How to Fix XAPK File Validation Error in PUBG [3 Solutions]

The XAPK file validation error in Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds is an issue a fair number of people have been experiencing over the last couple of years in one of their favourite battle royale games. Every gamer knows just how infuriating it can be, not being able to play that one game you well and truly love being able to play. As of late, one of those problems is the XAPK file validation error and it’s in good need of a fix.This error isn’t an issue anyone wishes to experience, but it’s thankfully a problem that shouldn’t be occurring for much longer as long as you follow the oncoming advice and tips and tricks to make this problem no more!

The Cause of the XAPK File Validation

PUBG Mobile isn’t quite at the same age as the original PUBG, but it sure does have its fair share of unique problems, with the main one being the XAPK file validation error. This particular error is a problem that almost solely happens for those that are playing the game through an Android device. For those users on iOS, you’re very unlikely to come across this error, so if you have access to both Android and iOS devices, try playing the game on iOS first and foremost to get your fix while the error is being dealt with.The reason this problem occurs is down to some mis-downloaded files that for one reason or another have gone into the wrong file. Without access to all of the appropriate files, the game can’t work as intended. Plus, with the game being an online-only game, the developers can’t run the risk of the files being tampered with - so any errors simply won’t allow for the game to be played.Thankfully, with a few different fixes, PUBG should be back up and running, just how the game should be in no time at all!

Go Through the Settings

Found in the settings menu on your affected Android device, you’re going to need to enable a certain setting to hopefully get the game back. Be mindful, though, that not all Android devices are going to have the same settings or menus, so the following instructions won’t be exactly the same for all.For the most part, though, it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow along for anyone used to their own Android device.

  1. With your device, locate the Settings application on your mobile device. It will most likely be on the initial page of your device. Go through the various menus until you come across something that’s labelled “Apps” or possibly even “Applications.” The name of the correct option will be under a name that’s similar to that, as it will show all of your installed apps.
  2. Now that you’re on this section, scroll through the list of applications and games that you have installed until you come across PUBG Mobile. Providing that you still have the game installed, it should appear in alphabetical order, so the game shouldn’t be too hard to locate.
  3. Search through PUBG Mobile’s personal settings until you find a section that is listed “App Permissions.” When you’re there, look for the option labelled as “Storage” and make sure it is considered turned on in the menu. After that’s done, it should be the final step and the game should be up and running for you for good, hopefully.

After you’ve done all of that, exit out of the Settings app and open up PUBG Mobile. In about 60 seconds, the game should be up and running again and should be back to normal; just like the first time you had ever played it.

Try a Different Device (If Available)

Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily a fix everyone can put into practice, due to the fact it requires you to own another Android device that can run PUBG Mobile without any problems or concerns. It certainly isn’t the most ideal situation, but if you’ve got the ability to try it, then give it a go.In the case where you do have more than one Android device, regardless of what it is - give the game a go on that other device. Sometimes the issue isn’t necessarily with the game itself and can be linked to the device itself. Some people have reported having issues primarily with their Lenovo mobile devices, but were able to get it working just fine on a Samsung related device.By any chance that you give the game a go on some other devices, all of which are from different brands and the problem still manages to persist, the earnest might just be on the developers after all because of a recent update. In which case, it might be worth just biding your time and waiting for a couple of hours or days to see if a recent update or fix is uploaded to the Play Store. Hopefully that should cure what ails you.

Re-Download PUBG Mobile:

Ideally, this is one of, if not the last step you’re going to want to do in an attempt to fix the XAPK file validation error. With XAPK errors in general being a result of a missing file or a corrupted, incomplete download, the only real way to fix it is through a clean install. Unlike on PC where you would be able to validate the files to ensure that they were all there, PUBG Mobile sadly does not have that option.When uninstalling and then reinstalling your game, it’s recommended to uninstall the game completely first and foremost. After the download is complete, turn off your device and then back on again, just to double-check that everything is cleaned up and properly removed.Once that’s done, head back into the Google Play Store and re-download PUBG Mobile; then you just simply have to wait until it’s all good and ready to play again. It may take a little while to get it fully downloaded, but considering it might end up fixing the problems with this error, it’s more than worth the wait.Unfortunately, re-downloading the game really is a last resort sort of option when it comes to games of such a size. The likelihood is that it isn’t going to be a particularly quick install, but hopefully by the time it’s done, it should more than do the trick.

Contact PUBG Mobile Support

In a last ditch effort to make sure the game works as it should, it might end up being worthwhile to give the PUBG Mobile support team a few questions to try and sort the problem out on their end.They’re the developers: who knows the game better than the creators of it in the first place?

  1. Make your way over to the PUBG Mobile support website, also referred to as “helpshift.” On that site, in the upper-right corner of the website will be a big red button that reads “Contact.” That’s where you’re going to want to click on.
  2. By clicking on that button, it will open up a separate form inside of the website for you to fill in all of your necessary information to answer the questions in the first place. The form will ask for your email address, PUBG Mobile nickname, the platform you play on, the issues you’re having, and will also ask you to describe the problem you’ve been having.
  3. Make sure you provide as much detail as you can in the support ticket, along with the model and device that you’re using, including the OS. This will be able to give them an accurate support ticket; that with any luck will help solve the issues you’ve been having with the game.
  4. An added extra can be to upload a screenshot of the problem you’ve been having as well, just to reiterate your concerns with the game as of right now.

There’s no way to confirm how quick or slow they’re going to get back to you, but within less than a few hours or days, you’ll have the answer and will be back to beating your opponents in no time!In conclusion, there are several different ways you can hopefully get your favourite game on mobile back up and running, all without that pesky error getting in the way any longer. The main fix that’s worth trying would be the first one, where you need to go through the settings menu to enable storage. This is considered the main fix for this error and is the one that many people have reported over the last 2 years as being the most successful.On the off chance that it doesn’t work for whatever reason, make sure you try all of the other options before you give in. You’d be surprised at just how effective they can be, providing you give them enough of a shot to begin with.Through the use of some, if not all of these fixes, you’ll be back at your best before you even know it!