idea to throw the smoke as far as you can and then toss a flashbang towards the entrance as well. The smoke would block off a sniper and let the team kill any Defender waiting nearby. Different trick shots can be made with grenades including throwing a smoke grenade through a window before safely coming down the B Ramp to block off more of the map.

CT Spawn

Defenders spawn almost diagonally opposite to Attackers; the CT spawn is next to Bombsite B at the bottom of the map. The positioning also means that it's sometimes called the back of Site B or something similar.

CSGO Train CT Spawn

Due to the closeness of the two Bomb Trains, using the B Site exit leads to everywhere the CTs would want to go. The other exit allows players to either go for the Catwalk for B Site or go up the CT Stairs and through the CT Tunnels to watch over Ivy from a different angle.

T Spawn

The T Spawn is on the top left of the map. Attackers spawn in a room with only a single exit that leads either towards the Alley and Ivy or towards the T Stairs for Bombsite B or T Connector for Bombsite A.

CSGO Train T Spawn

It's quite far from Site B and much closer to Bombsite A which makes the second one usually a more attractive choice for attacking.

CSGO Train T Spawn

There is a Dumpster near the spawn that can be climbed onto to provide another angle for the Ivy pathway making it important for planning attacks and movements. A player could wait here to keep checking Ivy while the rest of the team gets into position to attack Site A.

T Long

T Long acts as a connecting part leading into Pigeons and then Ivy. It also gives the option for an alternative path, so the Attacking team doesn't have to all come from one side. While Ivy has the greatest chance of fighting, some firefights might happen here.

CSGO Train Long

There's a large cubbyhole in the middle of the Alley and another one by the Dumpster which can be used as cover if needed.

Most games won't see any encounters here, but Attackers could be forced to retreat by an aggressive Defender who pushes Ivy on their rotations.


Ok, this is a pretty important map callout.While this is a connecting path for Terrorists, the Ivy path is something most Counter-Terrorist teams want to try and hold to restrict the Attacker's movements. Ivy leads into the A3 alley which connects to Site A and the CT Tunnel.

CSGO Train Ivy

There is also a cubbyhole at the end of Ivy which Defenders could use to listen for enemy movements or to wait in before throwing a smoke or flash grenade to get a quick kill or to force Attackers back.

Z Connector

Moving on with the Train callouts, we have a Z Connector is the shortest path from Site A to Site B which is perfect for Defenders when it comes to running between the two areas.

CSGO Train Z Connector

This map callout is behind Bomb Train A, so it's unusual for the Terrorist team to use this area unless they plan to hold the other Defenders back from entering the area.

CSGO Train Z Connector

While not normally a place for fighting, Defenders can hide using this area to watch Site A or to shoot at Terrorists on the site.

Long Hall

While this is an important connection area, the Long Hall can sometimes have a firefight take place there if a more aggressive Defender pushes the area to delay Attackers.

CSGO Train Long hall

For the most part, the Long Hall is a travel area for the Terrorists to use when rushing towards Site B.

CSGO Train Brown Halls

From the T Spawn, they need to run to the T Stairs on the right leading up into the Kitchen which then goes through the Showers and B Halls to reach the Site B area.

And that’s it for all the Train callouts and map guide! To get yourself even more ready for playing on a Train map, check out this article: Best Smokes on Train in CS:GO

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