The CS:GO Trust Factor explained

Fair and honest matchmaking has always been a primary goal of Valve and their product CS:GO. With the player base being at the center of their decision making. So their decision to replace long-serving ‘prime matchmaking’ with the trust factor matchmaking system came as no surprise.

What Is CS:GO Trust Factor?

Prime matchmaking would initially require players to link their accounts to their phones and also be ranked level 21 or higher. This meant that players of that rank and above would be placed in matches only with players of similar rank and ability.

However, this system came under fire within the Counterstrike community for not allowing players the freedom to play with friends. Many were happy to take on a harder challenge for the trade-off of playing with their pals. Though under the prime matchmaking regime, this was simply not possible.

This is where the trust factor matchmaking system came in. Released on the 14th of November 2017, this system aimed to knock down these barriers to entry for lower level players. Allowing them access to games with their more experienced friends.

The system now focuses on other core matchmaking factors. These are sadly not public knowledge as Valve is unwilling to share this information. Though it is widely speculated that this system matches players based on behavior and time invested.

How does the Counter-Strike Trust Factor work

As mentioned, nothing about how the system works is for sure. Nothing has been clarified by Valve. However many members of the community have discussed these potential factors at length. Coming to the conclusion that the most likely factors are as follows:

  • Number of reports
  • Number of commends
  • CS:GO service medal
  • Amount of hours played
  • Number of ranked wins
  • Current lobby status

If players have played longer hours then it is likely they will face similarly weathered players. Players with more wins will be placed with other successful players in their lobbies. Then of course, with regards to behavior factors, those with positive and negative behavior habits will be placed with each other.

CSGO Trust Factor Warnings

Can an individual Trust Factor be inspected?

The simple answer to this is no. The trust factor is data that is invisible to all players. It’s algorithms run under the hood of the game out of sight of respective players. However, there is one occurrence that will cause CS:GO to reveal some of its workings.

If you are in a lobby with a player with a poor trust rating. Which just to clarify, is quite a rare occurrence. The player will be warned of this player’s trust factor rating. Allowing them to leave and find a new lobby if they so choose.

How to improve CS:GO Trust Factor

So with this matchmaking system being somewhat of a secret to CS:GO players, how can you improve a low trust rating? Well, the community has offered their suggestions and although none are guaranteed to aid your trust factor. These actions have helped many in the community shed their negative rating. They are as follows:

  • Play more games
  • Avoid toxic behavior
  • Don’t quit matches early
  • Avoid inappropriate steam names
  • Reporting inappropriate behavior

It can be a long and arduous task to revive an accounts trust factor. Mostly due to low trust coming from poor previous behaviors. Though with continued dedication to these actions listed, the player gives themselves the best chance of improving their trust factor.

In Trust Factor, We Trust

Although the whole trust factor system is hidden behind smoke and mirrors. It can be said with a great deal of certainty that it is a massive improvement on the prime matchmaking system. Of course, the success of the system still relies on players continuously playing, then the system can collect data and place players together with increasing accuracy.

With this new system, players are no longer separated from their pals. Therefore removing unnecessary boundaries and allowing for a flexible matchmaking system for all abilities. All the while, it still offers protection from cheaters, hackers, and poorly behaved players who can harm the overall experience. Perhaps the balance will be further perfected as time goes on but for now it’s a step in the right direction.

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