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Top 8 Best Monuments to Loot in Rust

Setting up your base near the best monument for you in Rust is crucial to progressing in the game, so let's find out which one is right for you.
Top 8 Best Monuments to Loot in Rust

Since Rust is a competitive survival game based on looting, it is very important to be close to these loot locations and loot before the enemy players. There are many dangerous monuments in the game and you need to choose a good base location in Rust to get these loot crates before other Rust players.

If we briefly talk about the monuments where you can loot in the best way in Rust, these are

  • The Dome (Low Danger)
  • Harbor (Low Danger)
  • Water Treatment Plant (Medium Danger)
  • Launch Site (High Danger)
  • Arctic Research Base (High Danger)
  • Underwater Lab (High Danger)
  • Cargo Ship (High Danger)
  • Oil Rig (High Danger)


The Dome (Low Danger)

The Dome doesn't have that great loot, but it's a nice monument to get you through the early game. There are usually not many big teams around, mostly solo and duo players who are new to the game or living a humble life. There is a low level of radiation in the Dome, so if you make a few pieces of clothing by obtaining cloth in Rust, you can enter this monument without being exposed to radiation.

Some servers have a recycling machine in the Dome monument, but others do not. At the bottom of the Dome, among the junk piles, there are many red barrels, from which Low-Grade Fuel and Crude Oil are obtained, and this monument also provides you with an Oil Refinery so that you can melt your Crude Oil. You will need to do a little parkour to get into the dome, after entering you will see a few loot crates on your way up and when you go all the way to the top you can find four military crates. The Dome is a great option for newcomers to the game or for those who want to live away from high conflict.


Harbor (Low Danger)

Harbor is a monument I personally like a lot, especially when playing solo. This monument doesn't contain any juicy loot, but the convenience it provides is quite useful.

It's hard to find even Tier 2 weapons here, but you'll get some pretty nice components by looting here, and you won't have much trouble as there won't be any big groups set up around it. Since it's right next to the sea, you can also easily loot by boat and go to Cargo Ships or Oil Rigs.


Water Treatment Plant (Medium Danger)

The Water Treatment Plant is a tier 2 monument and you can get a Red Keycard here thanks to the Blue Keycard. It doesn't have as good loot as other high-danger areas, but if you loot it regularly you can get good weapons and a good number of resources.

The teams that live around this monument are not overcrowded, and even if they are overcrowded, they are not very good players because this monument is not suitable for many people. You can use this monument to get weapons in Rust, and you can use it to get a Red Keycard to go to more dangerous monuments and get better loot.


Launch Site (High Danger)

Launch Site is one of the best monuments of the game, it contains a lot of loot, everything from a toolbox to a food crate, and there is no Repair Bench, but there is a Research Table. You need 2x Electric Fuse, Green Keycard, and Red Keycard to enter the main loot building. The main loot of the monument is on the roof of the main building, accessed with this Red Keycard.

It is also important to note that this monument is very popular, so there are plenty of Rust zergs around it. Be careful with the Bradley APC at the Launch Site, this tank is an NPC and will start shooting and launching rockets as soon as it sees you. You can blow up this NPC and get high-tier loot from it.


Arctic Research Base (High Danger)

Arctic Research Base is located in the snow biome, one of the best base locations in Rust but this makes it a highly competitive and difficult place to survive. The reason why this area is extremely dangerous is that you can get tons of loot and components from the Arctic Research Base that you can get red keycards from the blue puzzle, and it's a very small place for the benefits it provides and it's very simple to complete.

The game features Snowmobile vehicles, which you can only get here, and you can also get extra loot from the scientists inside. In short, it is a great monument, but it is very difficult to live in because of the Rust zergs around it.


Underwater Lab (High Danger)

Underwater Lab is the monument where you can get the most components in the game, if you need a lot of components or if you want to get scrap in Rust, Underwater Lab is definitely your destination. You can get plenty of scraps and high-quality metal with the best recycle items in Rust that you get from this monument.

Since this monument is located under the sea, you need to go here with a boat and a diving set, and if you take a harpoon with the diving set, you will greatly increase your chances of survival. The biggest advantage of taking a harpoon with you when you go here is that if you see a player underwater, you can kill him very easily because no weapon other than a harpoon can be fired underwater.

After the entrance, you will encounter scientists and after killing the scientists, the components you will get from the scientists and loot crates will be quite a lot, and you can also find food crates and medical crates in the kitchen sections. Most Underwater Labs have the green door and blue puzzles and some have red keycard puzzles, so don't forget to take a green keycard, blue keycard, and red keycard with you.


Cargo Ship (High Danger)

The Cargo Ship is my personal favorite monument. Cargo Ships spawn on the Rust map approximately every 2 hours and stay on the map for 45 minutes. A total of 3 locked crates will spawn intermittently and there will also be scientists on board. This monument is quite dangerous because it is a very loot-rich monument and other players will want to take advantage of it.

When you board this ship, you'll have to kill scientists, you'll have to loot the ship, you'll have to start countdowns of crates, and you'll have to defend the ship against other players. Just like in the Oil Rig, if you are playing on a server with a normal population, you should know that you will be fighting with other players.

When you go down to the lower level of the ship, you are greeted by more scientists and plenty of elite loot crates, military crates, and normal loot crates. Since you will be completely full, you can put the less valuable items in the chest of the RHIB boat at the back of the ship and after you have collected all the loot and done, get back on this boat and leave the ship.

When the ship starts to blow its whistle repeatedly, it means that the ship will leave the map and you must leave the ship immediately after hearing this, otherwise high radiation will start and this may cause your death.


Oil Rig (High Danger)

The Oil Rig is a highly dangerous monument but it contains a huge amount of loot inside. Thanks to the scientists inside, you get extra good loot and you leave this place with juicy loot. When you go there, you shouldn't go there thinking that maybe there's no one there, because even if there's no one there, there will be someone there, and if you're playing on a server with a normal population, you'll have to fight with other players. You don't need radiation protection here, but you will need plenty of bullet protection. You have to use a helicopter or a boat to get to this monument, but if you want to counter the Oil Rig sneakily, you can go swimming. 

Here you will find plenty of loot crates after killing the scientists, an elite loot crate, and a military crate and you can access the locked crate when you use the blue keycard and red keycards and access the back room. When you start the countdown of this locked crate, a 15-minute countdown will start and after 15 minutes the box will open and you will be able to access the loot inside, weapons, armor, and explosives for you to raid in Rust, locked crates are the crates that give the most valuable items in the game.

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