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Best Metal Facemask Skins in Rust (for every Budget)

Find out the most beautiful and budget-friendly Metal Facemask skins that we have selected for you among many skins.

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
Best Metal Facemask Skins in Rust (for every Budget)

The Metal Facemask is the most used and most powerful helmet in the game. It is crafted with Workbench Tier 3 and is not easy to find. Since it is a high-tier loot, it is only available from Locked Crate, Underwater Lab Elite Crate, Elite Tier Crate, Helicopter Crate, and with a low chance from Heavy Scientists.

If you want to find the Metal Facemask directly and research it in the Research Bench, it will cost you 500 scrap, or if you learn it from Workbench Tier 3, you will spend 1,500 scraps. Therefore, it is very important to know how to make scrap the easy way in Rust. Additionally, you might want to consider saving some recycle items in Rust to craft a Metal Facemask.

Since you'll be using this helmet a lot as you progress in the Rust, it wouldn't be unreasonable to get the best skin for this item, so let's move on to the Metal Facemask skins on our list.

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Glory Mask

Glory Mask is one of the most stylish skins in the game, its stance and texture are different from other skins. The price is only $5.42.

2 /13

Human Sacrifice Mask

The Human Sacrifice Mask is one of the rare examples of its kind with its unique style. While most skins repeat each other, this skin immediately shows its difference and originality. Moreover, the cheap price of $ 2.96 is quite attractive.

3 /13

Sacrificial Mask

The Sacrificial Mask is a mask with a terrifying appearance that can strike fear into other players. Another skull theme and another beautiful skin. It's a really nice skin, but at $20.61 it's a bit more expensive than the others.

4 /13

Carbon Facemask

Carbon Facemask, priced at $5.95, looks great with its very simple look, not too colorful and fancy, but black, plain, and simple, making it one of the best skins in Rust.

5 /13

Juggernaut Mask

Juggernaut Mask is only $2.77 despite its creepy and beautiful appearance. It is an extremely simple, extremely stylish Metal Facemask skin that you should definitely consider choosing.

6 /13

Uproar Facemask

The Uproar Facemask is like a cheaper and cuter version of the Punisher logo. Still, it's one of the best budget-friendly Metal Facemask skins available for $1.54.

7 /13

Overlord Mask

Overlord Mask is another skin in the game where you can terrorize your enemies with our terrifying appearance. It is very simple and very cheap at $1.38.

8 /13

Army Facemask

The Army Facemask skin Rust is also a perfect choice for those who prefer to camouflage themselves and make it easier to hide in the bushes. Thanks to its greenish military theme, it will be very difficult for your enemies to notice you when you enter the bushes. The price of Army Facemask is $5.38.

9 /13

Kraken Shell Facemask

Kraken Shell Facemask will be a good option for those who want to look different in the game because this skin looks much different and more beautiful than traditional Rust skins with its octopus arm, starfish, and mossy appearance, and the price is very low only $ 0.58.

10 /13

Knights Templar Facemask

The Knights Templar Facemask allows you to look like an old-timey paladin, and while Rust's setting isn't ideal for knight RP, at $1.58 it's still a very cheap and good-looking Metal Facemask skin.

11 /13

Skullkiller Facemask

Metal Facemasks always go well with skull themes, they look scary and beautiful. The Skullkiller Facemask looks quite nice with its bluish tones and skull-like theme, and the price is only $ 2.58.

12 /13

Kayak Helmet

The Kayak Helmet doesn't look like a Metal Facemask at all, but it looks pretty sweet and nice. The one advantage of this skin is that players who are not familiar with the Rust and the skins in the Rust may think that the Kayak Helmet is a crappy low-protection helmet and attack you, but they don't know that it's actually the Metal Facemask on your head. The price of this beauty is $13.98.

13 /13

Evil Pumpkin Facemask

Evil Pumpkin Metal Facemask is a very nice looking, not too absurd, and very wallet-friendly skin, the price is only $ 0.75. Most of the skins on the list, including Evil Pump, also have a chestplate.

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