How to Fix Failed to Get Token from PUBG

Like with all online games, all kinds of issues can appear without warning. PUBG has its fair share of problems with a wide variety of potential errors. Since the start of 2020, a specific Xbox One issue has slowly become more common with the game. Solving the Failed to get Token error isn't easy but this guide will help you get past the issue that's been plaguing Xbox One players for months.

What does “Failed to Get Token” mean?

This error means that PUBG has failed to connect to the game servers for some reason. There is no easy answer for what triggers this problem but the error is derived from your account being unable to reach the game servers.It seems as though this issue arrived alongside the official January 24th 2020 update for PUBG and Xbox. After that update, PUBG and Dauntless both started to experience issues signing into the game. Shortly after this happened, Xbox Support quickly got to work and a new Xbox update was released which fixed this issue for the majority of players. While this is no longer an issue for the majority of players, it can still appear sometimes.

How to fix PUBG Failed to Get Token

Sadly, there is no simple fix for the PUBG Failed to Get Token problem players might encounter while playing on Xbox One. This doesn't seem to be an issue for other platforms but if you do happen to see this elsewhere then these suggestions should help. There is no official method for fixing this problem, however.

Confirm the servers are online

A common reason why you might see this error is that the servers are offline. If you see the Failed to get Token error then this can be due to the servers being down for some reason. Typically this is due to the servers being down for maintenance however, there can be other reasons why the servers are down.We advise checking with the official PUBG Xbox platforms to see if there's any mention of scheduled maintenance or unexpected downtime. The official website might not mention this but Twitter most likely will and it will be reposted to Reddit or Discord groups by other players.

Check your internet connection

Having a poor internet connection can do more than give you ping problems or lag in games. If it occurs while you're launching the game then there's a good chance you can't connect to the PUBG servers. It's a good idea to confirm there are no problems from your side.

  1. Confirm the internet is working for your device
  2. Check if the internet is working in general
  3. Do a Speed Test for your network

If you've done the above and see that there is an internet issue then firstly you should restart the router. Keep in mind that turning it off and on again will bring the internet down for all devices connected to the router. This means you should confirm with the rest of your household that it's okay to do this and if they're also having internet issues then this will help them too. The router could take a few minutes to completely turn on but it could also take quite some time so don't be surprised if it takes ten minutes or longer.We also advise that you check your Internet Service Providers (ISP) website for information regarding your area. If they know of any problems or maintenance then there will be information here.

Restarting the game or device

While the token error has to do with being unable to connect to the game server, restarting the game or device has been known to fix many problems with the software. While restarting the game might be faster, restarting the device would be the best option. Hardware or software might not launch correctly which stops you from getting online

Reinstall the game or Check for Updates

Not having the game updated properly can cause all kinds of problems relating to reaching the servers. It's a good idea to check for any uninstalled updates since that could be the cause of the error. Following from this, updates don't always install correctly so reinstalling the game should fix that problem.Checking online with PUBG forums or on Twitter is a good idea as well. Another update may have triggered this issue. If this is the case then there will be a lot of chatter online complaining about this problem.

Disconnect other controllers and sign out of any guest accounts

This might sound strange but having a second controller linked or another account signed in have been reported to cause this problem as well. It seems to be related to the game not knowing which account it is attempting to reach the servers. It might sound a little unlikely but it's good to check there are no guest accounts signed in at the same time and to make sure there are no other controllers or devices attached. Disconnect them all and then relaunch the game or restart the device. If this was the cause then the problem will be fixed

What to do if the above doesn't help?

If nothing is helping to solve the problem then there's only one option left. You need to contact support and tell them what the error is along with what you've tried so far. From this point on it's just a waiting game to see when PUBG support responds and if they have other suggestions for you to test. This could take a few days so it's best to quit PUBG until then and play something else.Testing the game daily is frustrating when it constantly gives the PUBG Failed to Get Token error so there's no need to do this. Sometimes errors can seem to magically fix themselves so testing the game once a day or every few days might also be a good idea if you're already using the device.Fixing the PUBG Failed to Get Token error isn't easy and there's no officially published solution for this. It was introduced with a broken update at the start of 2020 and fixed for the majority of players with another update. This doesn't mean the error can't appear and seem to have no cause for it. We advise doing the standard troubleshooting fixes since these can fix the majority of software and hardware problems which might cause this error in PUBG. Remember to contact PUBG support about this and what you've already tried since they'll be able to offer you additional solutions if possible.