Can you Play Dota 2 on an Ultrawide Display? (+How You Can Enable it)

Ultrawide monitors have taken the interest of many gamers. If you’re curious on whether you can use ultrawide on Dota 2, then find out the answer here!
Can you Play Dota 2 on an Ultrawide Display? (+How You Can Enable it)

Ultrawide monitors have been gaining more and more popularity as of late, as being able to see more of your screen is just better than the regular screen we’ve all come to know and use. Ultrawide displays can be very helpful in productivity apps, but can also be used in different competitive games that support it. If you’ve been wondering if Dota 2 supports ultrawide, then continue reading!

Can you play Dota 2 in Ultrawide?

To answer your question, the answer is: yes! Since 2016, Dota 2 players have already been granted the access to play the game on their ultrawide screen monitors. 

As of late, more and more people have been investing in widescreen monitors to play other games, so Valve knew that their MOBA game would have to support ultrawide in order to attract the growing audience of ultrawide monitor owners.

What does Ultrawide do in Dota 2?

We know that ultrawide monitors can be very helpful in the productivity field, but what does an ultrawide screen actually do in Dota 2?

Well, to answer that question, the ultrawide monitor allows Dota 2 players to see more horizontal space, but not more vertical space. This allows players to see more of the left and right side of the screen than any normal aspect ratio would, and may be a good option to help players rank up.

Dota 2 allows for two ultrawide screen aspect ratios, the 3440x1440 aspect ratio and the 2560x1080 aspect ratio.

Dota 2 16:9
Dota 2 Ultrawide

Since any player using an ultrawide display can see more of the screen at a time, this can be considered as an advantage as the player will be able to gather more information at a time compared to the normal 16:9 aspect ratio player. The ultrawide screen also gives the player a more premium feel of the game, the same way as any other competitive games that support an ultrawide display. 

Is Ultrawide Fair?

The community received this announcement with mixed feedback. The players with an ultrawide monitor are extremely happy with this update, but players who don’t own one call it pay to win. It is very understandable where this argument is coming from, as not everyone can have the extra money to spend on an expensive ultrawide monitor.

How to Enable Ultrawide Display

Obviously, the first step to enabling ultrawide display is to have a monitor that actually supports it. For Dota 2, you will need a monitor that supports either 3440x1440 or 2560x1080. If you already have an ultrawide screen monitor for PC games, then follow the steps below to enable your ultrawide display:

  1. Launch Dota 2.
  2. Click on the Settings gear on the top left.
  3. Head over to Video.
  4. Under Resolution on the top left side of the screen, look for Size.
  5. There, you’ll be able to choose from different resolutions. Click on the aspect ratios that you want to apply to your game.
  1. Done!

Those are the simple steps that you will have to follow in order to apply ultrawide display to your competitive game. Make sure you’re playing Dota 2 on fullscreen for the best experience!

Does Ultrawide Give you an Advantage?

The fact that Dota 2 can now be played in an ultrawide display has caused lots of debates. Lots of people are saying that it is pay to win. So, does using ultrawide actually give an unfair advantage?

Allows players to see more of the screen

The ultrawide display gives the user extra horizontal spacing on their screen, which regular 16:9 players or black bars users do not have access to. This will allow ultrawide users to react faster when enemies come into their vision, since the screen is larger as compared to players who play on the same area of 16:9. 

In Dota, one second can determine the entire game, so being able to react quickly can really give ultrawide users an advantage in ranked matches.

An ultrawide display will also mean that ultrawide users can see more of the teamfight at every second, compared to normal players. This will allow them to gather more information in a short period of time, since they are likely to be able to see the entire fight with one screen.

Disadvantages of Ultrawide

Though being able to see can really be advantageous, the change to an ultrawide display can also cause some drawbacks. 

Makes Edge Panning harder

Edge Panning is a very common way of moving your camera around in Dota 2. Edge Panning involves the player moving their mouse to the corners of their screen to move their in-game cameras around. 

Since the screen is wider and larger, edge panning may be quite difficult as it will take a longer time to do so. If you use your mouse grip or arrow keys to move your camera, then this drawback is nothing to be worried about.

Minimap and Kill Feed becomes very far

The minimap and the kill feed are extremely important sources of information that should be looked at on a regular basis. When you’re running an ultrawide display, the minimap and the kill feed will be placed on the end of your screen, which means that it will be very far away.

Ultrawide users will need to spend extra time moving their eyes onto the sides of their screen, which makes it much harder to have a quick look at the minimap or the kill feed.

So is ultrawide for Dota 2 actually worth the money? Well, that’s completely up to you to decide. If you’re looking to get an ultrawide monitor for work or productivity purposes anyway, then the investment may not be that bad to play your favorite game and remove those black bars! Also keep in mind that an ultrawide display will require more FPS since there may be input lag that will cause a performance hit!