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Genshin Impact PC vs Mobile Differences (Which Is Your Pick?)

Genshin Impact is available on multiple platforms, PCs and mobile devices being the most used ones. But here are some differences that you should check out.
Genshin Impact PC vs Mobile Differences (Which Is Your Pick?)

Genshin Impact is a game that is available on multiple platforms varying from Playstation to Androids. This availability has made it very popular among the diverse player base. Although the majority of the gaming experience on the devices stays the same, there are some key differences between mobile and PC players' experiences. Let's take a look at them.

Downloading and InstallingNeeds less space and can be downloaded from google play store or apple app storeRequires more space and can be downloaded from the official website
Game ControlsLess smooth game controls and less precisionSmoother game controls with more precision
GraphicsLow resolution graphics but graphic settings presentHigh resolution graphics and graphic settings present
Best Device Best if you desire to play anytime, anywhere. Best if you prioritize smoother game controls and better graphics

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Downloading the PC version vs the mobile version of the game

The biggest difference is probably between the downloading procedures on both devices. To install Genshin Impact on your PC, you can simply head to the official website of the game and download it. On the other hand, to download the game on your mobile device you much have an active google play store or apple app store account.

Downloading Genshin Impact on PC
Downloading Genshin Impact on PC

There is also an obvious difference between the download space on both devices. Before getting the game check if you have enough download space for Genshin Impact on your device.

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Game controls on PCs vs mobile devices

Another major difference is the navigation and controls of the game on both devices. For the most part, the game performs well on all devices.
On PC, players have keyboard keys and a mouse for a more organized gaming experience, while mobile users have to rely on screen control for everything, which often gives rise to lags here and there.

Genshin ImpactDiona Aiming Bow
Genshin ImpactDiona Aiming Bow

Mobile players might also find it hard to aim with precision in the game when using bow characters like Ganyu or holding the elemental skills for characters like Jean. While mobile players have to rapidly tap on the screens and sometimes fingers cover the aiming area, PC players can use the keys and mouse simultaneously for smoother game controls while having a full view of their screen.

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Graphics on PC vs mobile

Usually, the game visuals are a lot more eye-pleasing on PC or console versions when compared to the mobile version of the game. However, mobile gaming happens on a much smaller screen and hence not many players are bothered by the low resolution.

Genshin Impact graphics settings
Genshin Impact graphics settings

In addition to that, there is an option to change the graphics settings among both PC and mobile controls, so players can either increase or decrease the resolution according to their liking.

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Elemental burst attacks on PC version vs mobile versions

A big difference in the gameplay would be the Elemental burst usage. Mobile players have the luxury to use the Elemental burst attacks of entire party members, even when a character is switched out. This can't be done on a PC.

Raiden Shogun Elemental Burst
Raiden Shogun Elemental Burst

Can I switch my device?

To most players' delight, Genshin Impact does support the cross-save feature. This means you can easily switch your devices anytime you want, regardless of how much progress you've made in the game. You can easily transfer your Genshin Impact progress to PC, Mobile, PS4, or PS5 by using the cross-save feature. For transferring you won't have to create a new account and can continue playing on the same account.

What device is best to play Genshin Impact?

Although a mobile can be carried almost anywhere and gives you the luxury to play anywhere at any time, playing on PC or PlayStation is preferred by many players due to easier game controls and better graphics. The PC version offers a more crisp and smooth gaming experience when compared to mobile, and console versions are a close second.
The PC provides a better gaming experience but mobile is easily accessible for playing anywhere. Both devices have their advantages and it's completely up to you to pick the one that suits your needs and playstyle. Both versions offer the exact same content so you'll be all caught up with the world of Teyvat regardless of what device you use.

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