Worst Stickers in CS2

Some CS2 stickers can make your weapon skins much cooler, but some stickers just aren't fit for the job. Here are some of the worst stickers in all of CS2!

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
Worst Stickers in CS2

Part of Counter-Strike's success comes solely from the ability for CS2 players to express themselves with their choice of weapon skins. However, not only can players choose any cool-looking skin they want, but they can also apply up to four stickers on these gun skins. Though that sounds epic, there are some poorly-made stickers that made it into the game. Let's check out the worst stickers CS2 has to offer!

1 /10


The Basilisk sticker has the same name as the M4A1-S skin, the M4A1-S | Basilisk. Though the M4 skin may look decent and boasts a low price, the same cannot be said for the sticker. The Basilisk sticker is a picture of a purple snake that just doesn't have a great color scheme.


It's almost impossible to find a CS2 skin that you can apply this sticker to, as the colors just don't work with any high-end weapon skins. For those reasons, we advise you to stay away from the cheap Basilisk stickers.

2 /10


The Hippocamp stickers are quite unique, but in a bad way. It seems like the concept of the sticker is a horse with a fish tail, which is super random and feels out of place in a game like CS2. The color of the sticker looks iffy, and will most likely not match with any good CS2 skins.


However, this skin may appeal to people who are into unorthodox designs, so at least this sticker has that going for itself. The sticker may also look good on some cheaper skins, but that's really all to it.

3 /10


The Nezha sticker features a little Chinese girl playing outside. The artwork feels quite minimal and doesn't look well done at all. It also feels weird that this sticker is even in the game, as there isn't any single thing about CS2 related to the concept of this sticker.


However, Chinese collectors who can find meaning for this sticker may find it appealing. Maybe it would look good on an AUG | Akihabara Accept, but other than that, the other players won't find this sticker appealing in the slightest.

4 /10

Piece of Cake

The Piece of Cake sticker features Undying, which a hero from Valve's MOBA game Dota 2. Though it's a nice and fresh crossover between the two Valve games, lots of people still have their concerns regarding this sticker.


Of all Dota 2 heroes, Undying was chosen, even though there are Dota 2 heroes that wield actual sniper rifles such as the hero that is literally named Sniper. The color combination between Undying and the red background also just doesn't work, so it would be quite difficult to find suitable CS2 skins to pair up with the Piece of Cake sticker.

5 /10

Blood Boiler

The Blood Boiler sticker seems like it does have a pun circulating the idea of the skin, but the execution of the sticker's design just isn't there. The sticker just won't be compatible with lots of skins, so it's no surprise that not many people use it.


The font for the text also looks really bad. At least the reference to Boiler in Inferno is there, so this sticker gets a passing score for effort.

6 /10

To B or not to B

The To B or not to B sticker has a really good idea into it, as it's an interesting way for CS2 to reference Shakespeare. However, the sticker just really doesn't serve the purpose that stickers are used for.


The sticker itself looks super chaotic and doesn't fit well with any skin, whether its a low-end skin or a high-end one. Applying one of these stickers onto any of your weapons will simply make your skin super ugly. 10/10 for effort though.

7 /10

Retake Expert

There's just so much going on in the Retake Expert skin. Just have one quick look at the sticker, then you'll understand. It feels like there was absolutely zero planning for its color scheme, as the sticker just has random colors applied to it.


However, unlike most of the other stickers on this list, the Retake Expert stickers can actually fit with some weapon skins, such as the MAG-7 | Heaven Guard or any other CS2 skin with wings on them.

8 /10

Zombie Hop

The Zombie Hop sticker skin shares similarities with the Nezha sticker as this sticker features a small Chinese boy this time. It seems as if the boy is possessed and was turned into a zombie.


The idea of the sticker is already quite bizarre, but the horrible font that was used to write the word "Zombie" makes it even worse. The sticker just feels completely off and realistically shouldn't be added into CS2 in the first place.

9 /10

Trick or Treat

Though most people find Halloween to be a good time of the year, this sticker just makes us hate Halloween for existing. The Trick or Treat sticker is a Halloween themed sticker that looks hideous.


The font of the text is horrid and the color of it doesn't match the rest of the sticker at all. It's such a chaotically ugly sticker skin that nobody should attempt using. This sticker won't help any weapon skin look better, unless you're turning your CS2 skin to an actual meme.

10 /10

Zombie Lover

In our opinion, this is the ugliest sticker to ever touch CS2. We get that the design is ironic and it's meant to be something funny, but this sticker still looks absolutely atrocious. The color is swampy and looks completely horrible.


The face that the zombie is making will make anyone uncomfortable with one glance. There probably isn't a single skin that can do a decent job at fitting this sticker on it. For these reasons, we are ranking the Zombie Lover stickers as the most horrendous sticker to ever touch CS2.

That concludes it for our list of the worst CS2 stickers that'll make you want to quickly scrape them off after applying. If you're looking to check out the best stickers such as the Crown Foil, then do check out our article on the most expensive stickers in CS as well. 

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