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The Hottest and Sexiest Characters In Genshin Impact

The brightest stars of Teyvat have finally descended! Introducing Genshin Impact’s hottest, sexiest and most attractive characters that bedazzle the battlefield

Updated on Oct 12, 2022
The Hottest and Sexiest Characters In Genshin Impact

Smoking hot guys and sexy, seductive ladies, what more can you ask for? Here, we will present the hottest sexiest characters Genshin Impact has to offer. Well, buckle up and get ready as we browse through the best looking characters that Genshin Impact has to offer!

1 /10

Electrifying Librarian Lisa

The classic sexy librarian appearance with witch elements, Lisa is a perfect fictional character made as a smoking hot Genshin Impact character. Her seductive voice only fixates you into playing her all the time.

A big highlight of Lisa would be her Japanese voice actor. Genshin Impact's community recognizes Lisa to have one of the sexiest voice lines, making gamers go mad from just hearing her voice.

Lucky for us, all Genshin Impact players receive Lisa at the start of the game, allowing us to enjoy playing her. Visit her in the knights of Favonius' library to have a chat with her!

2 /10

Crux Captain Beidou

Starting off the list for hottest Genshin Impact characters is none other than the Pirate Captain Beidou. Her deep sultry voice gives her a strong-willed aura, making a person who's definitely fit to command a fleet of pirates in a confident manner.

Within the Genshin Impact community, many like to pair up Beidou with Ningguang. On top of that, Genshin Impact has also produced art of the two together, making them an iconic pair of the Genshin Impact universe.

In a hot red dress, Beidou storms into the battlefield, wielding her mighty claymore with an electro vision. Her long hair sways in motion like the ocean waves as she's talking straight about what she thinks and feels at the moment.

3 /10

Jade Chamber Ningguang

The other half of Liyue's iconic mommy duo, Ningguang of the Jade Chamber. She possesses a soft voice that is alluring. With long, silky, white hair, Ningguang wears a white slit dress that hugs her curvy figure, topped with gold ornaments and embroidery to emphasize her wealth.

As the Tianquan (High Leader) of the Qixing (governing body of Liyue), many people look up to Lady Ningguang. She appears often in many of Liyue's local celebrations, such as the Lantern Rite and Moonchase Festivals, so there are many opportunities to admire her beauty from up close and afar.

Being the first geo catalyst, Ningguang bombards her enemies with projectiles of gems. Her skill is similar to other characters in the Geo family - summoning a geo structure that blocks projectiles and boosts geo damage.

4 /10

Darknight Hero Diluc

As the name suggests, Diluc has an alter ego, patrolling the city of Mondstadt. In combat, you can see the ex-knights of Favonius' cavalry captain's confidence shine in combat. With a calm, collected look, the only thing enemies remember before the end of their time is the red hair that glows in the dark of night.

Diluc might have had a horrible childhood, as seen in the Genshin Impact web comics. This may be a reason why his in-game character design always portrays a serious expression, never letting his guard down.

The knights of Favonius have labeled the Darknight Hero a bad guy despite all he has done for Mondstadt. Nevertheless, Diluc continues to hunt all evil - especially the Abyss Order - that may disrupt the peace in the city of Mondstadt.

5 /10

Cold Sister Rosaria

The seventh of the hottest Genshin Impact characters is Rosaria, nun from the Church of Favonius. Her most prominent, attractive quality would be her plump breasts that compliment her sexy physique.

Many Mondstadt citizens would have never known that Rosaria is associated with the Church of Favonius if it weren't for her outfit. Even so, her icy personality and cold words adds much of a mysterious side to sister Rosaria.

Possessing a cryo vision, Rosaria fights off instigators with a polearm. She continuously proves players and other characters to be an amazing support, providing teams with additional buffs that increase damage, and also sexy looks that keep you entertained.

6 /10

Valley Orchid Yelan

Liyue's intelligence agent Yelan fishes sixth place on the Genshin Impact hottest characters list. From just their looks, Yelan already intimidates the other party, rendering them on their toes. There's just more than needs the eye when facing her.

Yelan wears a white fur coat on her back, while exposing her bare chest up in front. She flaunts her eye-catching beauty spot at the corner of her busts. However, be wary around her as she is more attentive and intelligent than the average person.

Yelan comes in as one of the hottest characters both in terms of appearance and utility in Genshin Impact. The set of abilities she brings to the team are just too valuable for anyone to miss, so make sure not to miss her!

7 /10

Crimson Oni Arataki Itto

"Arataki 'Numero Uno' Itto, here in the flesh!" Next on the hottest Genshin Impactcharacters list, we have Inazuma's Arataki Gang Leader, Arataki Itto. Full of self assurance, Arataki Itto's buff figure does speak for his superhuman strength. So far, his character design is the first of its kind to have a bare top, so players can admire his muscular body.

Speaking aside from his attractive body, Arataki Itto is definitely one of the funniest characters in Genshin Impact. To know more about his past, you should probably give Genshin Impact and their unique storylines a go.

Arataki Itto's spiky, white hair rocks the stage as he swings his claymore violently at his enemies. He may be tricky to maneuver at first, but once you get the hang of him, he may be one of the best DPS playable characters in Genshin Impact.

8 /10

Eternal Lightning Raiden Shogun

Electro Archon Raiden Shogun, or also known as Ei, is the ruler of the Inazuma region. In a revealing, short purple dress, Raiden Shogun stands strong and firm about her perspective of eternity. However, does her supposedly unwavering stance erode when the traveler meets her?

You can imagine the sheer effort the voice actors and Hoyoverse put in when creating Raiden Shogun's character designs. Her dual persona's, Japanese-inspired purple outfit, all of these intricate characteristics are all expertly detailed, crafted to perfection.

The Raiden Shogun is definitely one of the most powerful and versatile characters that can show big damage numbers on your screen. Her iconic burst animation is a must-watch showstopper, simply annihilating all that stands in front of her. On a side note, you should introduce to her the modern Teyvat over some of her favorite misty green tea.

9 /10

Immovable Force Tartaglia

Tartaglia, or also well-known for his codename "Childe", places third amongst the hottest Genshin Impact characters. He is the Eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers, yet be very cautious, because he is known to be one of the most dangerous and volatile members of the harbingers.

Wavy hair with blue eyes, Tartaglia is definitely charming to one's eye. He is a family man that would do everything it takes to make his family happy and well. Just make sure that you do not get on his bad side.

Tartaglia is a unique Genshin Impact character, where his elemental skill allows him to change his fighting style. With a hydro vision, he soaks enemies relentlessly. Perhaps you may want to experience some of his flirtatious moments in game if you have not tried Genshin Impact!

10 /10

Rex Lapis Zhongli

Geo Archon Zhongli, also known as "Morax", is the oldest living archon out of the current seven that roam Teyvat. Zhongli has golden, piercing eyes that mirror buttery honey. Currently, he has a position in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as a consultant.

Zhongli's outfit pairs perfectly with his sturdy, slender figure - he looks as if he rules Liyue, but in reality he does not. His deep voice resonates around the battlefield, making him a popular playable character.

The Geo Archon is recognized as the best shield character provider in Genshin Impact. That being mentioned, make sure you save enough primogems so you can wish for your anime daddy to come home.

How was it looking at all these attractive people? We hope that this hottest Genshin Impact characters list has helped you choose your favorite Genshin Impact characters. If you are still looking for a character, take a fuller look at our list of dashing attractive men and charming women of Genshin Impact!
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