All You Need To Know: PUBG Hacks and Cheating

If you’re a long time player of PUBG or any online game for that matter, you’ll probably be aware of the presence of hackers and cheaters. These are players that will use any nefarious method, a glitch in the system or illegal software as a means to get ahead of the competition. This is often to the detriment of players who follow the rules and play the game as intended. More often than not, these players are left powerless to stop the onslaught from these seemingly invincible opponents and needless to say, this causes a great deal of frustration for just about anyone that isn’t the one cheating.This has been a major concern for Bluehole and indeed the PUBG community as they aim to maintain a sense of decorum and fairness within their online community.

This balance has been achieved to date with the developers installing a merit system within the game to help players police themselves whilst also using an anti-cheating system that issues bans and suspensions to player accounts. However, despite these steps to make PUBG a cheater free zone, the issue still remains a key issue for its players to deal with.The simple fact of the matter is that although developers will always strive to eradicate cheating, there will always be a select few who aim to spoil the fun for others. So the best way to combat this behaviour is to make yourself aware of the various types of cheaters and learn the ways that you can report the behaviour. We are advocates for fair and honest online gaming and for that reason we have put together a guide on all things cheating on PUBG so you can educate yourself and be prepared for those nefarious players.So here is all you need to know about PUBG hacks and cheats.

Types of cheating in PUBG

While you may think that cheating is pretty straightforward, it can actually come in many different forms. Within the PUBG community, the cheating that you are most likely to encounter relate to mods and software that auto aim for the player, make the player much faster than normal, or allow players to see through solid surfaces. Each provides an advantage that makes defeating these players near impossible. Here is a rundown on each type of cheat or hack you’ll see within PUBG.


First up we have aiming hacks more commonly known as aimbots. This is a common hack that will often be found in all FPS online titles. This hack takes control of the players aim when firing a shot, lining it up to ensure that, as long as there is a clear line of sight with no obstruction, that the shot will land perfectly. This often allows players to land ridiculous shots from across the map and turn at breakneck speeds to fire shots akin to the eagle eye mechanic in Red Dead Redemption.This hack is often coupled with another cheating mechanism that will tell the player when they have a clear shot at a target from their current position. Which means that as long as the player presses fire, they will have dealt damage or killed their opponent with no skill or effort required. The only positive to falling victim to one of these players is that the kill cam will allow you to see their gameplay first hand and most of the time, it’s very obvious that they are using the hack. Which means you can report them with a great deal of certainty that you’ve been wronged. So if you think someone landed an impossible shot, be sure to check if it was skill or hacks that allowed them to kill you.

Wall Hacks

Next, we have wallhacks. This is a means of cheating within PUBG that is much more subtle than most other methods. What this allows the player to do is see through solid structures and gain information on the enemies exact whereabouts. For anyone who is an experienced PUBG player, you will know first hand how important stealth and hiding can be within an intense game. So when the enemy knows exactly where you are and can get the drop on you with ease, it really puts you on the back foot.This method uses UI tweaks not unlike what colour blind settings look like to seek out players within your vicinity. Then the outline of the player will light up as if you’re wearing heat-seeking goggles and leaving you an easy target. This method can be much harder to spot and report due to its quite subtle nature. Many players who use this will argue that game audio and map knowledge lead them to finding and dispatching you and often, there will not be enough evidence to support a ban. So keep your eyes peeled for wall hackers because they already know where you are.

Speed hacks

While a skilled hacker can use speed boosts to their advantage, this cheating method is more of a fun novelty than a rage-inducing hack. This cheating method allows players to move at alarming speeds, meaning that they can hop from one side of the map to the other in seconds flat. So don’t expect to get a shot on them unless they are AFK. You’ll often see these players rushing from key area to key area of the map dispatching enemies before they even have time to register that they are there.While this method is effective in the early stages of the game for racking up cheap kills, as the game progresses, the hacker will struggle to stay within the confines of the circle and will often kill themselves with a false movement outside the safe zone. Not to mention that this method is just about the most obvious form of cheating you’re likely to see. It is very apparent that someone is using this method when they begin rubber-banding across the map or barrelling through the air on a motorbike. So be sure to report them and they won’t be troubling anyone else.

Recoil Macros

This method is rather similar to aimbots but much more subtle and therefore harder to detect. This relates to the recoil that you will encounter when you fire a gun within PUBG. Each gun has its own individual recoil script and players have to learn how to manage the recoil through burst shots and re-aiming shots when needed. However, with this hack the player simply has to aim the crosshair where they want the bullet to go and the macro will account for all the recoil present, ensuring an accurate shot.Of course, this doesn’t ensure that the player will aim the shot perfectly as an aimbot will. However, it will provide a much more consistent level of accuracy that is often unwarranted for the player’s skill level. Sadly, the use of this method is hard to prove due to players being able to argue their proficiency with various gun types. So you’ll have to be eagle eyed to catch one of these sneaky hackers.

Insta kill

There have also been players that have been able to alter their damage output, allowing them to dispatch players in a single hit. While this is possible with various guns, especially with a headshot, this cheat allows you to do so with any weapon no matter what health or armour your opponent is wearing. So if you fire an accurate shot with a pistol from 150m and hit a players leg, with this hack installed, that’s a fatal blow.This can be a tricky one to spot depending on the gun the player is using and the context of the kill. So if you suspect that a player is using this method, take note of your health at the point of contact, look up the stats for the gun they used and check to see if a single bullet could have possibly taken you out in that scenario. If not, then be sure to report this player. We all loved the golden gun in Goldeneye 64 but it’s not as fun when you don’t get to wield it.

Other Notable Hacks

There are such a variety of cheating methods out there of varying levels of subtlety. So you can only imagine the uphill battle that the developers must face when trying to maintain balance within the game. Other notable cheats include the ability to turn off footprints, making it harder to track players, hacks that aim headshots for you specifically, hacks that drastically reduce aiming times or hacks that even prevent the player from being subject to bans for hacking. With so many game altering cheats out there it can be easy to feel dejected when playing PUBG. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you keep the PUBG community cheat free.

How do I report Cheaters Within PUBG?

If you play PUBG regularly, it’s almost certain that you will come across a cheating player every so often. While this is a pain, it is one that we all have to endure at some point. However, there is always a procedure you can follow to take action against those that have wronged you or other players and that is in the form of reporting cheaters. This is a simple process that will allow you to seek justice when you have been unfairly dumped out of a game.Here is a quick guide on how to report a player in PUBG.

Reporting Players in-game

  1. When playing an online match, hover above the cheating players name in the lobby and click on their name.
  2. This will open a drop-down menu. From this menu, select ‘report’.
  3. This will open a further drop-down menu with a list of suspicions. Select the one that closest fits what occurred and click report.

*This relates to both PC and console players.

Reporting players after the game

  1. When the game ends and you are in the main menu, open the invite tab and find the player you recently played with who was cheating, then select their name.
  2. This will open a drop-down menu. From this menu, select ‘report’.
  3. This will open a further drop-down menu with a list of suspicions. Select the one that closest fits what occurred and click report.

*This relates to both PC and console players.

How to report a player on the official PUBG website

  1. Head over to the official PUBG website and navigate to the PUBG support centre, then select your platform of choice.
  2. This will bring you to the support page. Scroll to the bottom of this page and then select ‘submit a ticket’.
  3. This will give you a form to fill out and send to the PUBG support team. Be sure to provide the following information:> Your Game Nickname> Nickname of the user you are reporting> Time/Date of the incident> Description of the incident
  4. Once you have given all the required information, click submit and within 15 days you will have a response on the outcome of your report.

How to report on Mobile

  1. Launch PUBG mobile on your device and get yourself to the main menu screen.
  2. Once on the main menu, tap on the invite tab and then look up the recent players encountered.
  3. Tap on the cheating players ID and then tap on the triangle icon near the events icon in the bottom right corner.
  4. This will open a drop-down menu with a list of suspicions. Select the one that closest fits what occurred and click submit.

Play fair, be aware

As we mentioned, it is pretty much impossible to completely eradicate cheating in any online game. However, it’s important to educate yourself in all things cheating so you can spot it and report it. If you do this we all move one step closer to a cheat-free PUBG community. Cheaters and hackers are constantly working to make more intelligent and advanced systems that bypass PUBG’s anti-cheating system and are much harder to detect.So stay alert and protect your fellow players by cleaning up the servers and making PUBG a better place.So that’s our rundown on cheating within PUBG. Were you aware of all the cheating methods listed here? What’s the worst piece of cheating that you’re seen in a PUBG match? Have you ever reported a player and successfully got them banned? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thanks for reading The Global Gaming.