How to Choose the Best Base Locations Every Wipe

Setting up in the best possible location in every wipe Rust is one of the most vital parts of Rust, come and learn how.
How to Choose the Best Base Locations Every Wipe

Since Rust is a brutal survival game, your base location is one of the most important factors for survival. If your base location and base design are decent, your Rust wipe experience will be easier and more rewarding.

There are 3 different biomes in the game, the desert biome, the snow biome, and the forest biome, and one of the most important factors is to choose the one that is right for you.

Generally considered the best place to build snow biome in Rust, but this is not always true, especially for solo players. The reason why the snowy region is a good location is because of the abundance of nodes in Rust, but because of this factor, all Rust zergs are usually set up in snowy regions, making it difficult for small teams and beginner players.

In desert biomes, the number of stone and wood is quite rare, but the presence of cacti can help you get cloth in Rust. So it is not very convenient to set up in the desert if it is not near the best Rust monuments.

The forest, or green areas, are usually the areas where all players are set up and they make up a large part of the Rust map. The best parts of living in green areas are that you will not experience problems such as hunger, node, and trees. In these areas, there is an abundance of all kinds of resources.

How to Choose a Pinpoint Base Location in Rust

Once you have decided on the biome that suits your playstyle, your next criteria should be the large monuments like the Launch Site and safe zones around your base. This location should be close to monuments, but also close to an area with plenty of resources since you will need quite a lot for your base.

The base design is key here because if you don't have a strong base structure, you will still get raided in Rust no matter if you are in the most isolated corner of the map. Build your base building near a nice monument that you can loot, near resources, and optionally near safety.

One of the best places is near an Outpost or Bandit Camp because in these safe zones you will find very useful items for sale like Jackhammers and Blue Cards and you will have easy access to drone markets. What's more, if you need to go to a distant location, such as an Oil Rig or a Cargo Ship to get weapons in Rust, you can easily get a helicopter from Bandit Camp and get there quickly.

But what you should definitely keep in mind is that no matter where you have chosen as the base location, avoid building your base on the fresh spawn point. Choosing fresh spawn points as base locations will do you more harm than good. The only part of the player you should be afraid of in Rust is the player who has nothing to lose, the naked.

Being close to spawn points means that when you're in combat with someone, other players always come up behind you and try to kill you with a spear, a bow, or an eoka pistol, which is not very good for you.

If you are one of those guys who like to get loot from Oil Rig and Cargo Ships during the wipe, it will be very good for you to build your base on the beach, away from the spawn point and near a monument where you can recycle the best recycling items in Rust.

Base location is very important in competitive survival games like Rust, so make sure you choose your base location correctly and do not hesitate to change your base locations when necessary.

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