Are There Genshin Impact Gift Cards for Friends and Family and How to Buy Them?

Gifting a friend, or perhaps even yourself, gets you feeling warm and fuzzy. Everything you need to know on how to purchase Genshin Impact goodies!
Are There Genshin Impact Gift Cards for Friends and Family and How to Buy Them?

Are there Genshin Impact Gift Cards?

Yes, there are Genshin Impact Gift Cards! Genshin Impact gift cards are obtainable through buying App Store or Google Play Gift Cards. This method will require another transaction to purchase Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact.

Currently, HoYoverse (or miHoYo) does not directly provide Genshin Impact gift cards for purchasing in-app currencies. Players should also note that Genesis Crystals are exclusive, pruchase-only currency in Genshin Impact, therefore free Genesis Crystals are scams.

Nonetheless, HoYoverse has provided other absolutely legal methods of purchasing Genshin Impact goods, similar to other gift cards. Listed below are the possible sites for Genshin Impact users to purchase the desired items:

  1. Genshin Impact Official Top-Up Center, via

  2. App Store, via

  3. Google Play Store, via

Caution: Please make sure that the options above are viable and legal in your country!

Why Purchase Genshin Impact Gift Cards?

Genshin Impact gift cards can be the perfect present for you friends or family member who need an extra source of primogems. Sometimes, the free primogems provided by Genshin Impact feels too little. By purchasing Genesis Crystals, players can convert them into primogems, which will then be used mainly to secure getting the characters they like!

How to buy Genshin Impact Gift Cards for someone?

Genshin Impact Official Top-Up Center

Genshin Impact has prepared a secure website for anybody who wishes to purchase in game items, both for personal purchase, or a surprise bundle for a friend or loved one! Purchasing a miHoYo product from here would require the following information:

  • Account ID (either Username or Email works)

  • Server (Asia, America, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau)

  • One User ID (or one UID)

To continue, press the "Top Up" button below the shown personal details. The page will then change, showing all the possible payment purchase methods to obtain the wanted in game items.

Step-By-Step Example of Purchasing Genesis Crystal Using Credit Card

  • Select the "Credit Card / Debit Card" option. The view may differ depending on where you live.

  • Select the amount of Genesis Crystal you wish to purchase.

  • Insert required details requested.

  • You're all set!

Some payment methods may require additional terms and conditions, such as a verification code to ensure that it is really you who intends to make the purchase for the games. These methods are the same as gift card rewards.

After choosing your payment method, you will need to follow the further instructions given. Once you have completed all the steps and the payment is successful, the person's account with the corresponding UID should be able to see the items in the in game mail.

App Store

In order to purchase Genshin Impact items through the App Store, you have these options to choose from, which are:

Using your credit card that is linked to your personal Apple ID account

In order to make the payment instantly using your Apple ID account, you will need the game downloaded on your Apple mobile device, and sufficient money in your credit card.

Once you have all of the previous things mentioned, open the game and press Shop. You can choose to purchase Genesis Crystals or Blessings of the Welkin Moon!

App Store Gift Card

Using this link, you can purchase electronic App Store gift cards, sent via email. This option allows you to manage the gift card - it can be for anyone! You will require a credit card. After confirming the worth of the gift card you are buying, Apple will send you the gift card redemption code that you can claim on their website.

Physical App Store cards are the same with their electronic versions, just that you have the code located behind the card. You should be able to find them in your local convenience stores or offline Apple Stores or retailers.

Google Play Store

Similar to the App Store, Google Play has made its Google Play Gift Card system very accessible to everyone! You have the following options to choose from:

Using your credit card that is linked to your Google Play ID

Similar to the App Store, ensure that you have Genshin Impact installed, sufficient funds and a functioning credit card! The Google Play Store app will prompt you one more time inside the game to ensure that you are sure about the purchase.

Google Play Gift Card

You can purchase an electronic Google Play Gift Card through this link using your credit card. The redemption code will then be sent to the email that you filled out.

Buying a physical Google Play gift card is also fairly easy, as you can buy them in local convenience stores!

How to redeem the Gift Card Purchased in Genshin Impact

Once you have a gift card purchased, you should find a redemption code that is unique. For electronic cards, you can find the code in your email delivery, while for physical cards, you can find them at the back of your card.

Make sure that when you redeem the code that you are using the official App Store and Google Play. Once redemption is successful, the gift card rewards should enter your respective accounts. This method also makes it easier for you to track how much you have spent on Genshin Impact!

Also make sure the same reward is provided by the gift card! Be careful though, as your account can also purchase apps, so ensure you do not spend the money elsewhere!

Promotional offer terms

Occasionally, Genshin Impact has collaborations with participating retailers like Google Play. They have unique offer details depending on how much you wish to spend, such as the Googol Chair and Googol Table surprise bundle for you to place in the Serenitea Pot system.

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