Commands for Unlimited Nades and Ammo in CS:GO

Ever wondered how to have infinite grenades and ammo for your practice lobbies? Check this article out to find out how you can do so!
Commands for Unlimited Nades and Ammo in CS:GO

Practice makes perfect, especially in a competitive game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Training your spray control and grenade lineups will require multiple tries to master, so it can be very annoying when you run out of ammo or grenades while training in your practice lobbies. That is why Valve has provided us with commands that allow us to have infinite ammo and grenades. Continue reading to find out the best commands that do the job!

Unlimited Nades and Ammo Command

Making sure that you have infinite ammo and grenades can make practice sessions much smoother so that you won't need to restart every round after throwing one grenade. In order to apply the command, you will need to be able to access the developer console. You can read how to in our article about the guide to the console.

sv_cheats 1

This command is used to enable cheats in practice lobbies. The unlimited commands will require sv_cheats to be turned on, meaning that these commands will not work on official Valve matchmaking servers. For more If you want to learn more fun sv_cheats commands, we have the perfect article for you!

sv cheats commands

sv_infinite_ammo 1

This is the command that will give players infinite ammo, including infinite grenades. This means that you can hold down your left click for 5 minutes and your ammo will still not lose a single point of ammo. The command also affects grenades, so you are able to throw infinite amounts of smoke or molotov grenades, which will help you perfect your grenade lineups.

sv_infinite_ammo 2

This is a second part to the sv_infinite_ammo command discussed earlier. The difference is that you can run out of ammo on your initial magazine, but you can reload as many times as you want without losing ammo. Players will lose bullets when shooting, but the reserve magazine will never run out.

This is a more appropriate command for players who are practicing spray control, as they will be able to spray up to 30 bullets, which is what is applicable in a normal matchmaking game. The command stays the same for grenades as sv_infinite_ammo 1.

ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

In a normal Competitive match, players are only allowed to carry a total of 4 grenades, with a combination of Smoke, HE Grenade, Flashbang, and Molotov. This cheat command will allow players to carry 5 grenades in total, which can allow players to carry all 5 available grenades in CS:GO, with a combination example of Smoke, HE Grenade, Flashbang, Molotov, and Decoy.

Grenade Limit 5

sv_grenade_trajectory 1

Along with infinite grenades, grenade trajectory can be an incredibly helpful command for grenade practice. This command allows you to see the trail of the grenades that you throw, which can help you understand your grenade lineup paths clearly.

Infinite Money Command

To pair up your infinite ammo and grenades, infinite money commands can be useful, as they allow you to immediately afford every gun in the game and all 5 grenades right as you boot up your practice server.

Keep in mind that applying all these commands will require you to restart the game, which you can do by typing mp_restartgame 1 into the console.

mp_maxmoney 60000

This command will change the maximum money that you can hold. The normal value is $16,000, but this command will allow you to have a maximum amount of $60,000, which will allow you to buy every weapon in the shop.

mp_startmoney 60000

This is the command that will give you infinite money. Combined with the first command, typing in this command will immediately give you $60,000 on the first round, allowing you to immediately buy any weapon you want. 

mp_buytime 9999

This command will change the buy time period to go from the default 20 seconds to 9,999 seconds. This means that you will not have a time limit to buy, which can help you with spray control practice using different weapons. For more commands related to time, learn more on our time commands article.

Is the Unlimited Nades and Ammo Command Useful?

Yes. Having to only need one weapon with infinite ammo and not needing to re-buy grenades every time can make practice sessions much more efficient and effective. This allows players to cut down on wasted time and make the most of their time in practice lobbies. 

That concludes it for the unlimited grenades and ammo commands! If you are interested in booting up a private practice lobby or learning more useful commands such as these ones, have a quick read of our article on the best practice commands!