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Best Garage Door Skins in Rust (for every Budget)

If you want to know the best Garage Door skins you can have in Rust, let's take a look together.

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
Best Garage Door Skins in Rust (for every Budget)

In Rust, Garage Doors are the most important and protective elements of a player's base. Sheet Metal Double Doors can be broken with only 4 Satchel Charges or 63 5.56 Explosive Rifle Ammo, but to break a Garage Door you need 9 Satchel Charges or 150 5.56 Explosive Rifle Ammo.

As you find Garage Door in Rust, researching it and covering your entire base with these doors will greatly increase your protection against early raids because it will increase the raid cost a lot. Since crafting Garage Doors is a bit expensive, you can separate Gears from your best recycle items in Rust because you'll need a lot of them.

Be careful not to use Garage Doors as the exit door to your base because Garage Doors open very slowly and if someone waiting outside to ambush you outside can kill you, and take control of your base before you can close the door again.

1 /8

Atomic Garage Door

It hasn't been a long time since this skin came out, but we can easily say that it is the best skin in the game. The illustrations and colors are very vivid and beautiful, and the best feature is that it glows at night because it is phosphorescent.

Even though it is new and very beautiful, the price is only 2.61$, you can consider buying it even just for investment.

2 /8

Toxic Dragon Garage Door

Toxic Dragon Garage Door is another great skin, the eyes and mouth glow green and looks extremely high quality, this skin glows at night and costs $2.93.

3 /8

Dragon Horn Garage Door

Now we move from toxic skins to flame skins, the Dragon Horn Garage Door skin looks like a very realistic dragon and has a red theme. Just like the others, this skin glows in the dark and costs only $2.80.

4 /8

Molten Visage Garage Door

Molten Visage Garage Door is creepier than the others, with a goat head and rune symbols that evoke satanism, this skin also glows at night and costs just $1.99.

5 /8

Glacial Visage Garage Door

We can say that this skin is the ice-themed version of the Molten Visage skin, the only difference is that there are no rune symbols and it is a bit simpler and blue tones are preferred instead of red color tones. At $1.68, it has a very attractive price.

6 /8

Ghostly Flame Garage Door

This beautiful Halloween-themed skin has a very beautiful look with lots of shimmering ghosts and green tones. It glows at night and costs only $2.00.

7 /8

Longtail Garage Door

This Chinese and dragon-themed skin has a very unique and beautiful look, if you want to look like a Chinese zerg in the game or if you like Chinese traditions, you can choose it at a price of $5.72.

8 /8

Always Online Garage Door

If you are always online in the game and flex with it, or if you like to provoke other players to raid you online, you can choose this garage door skin.

If you have more than one Garage Door skin and you don't want to put your doors in inventory to reskin them, you can craft a Spray Can to apply the skin you want to the item you prefer.

If you've found a Rust garage door you want and aren't sure where to get them, we have articles on the best sites where you can trade, or buy skins with crypto and PayPal. Or you might want to try your luck on one of many Rust skin gambling, roulette, crash, or jackpot sites.

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