What is the difference between damage and hit points in PUBG

In PUBG, the reward for your performance is calculated based on your placement, your kill count, your hit points and your rank points. This all seems pretty straightforward aside from one key aspect. You may be thinking, aren’t hit points the same as health? So if you got 100 hit points in a match, you would have caused 100 points of damage. Yet you managed to get over ten kills so that doesn’t make sense. What we are getting at, is that this concept is a little more complex that one might think. So we are here to give you the rundown on hit points and damage within PUBG.

What is Damage in PUBG?

Thankfully, the damage system is a pretty straightforward metric to get your head around. If a player has 100 points of health and you kill this player on your own with no outside help, then you have inflicted 100 points of damage. It’s that simple.Shooting different areas of the body will deal varying levels of damage, as will different weapon types. However, the key thing to remember is that damage is equivalent to the amount of health that you cause an opposing player to lose through your actions.

What are hit points in PUBG?

This is where it gets a little more tricky. Hit points are slightly different from damage. You obtain these through dealing damage to opponents but they are calculated in a different way. This is very depending on the game mode you are playing and what percentage of health that you take from the opposing player. The best way to try and represent this is as shown below :If a player deals 100 points of damage and knocks down an enemy the amount of hit points earned are as follows:

  • Squad : 10 hit points
  • Duos: 15 hit points
  • Solo: 20 hit points

If the enemy player is not at full health and you kill them, this then takes the percentage of the health you depleted and converts this to hit points. For example, if you kill someone at 50% health in solo, you will receive 10 hit points for this kill.It is also speculated that if the enemy player is wearing armour, you may gain more hit points through shooting at their armour to kill them, rather than going for a more efficient headshot. This would make sense due to the increased relative damage that you’re dealing as a whole but there is no source that can confirm this theory.

What are kill points in PUBG?

So with the hit point knowledge in mind, kill points are pretty simple. Let’s take a solo game as an example. For a hit point you will have to deal 5 damage for one hit point as we established earlier. However, to gain 20 kill points in this mode, you simply have to deal damage that leads to a kill. So in reality, you can deal 5 damage to your opponent and knock them down and this will grant you a full twenty kill points. Essentially, this is a stat that rewards the player for getting knockdowns and finishing off the opposition. Here’s a little visual if you still aren’t following;

  • One kill in solo = 20 kill points
  • One kill in duos = 15 kill points
  • One kill in squads = 10 kill points

Now that’s a lot of damage!

The difference between damage and hit points in PUBG can be seen as a strange and alien concept to many. However, when you know how the system works, it makes perfect sense. It’s a way for the game to reward players for dealing damage without getting the final shot, working rather similarly to the assist system in Call of Duty.Hit points are a great tool to boost your overall rewards at the end of games and show just how helpful you were to your team, even if you didn’t get a kill. So with this, you can prove that you weren’t carried through games and were dealing tonnes of damage. So now that you know how it works, get out there, deal some damage and rack up some hit points. Though, do try and get a kill or two as well.