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Best Rust PvE Servers [Most Active Servers]

Come in now to find out the most active and best PvE servers in Rust.
Best Rust PvE Servers [Most Active Servers]

The Rust game is actually a survival game built on PvP elements, but not everyone will enjoy PvP. There are many players who don't like PvP and still want to play Rust, you may be one of them, or you may just want to learn the game on PvE servers before jumping into the wild and ruthless embrace of Rust. In this case, these rare but beautiful PvE servers are here to help.

In general, Rust is not famous for its friendly community, even Rust's community is quite toxic, if you are unaware of this, be prepared for any situation. If you're a new player, when you enter an official Rust server, you'll realize that everyone is playing the game very well and you're constantly getting killed, and experienced players in Rust usually show no mercy because they've paid a heavy price for it in their time.

Going back to PvE servers, since Rust is built on PvP, there is not much left to do when you take this PvP element out of the game. Therefore, people who open PvE servers customize their servers by installing various custom plugins and they add new events to their servers.


Zombie Land

Zombie Land Rust PvE server has added many innovations to their servers that are not available on normal servers so that players can have fun without PvP. This server offers players a fully custom map, custom zombies, custom Bradley and custom monuments every wipe time.

The best thing about this server is that it does not completely isolate you from PvP, there are certain PvP zones on the server and you will be warned before entering these zones so that you do not accidentally die in PvP. Also, PvP is fully active 24 hours before the server is wiped, which makes it easier for you to adapt to the game if you are a new player.


  • There are raidable NPC bases on the server, and these bases contain NPCs and NPC bosses that you can hunt.
  • It is a Play to Win server, not a Pay to Win server. You get bonuses for the time you play on the server.
  • Great community with great PvE experience.
  • Many in-game missions.
  • For the best recycle items in Rust you get your own recycler in your base.
  • Backpack mode is available.
  • Bgrade mode is available.
  • Auto furnace splitter is available.
  • Teleportation is available.


  • It is forbidden to destroy twigs that someone is working on.
  • Cheating and exploits are prohibited.
  • All players must be respected.
  • No more than 4 supply signals can be thrown at the same time.
  • It is forbidden to cover all your base walls with wallpaper, rugs, or paint.
  • It is forbidden to occupy a large area.
  • Racist and homophobic attitudes are prohibited.
  • Loot despawn is prohibited.
  • Stealing from other players is prohibited.



The RustEZ server provides three different PvE modes for players. Pure, Scourge, and Survival. The Survival and Scourge server has an automation system for quarries and pumpjacks and Scourge also includes zombies. The Pure server is basically a vanilla PvE experience.

Survival and Scourge PvE server offers many new plugins to enhance your gaming pleasure and they provide players with a friendly environment with active staff. Wipes are only force-wipe time, the decay and upkeep feature in normal Rust, which consumes a lot of players' time and causes them to constantly enter the game, has been removed, so you don't need to dedicate your life to Rust.


  • Sign Artist plugin This plugin helps you to put a link to any photo you want and draw it automatically in the game.
  • With the TP plugin, you can teleport to your friends or the sleeping bag of your choice.
  • The fishing plugin adds new fishing mechanics, resources, and new tools.
  • The Pipes plugin is my personal favorite feature, with this plugin you can build a factory like the Satisfactory game and connect many of your jobs to the automation system.
  • The sorter plugin helps you organize your chests and furnaces in one click.
  • The trade plugin allows you to trade with other players remotely from anywhere.
  • You can craft bags to get additional inventory slots.

As a footnote, the Sign Artist plugin is not available on the Scourge server and the Scourge server has a plugin to upgrade all base from the Rust Tool Cupboard, which is not available on other servers.


  • Mic spam is prohibited.
  • Raid, grief, and looting are prohibited.
  • Camping loot locations is forbidden.
  • Blocking waterways, building around large monuments, and building in very large areas is prohibited.
  • You can base in caves, but you must leave space for other players to pass through.
  • Pipelines should only be installed in nearby containers.

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Salty Zombies

The Salty Zombies server does its best to provide you with a nice PvE experience and they have added many different events to this server. If you want to play on a nice PvE server, you might want to consider this server.


  • The Salty Zombies PvE server only features zombies that invade at night and burn to death in the morning light.
  • Stacking Mode allows you to carry more items in your inventory.
  • 2X Faster Smelting mode allows your furnaces to work faster, and casual players, as well as no-life players, will see a fast and enjoyable improvement in the game.
  • Backpack mode allows you to increase your inventory slots.
  • Rust++, which you can connect from your phone and control your base, is available on this server.
  • There are escort guards next to the Bradley NPC.
  • Salty Zombies has raidable NPC bases and these bases have 5 different modes Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Nightmare.
  • You earn coins during your time on the server and you can use these coins in the shop.


  • Raiding the player base is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to steal loot from another player's base, even if it is accessible.
  • It is forbidden to steal items from players' corpses.
  • It is forbidden to cut off access to monuments.
  • Talking about religious, national and racially sensitive topics are prohibited.

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Rusty Wasteland

The Rusty Wasteland server is another active PvE server with active friendly players and a friendly Admin team. If you are new to Rust and want to learn the game, you can choose this server, there is no PvP on the server, and raiding is prohibited. Zombies have also been added to enhance your PvE experience.


  • There is an active staff team.
  • Serve is PlaytoWin.
  • There are special big events at the end of Wipe.
  • You earn RP when you kill AI.
  • There are unique plugins.
  • The skill tree, Cooking, and Furnace levels.


  • PvP is prohibited.

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Relic Europe

Relic Europe is another Rust PvE server option for those who find the PvE aspect of Rust fun. A great server for beginner players, you can explore the Rust map as you like without the risk of being killed by other players.


  • Monthly wipes.
  • Decay and Upkeep are turned off.
  • Damaging players is completely turned off.
  • Players missing 7 days will be deleted.
  • Minicopters, cars, horses, and bots spawn randomly on the map.
  • There are active admins.
  • Plenty of events.

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It is quite difficult to find a PvE server in Rust because the game is primarily PvP-based and most players prefer this game for its PvP elements. For beginners who are just starting out or just enjoying the PvE elements of Rust, the servers on this list are the most active PvE Rust servers. If you want to check out different servers, you can search for "PvE" in the search HERE and check out the servers that appear.

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