„Where We Dropping Boys?“ The Erangel Map for PUBG

For players who have been PUBG players since the beginning, this map is the OG. For the longest time, this was the only map available to play on PUBG and has seen many changes, tweaks and updates since its release in December 2017. This map has had dynamic weather changes, small Additions such as trees and vehicle spawn rates but the layout of the map has remained almost the same since it’s introduction. For many, this map a the source of nostalgia so it makes sense that Bluehole would leave this one alone.The map would have a visual overhaul in 2019 to bring it up to the standard of more recent map releases. However, this would mostly be sharper textures and bug fixes. This Russian based map features a number of built-up areas, open spaces, farmlands and other varied environments across its 8x8km. The space offers a variety of tactical considerations, vehicle options and prime spots to camp out, showing just why so many players fell in love with this map.

What is Erangel’s Background in PUBG?

The map also has a rich back story to give you an idea of why the place has been abandoned. This island was a playground for scientists to perform chemical experiments on the local population. However, there was a revolt from the residents of the island who attacked the biological centre and due to the events that transpired, the island had to be abandoned. Before this, the island was a base for the Soviet military in the 1950’s which explains the military base, the hospital and the various small towns dotted around the island.It’s also worth noting that the name for this map was inspired by a developers daughter who is named Eyrn. However, the map contains areas that have real-life counterparts. Take Yasnaya Polyana for example. This area was inspired by the area in Russia of the same name that is a writers museum in honour of the late Leo Tolstoy and is 12km southwest of Tula.

How was Erangel Received?

In terms of this maps popularity, many feel that the map is in need of an overhaul due to the surplus of flat, open area and the still not optimised loot distribution. However, there is still a lot of love for this map and it is often preferred to maps such as Sanhok for example.

Map Overview

As aforementioned, this map spans an 8x8km distance and its layout, for the most part, is rather simple. The map has one core part of the island and towards the bottom of the map, there is a smaller Island that this linked by two entry points in the form of bridges. This is where the military base is located and also plays host to the city of Novorepnoye.The map also has three other major cities named Georgopol, Pochinki and Yasnaya Polyana. Then there are nine other smaller towns and minor cities dotted across the map as well. The player has access to six varieties of land vehicle, two watercraft and one air vehicle.

What are the best drop locations in Erangel?

On this map, there are a number of areas that the player will be inherently drawn to. Due to the open nature of this map, it is a good idea to find a built-up area to clear out and get equipped. So if you’re wondering what areas of interest offer the best loot, offer the least risk and offer the most protection, we have you covered. Here is a guide on the best places to drop in Enrangel.


One of the major cities on Erangel and the largest of the four on offer. This area doesn’t offer much in terms of eye candy with a series of drab apartments being all you’ll really find here. However, you can get some pretty good loot here and even a vehicle if you’re lucky. It’s not as risky as some of the larger areas but still is a rather popular drop zone, so be prepared for a firefight if you choose to drop here. It’s a medium risk but can gift high rewards so if you’re a little more experienced, consider this one.

School (Rozhok)

Right, smack bang in the middle of the map you have the school. This area is one of the more popular drop zones due to the high-quality loot on offer, the guarantee of a vehicle and the central location ensuring that you won’t have to travel too far to get to the safe zone. However, as you might expect, a lot of players will be thinking the same thing. So when you land, be sure to get your hands on a way to defend yourself fast and stick close to your squad members because you’ll be in for a tricky fight.


Next up is the Quarry which is located in the bottom right of the map. This area offers some decent loot which makes it an area that is rather popular. However, it can also be a risky area to land due to the open spaces and isolated buildings meaning that you’ll be a sitting duck if spotted by a squad with ranged weapons. If you do choose to land here, we would suggest that you get to a less open space fast after clearing out the area for all its goodies.

Military Base

Fair warning, dropping in this place is asking for trouble. The military base plays host to some of the most desirable armour, weapons and vehicles on the map. However, if you plan on staying alive long enough to make use of them, you’ll have to deal with the cavalcade of players who have the same idea. Then, if you do manage to hold your own, you’ll have to deal with a second wave of players who will be travelling from Novorepnoye and manage to get off the isolated island that only has two exit points. So if the safe zone is at the top of the map, you’ll have it all to do. In short, it’s a high risk that can lead to high-level rewards.


If you want to avoid the stress and the chaos at the high-risk drop zones, you might prefer Stalber. This area is based in the mountainous areas of the map. Stalber features a radio of station, ruins and a warehouse. So provided you don’t have any likeminded players to deal with, you should find enough gear to get you going but you’ll need to move elsewhere if you want to find some end game loot.


If you want to go underground to get your loot, you can by entering the bunkers. These concrete tunnels offer a plethora of exciting gear that will make your bid for a steaming chicken dinner all the more likely. However, getting into these tunnels is the easy part. Getting out with your loot is the hard part. There are a series of narrow halls, long open spaces and choke points that will mean you need to be on top of your game. Especially with the number of players who will be joining you in the tunnels.


Another major city that is just a stone’s throw from the military base. This area is just about as desirable as it’s island counterpart due to its mass of buildings and structures housing tonnes of loot. Plus, you’ll be very likely to find a car or boat to help you navigate to the safe zone when you’re done clearing the city. Though beware, there is a lot of open spaces to navigate, meaning that you’ll have to be constantly on your guard and have a pretty solid plan of action to get out alive. Plus, watch out for the players who make it out of the Military base, they’ll be well-armed and on their way to the bridges too.

The Crater

What could be more appealing than a massive hole in the ground? Well, when you fill it with military buildings and other warehouses jam-packed with loot, then not much. While you’ll kit yourself out pretty competently in this area, it is an open space that is a popular drop zone and rife with snipers who are looking to take advantage of the high ground outside the crater. However, if you can navigate the pressure and exposure of this area, you’ll reap big rewards.

The Villas

This area consists of eight small buildings that offer a reasonable amount of loot. It might be enough for a player in solos, however, squads will struggle to kit everyone out well enough for a gunfight. This place isn’t an amazing place to drop. However, due to its elevated location, you’ll be able to scout all around you from the rooftops. Making this one a good place to make your way to after you’ve gathered supplies. So grab a decent sniper and camp out here.


West of the main city of Novorepnoye, you’ll find a crossroads with a couple of structures that will house enough loot to get you going. It’s an area that is seldom chosen as a starting point by experienced players, so if you’re feeling like a slow and easy start to your game, this is a good place to go. Plus, due to the close proximity to the city, you’ll be likely to find a vehicle to get you out of there before the well-equipped individuals from the city or military base pass through.

The small crater

Just west of Lipovka there is a little village with a few houses. This offers a small amount of loot but is almost guaranteed to be completely free of enemy company when you land. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab a vehicle on the road and get yourself to another hotspot. This one is ideal for new players or those that don’t fancy the chaos of the cities.

Power Plant

This area is a high-risk zone, both due to its high-level loot drawing players in and its location being right on the coast of the island, making the angles for enemies to approach much less of a consideration. You’ll get tonnes of loot from this facility, usually enough to kit out a full squad. However, there is very rarely a vehicle nearby so depending on where the safe zone is, this can be quite a gamble.There is also a smaller power plant just west of here that still offers more than enough loot for one or even two players, with the added bonus of fewer players landing in the area. It’s still pretty popular though, so still, be prepared for company.


This area is not unlike the school due its central location, decent size and it’s abundance of loot. It’s not quite as popular as the school as the loot may be plentiful but it tends to be of a mediocre quality. So you may want to stock up here then make a beeline to the school.


As you would imagine from an area as decadent as a mansion, there is tonnes of luxury equipment to be had here. It’s also a pretty large structure so you’ll be able to kit out everyone in your party. However, except a lot of company as this is a prime landing zone for experienced players that can handle themselves in a densely populated zone. So get your hands on gear fast and prepare for a turf war.


This one is extremely similar to the mansion. The building and surroundings aren’t quite as luxurious but the loot on offer sure is. For this reason, expect to see a number of players or squads dropping in with you to ransack in the penitentiary with you.


Another one of the main cities on Erangel. This place has more than enough stuff to get a whole squad ready for the long haul. The cafes, buildings, warehouses and restaurants have a series of areas where loot is in great supply. However, there are a lot of blind spots and open areas in the city that can prove hazardous, especially with the popularity of this drop zone being quite high. Overall, it isn’t the most popular area on the map but you’ll have some company when you land for sure.


One of the smaller cities on the map but this area is still quite a hotly contested landing zone, especially in solo and doubles due to the decent and plentiful loot on offer. This one sits just off the river and isn’t too far away from Yasnaya Polyana, so if you make a pit stop here for guaranteed loot with less risk, you might have more luck of clearing out the larger city in the distance.

Yasnaya Polyana

Speaking of Yasnaya Polyana, this city is the last major city to mention on this list and much like the rest, it’s a great area to pick up premium loot, weapons and armour in high quantities. However, it’s also one of the more busy drop zones on the map, so be prepared to fight tooth and nail for everything you get. It’s also rather unlikely to get a vehicle in this city, so you’ll probably have to travel to the outskirts before you get any form of transport. You occasionally get a boat sitting in the jetty but it’s not the best-advised route down the river as it leaves you very exposed. Overall, a good area to dip into, get what you can and get out.

Our Drop Zone of choice

With so much to choose from and the various pros and cons of each area, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer as to which drop zone is best. However, if you were to twist our arm and make us choose, we would have to say Novorepnoye. The reason being that this city offers loads of loot which will be able to cater the entire squad and you’ll be able to get a vehicle pretty easily if you manage to survive and get across the bottleneck bridge before it becomes a huge issue.Not to mention, you will have the benefit of potentially taking out those that came from the military base who are likely to have very desirable loot. So you can let them bring it right to you. Admittedly, this isn’t an easy playstyle to pull off but it sure is a lot of fun and it’s amazing when it comes off.

Hints and tips when playing Erangel

So now you know the different locations that you should drop into on this map. However, after you loot a place on the map and survive, you have to try and win. This can be a tricky task depending on how your haul went where you dropped. So you may need a set of strategies or tactics to help you navigate your way to the end game zone and a chance of cooking up a chicken dinner. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to stay alive in Erangel.

Use your Environment

Sometimes, you’ll drop into an area and not get the gear that you’re looking for. I mean the number of times we have been stuck with a frying pan or a shoddy pistol doesn’t bear thinking about. So if you have to lay low until it’s safe to scavenge the scraps of passing squads and give yourself a fighting chance, you can use your surroundings.There is usually a range of useful bushes and foliage that you can hide in and wait for an opportunity to run to safety. Provided you don’t get spotted ducking into one, you’ll be hidden from your enemies unless they are looking straight at you with a scoped weapon or at very close range. This goes for ditches too, use these to remain hidden from threats and wait for the right time to make your move.

Know Your Spawn Locations

In Erangel, there are over 24,000 spawn points which the player can find something of use to them on their quest for a chicken dinner. However, it’s worth noting that only about one sixth of these are weapon spawns, meaning that the weapons on this map are hard to come by at times. So it is important to know where the best spawn points are and to visit them before your enemies do.The best areas to hit if you’re looking for a good weapon above all else are Georgopol, Lipovka, the prison and Severny. These areas may not offer as much armour, vehicles or supplies but at least you be running around with a cast iron pan to protect yourself.

Get to the safe zone

This map is the joint largest of any that PUBG has to offer. So for that reason, you need to get to the safe zone as fast as you can. If you find yourself on the opposite side of the map when the safe zone appears, you’ll have much more distance to make up than smaller maps like Sanhok which is half the size.So be sure to get a vehicle if you can and manage your time accordingly if you can’t get one. It’s very easy to become enamoured with all the loot you can get in large areas but if you’re well outside the safe zone, the goodies won’t benefit you when you fall short of the mark. So get what you can and high tail it to where you need to be.

You always remember your first

This map will always hold a place in long time PUBG players hearts as where it all began. Since 2017, the map has had a series of tweaks and facelifts but by and large, this is the same map that a lot of us fell in love with way back then. Admittedly, there is still issues regarding just how exposed you are in a number of areas and the loot dispersion is off in places. However, the nostalgia factor for many is enough to see them come back to this map time and time again.The variety of interesting locations, the large map size, the variety of unique weapons and vehicles and a generally rather appealing aesthetic also work wonders when trying to capture this feeling with new players as well. It’s probably not the best map on offer within the franchise but it still is held in very high regard and well worth spending some time in. So next time you go in search of a chicken dinner, see if you can rustle up the ingredients in Erangel.