PUBG & Mobile Anti-Cheat System Explained (Last Guide You Need)

Discover everything you need to know about the Anti Cheat System and Battle Eye in PUBG and PUBG Mobile!
PUBG & Mobile Anti-Cheat System Explained (Last Guide You Need)

PUBG pc/mobile has always been fans favorite but ever since its launch PUBG developers have been struggling in dealing with hackers and hacking tools however recently PUBG introduced its all new Ban Pan 2.0 anti-cheat system.

Though the system is quite technical but here will be an easy and brief description about the new Ban Pan 2.0.

What is the BAN PAN Anti-cheat System?

The Ban Pan 2.0 anti-cheat system is a device banning anti cheat system. This means that it will block the player’s entire device for if he/she is ever caught using un-fair means while playing the game. In the previous version of Ban Pan (Ban Pan 1.8) there still seemed to be some exceptional cases of getting a ban however in the current update players have seen a substantial decrease in the amount of hackers in game and we are all hoping it stays the same for at least a little while until hackers come up with an alternative way of bypassing this system as well.

Is PUBG Hardware Banned?

The answer to this question is strong but simple Yes! PUBG does have a Hardware banning system which means that it will get your device banned permanently. The only way to restart playing the game is to play it with a different account on another device or you can talk to customer support but if you do try that then this article might be if more use to you than you think.

How to get Unbanned in PUBG?

Now you have been banned that’s bad but what to do now. Well like every other game PUBG also has a customer support service and here’s how you deal with it.

  1. Go to

  2. In the bottom right corner there will be a pop up “Contact Us” click on that

  3. After clicking select ban.

  4. Then the reason of your ban

  5. Then some articles will be shared in which you will be connected directly o the customer support

  6. While talking make sure you make them understand you won’t do such a thing again and also make sure you keep that promise.

Things That Will Get You Banned In Pubg

There are several reasons that a player might get banned while playing PUBG and while ideally you shouldn’t be doing them in the first place, it’s for the best that you’re aware of what can result in a ban.

Here’s a list of all of the reasons that might lead to a permanent ban in the game:

Using A Vpn Or Third-party Server

A person doesn’t always necessarily get banned due to using unfair means sometimes it can be a problem of your good old friend the VPN. A VPN is a tunneling program which means it makes fake addresses in form of bots (you should learn how to recognize a bot in PUBG).

The anti-cheat system of PUBG doesn’t tolerate any bot access in the server that is why to avoid this a straight ban is to occur which will probably be temporarily and will end after you turn off your VPN and restart the game.

A sign of VPN ban is that the game won’t allow you to enter matchmaking service. Mobile players are mostly unwarea s vpn are used on mobiles the most so if your are playing PUBG mobile you might want to check your VPN.

Using Unauthorized Applications

You cannot use a dummy to play PUBG! especially on mobile While you may think it is completely fine to use a macro mouse or an aim trainer while playing PUBG but believe me the developers will be far from happy when they find what you have been doing because in the end it’s all about making it fair to play and free to play. So think twice before using another of that word.exe file.

Tampering With The Game Data Or Server

Now there’s no reason for you to meddle with the servers but if you still want to do it make sure not to get caught because if you do then nothing can stop you from not only being banned but also taking in some serious charges.

Being Toxic With Other Players

We all understand that some players can be really frustrating to play with but being toxic is as good as being banned after you have been reported.

Scamming Players

Now you might have heard of those players that offer you a free battle ass if you give them you’r ID and pass word well they don’t they are known as scammers and when you meet one he will try to get your information so as soon as you find one report him/her and PUBG will ban them.

Stalking Other Players, Sharing Their Information Or Hacking Their Account

Following a player around, interfering with how they play, stealing/sharing their information without their consent or even hacking their account will 100% result in a permanent ban and this thing is not only limited to gaming. This is pretty mcuh same as scamming but it might also be done without the players consent.

Killing Team Members

Although it might seem fun to you but PUBG doesn’t tolerate players killing their own teammates.

Leaving The Game As Soon As You Join

Try not to be one of those annoying people that leave straight away and let their squad lose, so think well before joining a game because not only are you banning yourself you are also being a total burden on your teammates by doing so.

How Does PUBG Detect Cheats?

The PUBG cheat detection system works on the basis of the Battle Eye launcher. The system works on machine language as soon as the device opens PUBG the Battle Eye Launcher detects any mishap in the device if there is found to be one then it’s directly delivers the message to the Ban Pan 2.0 and the user gets banned.

What To I Do If I Encounter A Hacker

If you encounter a hacker in PUBG first of all make sure that he really is a hacker and when you are completely sure about it here’s what you need to do. If you are killed by the player or spectating him/her at the right an option of report player will appear after you have clicked on it an there will be a menu of reason to report after doing that make sure to select hacking and done then leave it all up to PUBG.

You can also report a player on the website but make sure you have the following in mind.

  • Type of Violation

  • Date and Time of Incident

  • Name of the Suspected Player(s)

And a Video Link or Attachment (Only 20MB’s) of the Violation.

There’s no need of being scared when reporting a hacker it’s easy to do and if you are wrong about it then you will most certainly not be blamed for it

Moreover, PUBG has also introduced many more updates that will surely need maintainance. The game has been on top for a long time and we can see how the developers aretrying more and more each day to make the game even better.

That would be all of the things related to the anti-cheat system of PUBG hopefully this article was helpful to you. Make sure to read out other articles about PUBG as well or find out about other games you can’t play PUBG all your life can you?

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