Rocket League

Rocket League Levelling Explained

Rocket League on a base level is a fun game where you play football in Rocket-propelled vehicles. In its simplest form, it is pure unadulterated fun. However, this game has been around since 2015, meaning that for those coming fresh to the same won’t have the same level of support that one might have had half a decade ago. No one is there to hold your hand and explain all the finer details of this online gaming juggernaut and for many, this can be a little unnerving.

Best Rocket League Betting sites [2020 Ranking]

Unlike some other eSport games, Rocket League lacks a large number of betting websites. This can be a good thing since there are fewer websites to consider when looking to take part in Rocket League betting. It can make selecting a website to use easier though it does mean there are less variety and options to look through. We’ve taken the time to collect the best three Rocket League betting websites to help make this problem easier to handle. Rocket League has a smaller eSport scene than other games such as CSGO which means it’s not as popular and part of the reason why there are fewer betting websites.

How to play Rocket League on Splitscreen (PC, Xbox, PS, Switch)

Local multiplayer is a fantastic thing but sadly it’s not too common these days since online multiplayer is simple to do. For most people, online multiplayer is preferred since the players don’t need to be in the same room. However, local multiplayer is something special and those who were sat at home during that time of hardship will know that it’s also necessary. Most gamers who grew up with a gaming sibling will remember playing them on split-screen and this is still something built into some games. It gives us all a nice piece of nostalgia playing games like this. Playing games using split-screen helps to bring us all closer together as well.

50 beautiful Rocket League wallpaper and backgrounds

When it comes to unique concepts and art style, Rocket League is one of the leading gaming brands around thanks to its constant updates, events, and its stunning initial design made way back in 2015. This is why the game has continued to grow in popularity year on year, attracting new fans to the community with its stunning visuals and frantic gameplay. So it’s hardly surprising that many gamers out there want to express their love for this iconic soccer meets racing franchise with the use of high-resolution wallpapers.

Rocket League Aerial Guide [for beginners]

As you grow from a beginner to a novice and eventually to a competent Rocket league player, you learn a number of skills. How to turn fast, hit power shots, defend and rotate or how to dribble. Though arguably, the one skill that will serve you best and push you towards the next level of Rocket league success, is the ability to control your movement in the air and complete aerials.

Best Trading Website to get new Rocket League Items [2020]

Rocket League has an online trading scene which is no surprise. Multiplayer games with trading have online trading websites outside of the game where players can trade or sell and buy items. This can be a great way to get the items you want and to get rid of anything you don’t want. While trading item-for-item is a very popular option, you can also sell items that you don’t want or need to get some extra cash. This can then be spent buying something you do want from another seller or be withdrawn for spending elsewhere.

Play Like A Pro: The Best Rocket League Controls and Camera Settings

Becoming good at Rocket League requires time, experience, and skill primarily but there are a few other ‘tricks’ here. Simply meaning that some small changes can help to boost your gameplay overall. Almost all online games work like this and players can improve themselves by paying closer attention to them. In shooter games, a higher FPS is beneficial to provide a more responsive game and allows you to see what’s happening on the screen exactly as it happens. A lower FPS in a shooter game is a severe advantage as a result.