Best Rust Skins Ranked

It's natural to desire to have skins in your favorite game, so here are 15 different individual and skin sets for every budget.
Best Rust Skins Ranked

Everyone wants to have many skins in their favorite game like Rust because skins are cool. Some skins are so good that they don't even have any relation to the original item, and some skins can give you little hidden features that can put you ahead of other players or, on the contrary, put you at a disadvantage.

For Rust players, a nice Sleeping Bag and skin on the best Rust weapons they often use are very important. So let's take a look at which skin sets are suitable for you in this Rust article.


Copper Full Metal Skin Set

This skin set contains 8 items, but not Boots. There is a Metal Facemask, Chestplate, Pants, Hoodie, Roadsign Gloves, Roadsign Helmet, Roadsign Vest, and Kilt. The set looks quite stylish and beautiful in general.

This skin set may make you look far away, but it looks pretty cool and the price is very cheap. The total set costs $10.78.


Shattered Mirror Skin Set

Although the overall look of the set is not that good, there are still many people who like it and it is a good advantage that it comes with a nice Door and Assault Rifle skin. It should be noted that this set includes Hoodie, Pants, Roadsign Helmet, Roadsign Vest, Hoodie, Metal Facemask, and Metal Chestplate, so there are no Boots.

What's more, this rich skin set comes at a very affordable price of just $8.46.


Opulent Skin Set

Besides gloves and shoes, this beautiful skin set with gold and black colors includes Hoodie, Pants, Roadsign Helmet, Roadsign Vest, Roadsign Pants, Metalchest Plate, and Metal Facemask.

This set does not include a door, weapon, gloves, or boots. I must admit that this skin set looks much cooler and more stylish than many other expensive skin sets. If you want to get a nice set for cheap, this might be your best option. The price is only 13.38$.


Corrupted Skin Set

It is surprising that a set as good-looking as the Corrupted Skin set, and with such rich content, is so cheap. This skin set includes Assault Rifle, Roadsign Helmet, Roadsign Vest, Hoodie, Pants, Kilt, Roadsign Gloves, Metal Facemask, Metal Chestplate, Garage Door, Metal Door, Boots, and even Bandana. It's rich, it's great and it's cheap.

Full of reddish glitch screens and error messages with a cyberpunk look and feel, it's really worth your money. What's more, the price of this beautiful, content-rich set is only $18.65, which is incredibly affordable considering the variety of items included.


Berserker Skin Set

Anyone who has watched the Berserker anime or read the manga will immediately fall in love with this armor set. The look of the set is quite scary and beautiful, it will be very difficult for your enemies to notice you in the dark of the night when you are using this set. If you ask me, this skin set, in which black, red and yellow dance in harmony, looks more like the armor of the Maliketh boss in the Elden Ring game, but it doesn't matter AWESOME.

This skin set includes Roadsign Helmet, Roadsign Vest, Hoodie, Pants, Kilt, Roadsign Gloves, Metal Facemask, Metal Chestplate, Assault Rifle, and MP5 skin, it is nice to have MP5 in the set because beautiful skins for this weapon are a bit rare. Let us remind you that this beautiful skin set comes for 20.12$ and boots are not included.


Tactical Metal Set

The Tactical Skin Set may be a good option for those who want a little more realism. This skin set looks really nice and includes a Metal Facemask, Metal Chestplate, Leather Gloves, Hoddie, Pants, Kilt, and Boots, as well as a Hatchet, Pickaxe, and a nice Semi Automatic Rifle skin.

The inclusion of a Hatchet, Pickaxe, and Semi-Automatic Rifle is a very nice thing, even though these are the most used items in the game, skin sets do not easily include these items and it is a nice plus to have them in this set. Moreover, the price of this beauty is only 24.14$.


Bombshell Skin Set

The Bombshell Skin set can be a good option for players who often play in green biomes, as the greenness of this set can easily camouflage you and make you harder for enemies to detect.

Apart from this feature, another nice feature is that this set also includes M39, LR, L96, MP5, and M249 skins. In addition to these weapons, it also includes Garage Door, Boots, Roadsign Gloves, Hoodie, Pants, Metal Chestplate, Metal Facemask, Roadsign Helmet, Roadsign Vest, and Kilt. The whole set costs $30.47, which is quite affordable when you consider the items included.


Blood Dragon Rifle

The Blood Dragon Rifle is one of the best Rust skins of the Semi-Automatic Rifle, the most commonly used weapon in the game. A good Semi Automatic Rifle skin is a must-have for every Rust player because it's a weapon you'll pick up every time you play.

Therefore, it is much more logical to have a skin for weapons that you use frequently rather than a weapon that you love and cannot play with. The value of this beautiful skin is only 5.30$.


Elite Forest Camo Hoodie and Pants

If you like to sneak up behind players in Rust, kill them with Rust's worst weapon and run away with all their stuff, then this Elite Forest Camo Hoodie and Pants might be for you.

This set hides you in the greenery of the forest, allowing you to approach your enemies much more easily and hunt them down undetected, which is definitely preferable if that's your play style. The price is only $8.44.


Xmas Candy Crossbow

Xmas Candy Crossbow is just one of many beautiful crossbow skins. The engravings on this crossbow look very sweet and beautiful, but even so, the price is really cheap compared to other crossbows, only 1.04$.


Kid's Stone Hatchet and Pick Axe

This kid's stone pick axe and stone hatchet have a very innovative and beautiful look. Their prices are very cheap and they are by far the two most used tools in the game, and if we use these two tools so much, why can't we have nice skin? So you can consider buying these two beautiful tool skins for a total of 3.83$.


Emerald Knife

Emerald Knife skin is as beautiful as the knife skins in CS:GO. The finely carved golden hilt and the glassy green appearance create a really nice feeling.

The price of this wonderful skin, this combat knife will be your best friend when you go hunting in Rust, is even more wonderful, it is only 4.55$.


Retrowave Skins

Retrowave Skins are quite beautiful. These skins include Retrowave AR skin, Retrowave Bow skin, Retrowave Crossbow skin, Retrowave Sleeping Bag skin, Retrowave Semi Automatic Rifle skin, and Retrowave Large box skin.

This skin features retrowave atmosphere in your items and all these items are only $15.96.


Forsaken Era Set

The Forsaken Era set is a skin set that can be both beautiful, serious, and camouflaged. But unfortunately, this set only includes Forsaken Era Chest Plate and Forsaken Era Mask, so it only has 2 pieces of items. The good thing is that the price is only 2.01$.


Eat Me Set

I have no idea if your enemies will be able to take you seriously with this skin set, but it's a good-looking and very innovative skin set. Not only does it look very cute and with high-quality textures, but it's also a very funny skin set. This skin set consists of only two pieces, a metal chest plate called Eat Me Chestplate and the Eat Me Facemask. This beauty costs only $1.97.

Here are the 15 best custom skin sets for every budget.

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