Rocket League

Rocket League Aerial Guide

Rocket League Aerial Guide

As you grow from a beginner to a novice and eventually to a competent Rocket league player, you learn a number of skills. Though arguably, the one skill that will serve you best is the ability to control your movement in the air and complete aerials.

Best RL Trading Sites

Best Trading Website to get new Rocket League Items [2021]

Rocket League has an online trading scene which is no surprise. Multiplayer games with trading have online trading websites outside of the game where players can trade or sell and buy items. This can be a great way to get the items you want and to get rid of anything you don’t want. While trading item-for-item is a very popular option, you can also sell items that you don’t want or need to get some extra cash. This can then be spent buying something you do want from another seller or be withdrawn for spending elsewhere.

Best Rocket League Controls and Camera Settings

Best Rocket League Controls and Camera Settings

Becoming good at Rocket League requires time, experience, and skill primarily but there are a few other ‘tricks’ here. Simply meaning that some small changes can help to boost your gameplay overall. Almost all online games work like this and players can improve themselves by paying closer attention to them. In shooter games, a higher FPS is beneficial to provide a more responsive game and allows you to see what’s happening on the screen exactly as it happens. A lower FPS in a shooter game is a severe advantage as a result.

Rocket League Hitbox

Rocket League Hitboxes explained

In rocket league, you may think that no matter what car you choose, it won’t really affect your game too much on the field. However, the fact of the matter is that your choice of vehicle can really alter your playstyle, your effectiveness in different scenarios and your level of success in matches

Best Rocket League Cars

Best Cars in Rocket League Ranking

Rocket league is praised for many things and one of those is its customizability. Players are given a plethora of options to choose aspects of their appearance in-game that showcases their charm and personality. This is no different when it comes to the type of car that they choose.

How to Fix Error 58 in Rocket League

Rocket League players will be familiar with the Error Code 58 issue since it’s been seen on PC and consoles as well. This is something you’d see when failing to connect to a server. The description from Psyonix is that Error Code 58 is “No Reservation. No reservation found” which simply means your game is having trouble connecting to games. ROCKET LEAGUEERROR 58 There are three main causes for this …

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Fix Ping Rocket League

How to fix your ping in Rocket League

When you are playing online Rocket League matches, there are few things that will drive you insane quicker than latency and poor connection speeds. When playing ranked matches or even against your friends for bragging rights, you want to have the best chance of winning possible. So you want to have the best connection so there isn’t another issue to contend with besides your opponents. So what you need to …

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Rocket League Rank Boosting

Best Rocket League Rank Boosting Services

Ranks are an important thing to many multiplayer-focused gamers and for those dedicated to Rocket League, there’s not much else besides casual play. If you’re not someone who plays with friends or maybe someone who competes for rank with friends then ranking can be the only thing you care about in this game. It’s nothing unique to Rocket League and many online multiplayer games have this as well. It’s more …

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Rocket League Error Code 71

How to Fix Error 71 in Rocket League

Rocket League Error Code 71 is a matchmaking error that’s caused by server issues, network problems or attempting to play with an outdated version of the game. What error code 71 means is that there was a connection timeout as your game took too long to connect to the server. ROCKET LEAGUE ERROR 71 These are the most common causes for Rocket League Error Code 71 Server is down Player …

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