What is the Average Player Age in Genshin Impact? [Age Distribution]

Even though the game is tagged PEGI 12, Genshin Impact is widely enjoyed by a diverse demographic, which begs the question about its average player age.
What is the Average Player Age in Genshin Impact? [Age Distribution]

Genshin Impact is one of the most widely played games in the world currently. Since its launch in 2020, Genshin Impact has successfully received over 85 million downloads worldwide. It is one of the most popular games to consume as entertainment, with popular YouTubers and steamers who amass millions of views regularly.

The game is available for free on all platforms - you can get it from the PlayStation store and play it on steam. It is also a mobile game and enjoys widespread usage across phones worldwide. The game’s immense success can be attributed to its appeal to the anime/manga community, fans of immersive JRPGs, and open-world exploration-style games.

With all these factors coming together, it’s not hard to see that the game would accumulate a large and diverse player base. So, today we will be looking at the average age and other demographics of the Genshin Impact community in order to better understand its diversity.

Minimum age to play Genshin Impact

The game has been given a rating of PEGI 12. This is because the game depicts non-realistic violence towards human-like enemies. This means that players under the age of 12 are recommended to play the game in the company of a parent or guardian figure. We think another reason for this is the existence of in-game transactions that should always be supervised by adults.

Age Rating

Thus, the majority of Genshin’s player base covers the spectrum of ages above 12.

Sources For Age Distribution in Genshin Impact

While we may never get completely accurate figures on this number, there have been a lot of surveys carried out in order to try and calculate the average age of Genshin Impact players.

Reddit Polls

A survey posted on Reddit by user u/TopProgrammatically conducted a survey with over 1600 participants from the official Genshin Impact Subreddit.

Most of the participants on this belong to North America, resulting in a bit of a biased sample size. This is especially true considering the fact that the majority of the Genshin Impact player base consists of Chinese players who do not frequent these forums.

Interestingly enough, there were a lot of comments from older users between the ages of 32-45 who would happily interact with these polls and disclose their ages. So a surprisingly large segment of older people is playing Genshin Impact, contrary to popular belief.

Age Range


< 12


12 - 14


14 - 17


18 - 21


21 - 29




Sensor Tower Survey

Sensor Tower is a company that digitally analyzes market trends and demographics with the use of advanced data processing and artificial intelligence.

Their research also includes non-Western regions such as China and considers the player age for a much larger and diverse sample size.


With their research complete, they published statistics stating that around 27% of the player base for Genshin Impact is under 25 years old.

On the other hand, they calculated the final average age for the majority of Genshin Impact players to be around 35 years old. This is a really interesting number as it is generally above what we would expect the average age to be. This may partially be due to a different culture in China regarding the type of people who play Genshin Impact.


What's the Average Age of Players in Genshin Impact

If we were to attempt an average between the values calculated between both major regions of the Genshin Impact player base, we would reach a number around the age of 28 years old as the average age of Genshin Impact players across the world.

But how did we arrive at this answer? So, comparing the two primary pieces of data we have available, we would say that the average age of players in Genshin Impact for the North American and European regions is around 25 years old. It's important to preface that this number may be slightly biased towards a particular segment of gamers who frequent Reddit forums for Genshin Impact and generally belong to a specific age group.

However, when we put the Chinese region into the mix, this average age goes up much higher and reaches 35 years old. This new higher average age might be more indicative of the truth, considering that the Chinese make up a substantial segment of the overall Genshin Impact population. After all, miHoYo is a Chinese company that has most certainly expended extra funds towards advertising their game to their local population.

Gender Distribution in Genshin Impact

With the average age of a player in Genshin Impact in mind, one cannot simply complete the picture by saying "28-year-old males" are the focal point of Genshin Impact's community. This is where understanding the player base's gender distribution becomes more relevant if you want to take one step further in this entire statistical analysis. The source for this data is yet again Sensor Tower which we mentioned earlier in the article.

Surprisingly enough, the gender distribution in Genshin Impact is quite different compared to most games. Admittedly, we're conditioned to think that games tend to have a male-dominated player base. However, in the case of Genshin Impact, this gender ratio is much more balanced, perhaps due to how the medium of Japanese entertainment is appealing to both genders.

According to Sensor Tower, around 55% of Genshin impact players are male. The remaining 45% of players are female.

Gender Distribution

This may have to do with the well-rounded cast of Genshin Impact, which provides both interesting male Genshin characters and female Genshin characters with unique and distinct designs. The game also allows a lot of freedom and styles of play both for players who like to relax and for those who enjoy hectic combat. In this way, the game is able to attract a large and very diverse audience.

We hope these insights into the demographics of Genshin Impact were informative for all of you - even though the game is rated PEGI 12, there's no shame in being more than twice that age while still appreciating it. In fact, Genshin Impact seems to be in a very unique position compared to other games where it is able to attract people of all ages and genders from across the world. We’re very interested to see what the team at HoyoLabs will do from here and how they will continue to expand their popularity.

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