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Best Semi-Automatic Rifle Skins in Rust for every Budget

Come now to find out the best and cheapest Semi Automatic Rifle skins you can find in Rust.

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
Best Semi-Automatic Rifle Skins in Rust for every Budget

The Semi-Automatic Rifle, one of the best weapons in Rust, has beautiful and cheap skins. Semi-Automatic Rifle is always one of the most preferred weapons in the early game and late game. The reason for this is that the weapon can be used in various areas, it is cheap to craft, the blueprint is cheap and easy to find, and despite all these, it is one of the most powerful weapons in Rust.

The Semi-Automatic Rifle will not only help you kill and engage in combat but also raid in Rust. When you attach 5.56 Explosive Ammo to this weapon, you can raid your enemies' bases with these exploding bullets.

You can also easily find the Semi-Automatic Rifle even if you are a newcomer to the game. It comes out of Supply Drops with a 22% chance and Green Military Crates with a 1% chance, and if you join the server 1-2 days after the Rust wipe, many players will start selling this weapon very cheaply in their Vending Machines and you can get it that way.

Finally, the Semi-Automatic Rifle costs 125 Scrap to learn directly from the Research Bench and 1,675 Scrap to learn from the Workbench Tier 2.

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Retrowave Semi-Automatic Rifle

Retrowave Semi-Automatic Rifle is an indispensable skin for lovers of the Retrowave theme, it looks very nice. At $2.93, it's a bit more expensive than the others, but it's worth it, and the Retrowave AR skin is also available for enthusiasts.

2 /12

Bandito Semi-Automatic Rifle

One of the most beautiful and cheapest Semi-Automatic Rifle skins, Bandito SAR has a wonderfully clean and simple look. This minimalist perfection is $1.10.

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Nightmare Semi-Automatic Rifle

If you have a clown phobia, we can say that it is a skin you should stay away from because the clown skin on it is quite scary. Apart from being spooky, it's a very unusual and good-looking skin, and the price is a bit more expensive than the other skins on the list at $9.37.

4 /12

Drake Semi-Automatic Rifle

This skin has embossed dragon embroidery and has a very nice appearance, is not too exaggerated, and is very suitable for the atmosphere of the game, and the price is $ 4.04.

5 /12

Warbeast Semi-Automatic Rifle

Warbeast is a beautiful red and orange skin with a bear on it, it is not too fancy or too plain. The price is not very expensive at only $2.04.

6 /12

Gunsmith Semi-Automatic Rifle

Gunsmith Semi-Automatic Rifle is one of the cheapest and most wallet-friendly skins, it looks very nice and looks good on the hand. The theme of the weapon is close to the atmosphere of the game. The price is $1.09.

7 /12

Diesel Semi-Automatic Rifle

Diesel Semi-Automatic Rifle is a Custom SMG style skin that does not have a buttstock on the back of the weapon and is a great option for those who like this type of skin. It is a very attractive and beautiful skin despite its cheap price of $ 0.82.

8 /12

Buzzard Semi-Automatic Rifle

Buzzard Semi-Automatic Rifle is a beautiful skin, although it looks very fancy, so it will be perfect for those who like skins with pictures and engraving on it for a cheap price of $ 1.26.

9 /12

Meridian Semi-Automatic Rifle

Meridian Semi-Automatic Rifle is a skin that is very close to the theme of the game and makes you feel more intertwined with the game. This skin, which looks like it was made from scrap, fits the atmosphere of Rust much better and is a very realistic skin. The price is really very affordable only $ 1.03.

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Forgotten Warfare Semi-Automatic Rifle

The Forgotten Warfare is a very nice looking Semi-Automatic Rifle with primitive engravings and costs only $1.31.

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No Mercy Semi-Automatic Rifle

One of the most classic Semi-Automatic Rifle skins, No Mercy has a very simple and beautiful look. Those who do not like exaggerated pictures and embroidered skins can choose No Mercy, which has a price of $ 2.80.

12 /12

Aborigene's Semi-Automatic Rifle

Next up is one of the best Rust skins, the Aborigine's Semi-Automatic Rifle. This skin has primitive engravings from ancient times on it and looks very beautiful, for engraved gun lovers, it is waiting for you at a cheap price of $ 1.03.

That concludes out list of the best semi-automatic rifle skins in Rust. If you've found a skin you want to get but don't know where, we have articles on the best websites where you can trade, or buy skins with crypto and PayPal. Or maybe you want to try grabbing the skins on one of many Rust skin gambling, roulette, crash, or jackpot sites.

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