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Top 10 Worst Skins CSGO

Take a look at this article to find out about the top ten worst skins you can get in Counter Strike Global Offensive!
Top 10 Worst Skins CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is known for its wide variety of beautiful and expensive skins. Now the one thing that almost nobody talks about is the ugly and practically worthless skins that are flooding the Steam market.

In today's article, we'll take a look at the top ten worst skins in CS:GO so you can see what some of the ugliest and, in most cases, cheapest skins look like. Most of these you've probably seen at one point or another, but we're sure this list will be very interesting for you, especially at the end.


Contrast Spray - FAMAS

Contrast Spray has to be one of the laziest CSGO skins ever. It's bad to the point where no one would want to use it of their own will, but it's still surprisingly expensive on the steam marketplace for skin like that.

The problem with Contrast Spray for FAMAS is that the skin is just a winter camo skin that has been completely blurred out. This skin will be even more horrifying if it isn't factory new or field tested. It's just so aesthetically unpleasing.

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Army Sheen - SG 553

Army Sheen is one of the ugliest skins in CSGO you'll probably ever see. Unfortunately, it's one of the first skins you'll probably ever get when playing CSGO. Army Sheen is one of those that you'll get many times on random drops.

The idea behind it was great and all, but the realization is terrible - the camo pattern is too dark and looks sturdy and dirty. Overall, Army Sheen is just not special at all with the overused camo pattern. It's a basic skin every silver is going to have - on the marketplace it's worth just a couple of cents.

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Blueprint - SCAR-20

You probably expected this skin to be on this list if you know it already. It's definitely one of the most hated skins in the entire Counter Strike Global Offensive community. The Blueprint is a skin that once had a chance to be a beautiful skin, but it looks like not all skins in CSGO can be pretty.

It's a skin for SCAR-20, which paints the entire gun into a really weird shade of blue that's supposed to resemble a blueprint. There are a few light blue outlines on some of the places of the gun that make it not look that horrible. But still, the skin is bad and extremely cheap, especially when that blue color is combined with the scar's hanging green magazine.

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Safari Mesh - AK-47

One of the most famous and also most hated CSGO skins is for everyone's favorite weapon - AK 47. Basically, AK47 Safari Mesh is an olive green spray paint job for the AK 47, which includes some hexagonal patterns on a few spots of the weapon.

Overall, the skin looks dirty and worn off, but it would perfectly go along with the sandy desert theme of Dust 2. It's not really the worst skin in the game, hence why it's so low on the list, but it's probably one of the skins you wouldn't be happy to get on a drop - a minority of people consider it to be good skin.

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Boreal Forest - M4A1-S

The next bad CSGO skin is the Boreal Forest for M4A1-s. It's a green camo paint job for the M4A1-s - the skin itself isn't anything special, as it's just a camouflage paint job sprayed over an M4. It's also one of the oldest skins in the game, added in 2013 in the Italy Collection.

The skin is really cheap and accessible for the players who don't want to spend a lot of money on the game. But it deserves that low price since the skin is really uncreative, and the camouflage pattern could look much prettier.

If you're actually interested in skins that look like this, you can check our article on cheapest CSGO skins where you'll definitely find something for you!

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Desert Storm - M4A1

This is also one of the weapon skins for the M4, but for the version without the suppressor. Desert Storm M4 somehow managed to be even worse than Boreal Forest, as its camo pattern was awkwardly made only on one side of the gun.

The colors are also off-putting, featuring ugly shades of brown. The skin isn't creative at all, and the entire thing could've been much smoother and better. It's definitely the ugliest skin for the M4A1 in the game.

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Blue Spruce - SSG 08

Blue Spruce is one of the ugliest solid color skins in CSGO. It's an exclusive skin for SSG 08, and it's just an overall disappointment. The skin belongs to the consumer rarity, which is the lowest in the game and the easiest to get.

The reason why Blue Spruce SSG 08 is so bad is because of its color choice. It uses a very weird shade of light blue, which is similar to the color of how entering a mental institution or hospital would feel. When they were choosing the color choice, they could've found a much nicer shade of light blue, but unfortunately, this skin isn't the only victim of this practice.

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Storm - Aug

If you took a look at the Blue Spruce SSG 08 skin right above this one, you could probably guess why they're placed next to each other. This is because Storm shares the same exact problems as Blue Spruce, as both skins are simple solid color skins.

The Storm also features the same exact ugly shade of light blue that would make everyone use the default aug skin instead. The color just doesn't go well with anything in the game, and it could've been done much better, just like Blue Spruce.

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Bone Mask - P250

P250 bone mask is also one of the honorable mentions of a lazy paint job. Like the Desert Storm and Boreal Forest, this skin is just a dirty mesh of brown, grey, and white colors. The patterns are completely random, and everything could've blended in better.

It's just another one of those cheapest skins you'll get in a random drop. You can also buy it for a very small amount of money on the market - it's basically free.

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Death by Kitty - P90

And now one of the more infamous bad skins in CSGO, Death By Kitty for P90. Death By Kitty is debatably one of the ugliest skins in CSGO, but it's still so unique and weird that many people appreciate the skin.

The skin itself is a random mesh of poorly drawn colorful cat skulls. The pattern is a pain to look at, but it's so unique because there isn't a skin similar to this one on the market, and the most surprising thing is this is an expensive skin which is also pretty rare. No matter how ugly it looks, it's more original than all other skins on this list, making it one of the good skins too. You can only find its minimal wear and field-tested variations, including the StatTrak modification.

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