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Do Sleeping Bags Decay in Rust? [Sleeping Bad Guide]

In this article, you will learn do sleeping bags decay in Rust and get some great tips about sleeping bags.
Do Sleeping Bags Decay in Rust? [Sleeping Bad Guide]

In Rust, the sleeping bag outside the range of the Tool Cupboard decays completely in about 36 hours, which is about 2 days in real life time. The Sleeping Bags you put outside your base and spread around the map will eventually break. They will either decay on their own or other players will destroy them.

Sleeping Bags in Rust are actually spawn points. By putting them you create a respawn point for yourself. As a little tip, if you spawn at these respawn points, the decay time of sleeping bags will be reset. To craft Beds, you can simply press "Q" or "TAB" and craft them.

How Important Sleeping Bags in Rust

In Rust, the ability to immediately respawn on a Sleeping Bag anywhere around the map can be so useful during your wipe. Being able to rejoin a fight or a chance to get your loot back can increase your chance of recovery in some of the worst moments. And often you won't realize how much you regret not placing bags until it's just too late.

You have to keep reminding yourself to put more Sleeping Bags. And if you start throwing a lot of Sleeping Bags everywhere in every wipe, you will see the difference and you will realize that it really works. You will definitely develop this habit over time.

These Rust tips are the ones you'll wish you'd learned earlier. If you are not sure why Sleeping Bags are so important, it is good to know that there are many reasons why you should need to spawn point on a certain bag.

Reasons why you should have many Sleeping Bags:

  • You could be rejoining fights and grab your loss kit off the ground.
  • You can avoid bag timers.
  • If there is someone camping outside your base, you can spawn outside to watch or flank.
  • You can reduce travel times by placing Sleeping Bags in different base locations or monuments.
  • For different scenarios, you can hide a stash near the Sleeping Bag and hide your best weapons and best armor combination in Rust.

Stashes and well-placed bags can actually give you the upper hand in a tough fight.

When looking to place a bag, try to think where you are most likely to get into fights or where you spend the most time. First, start putting the Sleeping Bag on the outside of your base. Most probably you will already have a Bed or Sleeping Bag in your base. Having a Sleeping Bag outside was a good way to better defend your base in case of a possible online raid.

Because in this way, you will not run into a bag timer again and you will be able to spawn in a location close to your base and in your base. Having more than one bag to choose from can help you avoid bag timers and get straight back to gearing up. The same goes for any secondary bases, farm bases, and flank bases. Having options at all of these locations is going to help you in raid situations.

For situations where you have been killed at a monument, you want to make sure that you have bags surrounding the best monuments of your wipe. It is not a bad habit to surround the monuments you know you will be running a lot.

You also want to be placing bags to make frequent journeys easier. You need place bags whenever you first visit like Outpost and Bandit Camp. These are normally the first safe zones that you arrive at during the wipe and are great locations to farm up for some early scrap. So place a bag here at the start.

You should also make it a habit to spam a bunch of bags around local tier 1 monuments even though you don't spend a great deal of time with them throughout the wipe. If you would need to grab a quick green card early on you can respawn at the Lighthouse for example and run base again looking naked and harmless. It is normally just a good habit to get into bringing one or two Sleeping Bags with you on most journeys. Place one as you leave the base and head off in a certain direction and then place another one. And you can also craft a Sleeping Bag with the clothes you collect on the way and put them on as you move forward.

These tips apply to all players but especially for solo players placing bags is so important. You may stand up after being down, but getting up when you fall is quite rare and a waste of time. Often the best action to take is F1 "kill" and respawn as quickly as possible.

If you have a bag close enough you may be able to get there just before they do and give yourself a chance to get back in the fight. Honestly, sometimes it just works out so perfectly. Just have faith that every bag will save you at one point and your precious loot. With that all said, placing so many bags will drain your cloth but don't let that reduce the number of bags you place. They are still so important to have. Just instead of making it a one-time activity, build these bags up over time.

As I mentioned before, if you don't want to waste the cloth in your base, go out and collect every cloth you see around and craft a Sleeping Bag with it. The best way to find clothes is to recycle. The best recycle items for cloth are Sewing Kit, Tarp, and Rope.

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