How To Find Your Coordinates in Rust (Longitude & Latitude)

We will examine in this article what are the best ways to quickly find our coordinates in Rust.
How To Find Your Coordinates in Rust (Longitude & Latitude)

Sometimes it can be hard to find your way around this huge game map, or if you just want to save a good base location or, the coordinates of the bases you are going to raid, then you are in the right place.

There are two different ways to find our latitude and longitude in Rust.

Method #1: How to Find Your Latitude and Longitude with External Website

  1. Enter the

  2. Type the name of the server you are playing on in the search field and click on it.

  3. On the map of the server, click where you want to know the longitude and latitude.

Method #2: How to Find Your Latitude and Longitude with In-Game Console

  1. Enter the game.

  2. Navigate to the place you want to know Latitude and Longitude.

  3. Open the console by pressing "F1" and use the "printpos" command.

That's how easy it is to find your location in Rust.

Importance of Knowing Rust Latitude and Longitude

The Rust map can be quite large and sometimes you might want to remember where you store your stash or the longitude and latitude of your base location. Knowing about the map will always take you one step further, and if you learn how to find the exact latitude and longitude of your location in Rust, it can be much more useful for you.

For example, think about it, in Rust everyone usually hides their stashes near their sleeping bag or on the edge of a cliff so that they are easy to find again.

Another example is when you are in a gunfight with a group in the middle of the sea and you realize that you are going to die, you send all your items to the bottom of the ocean and you immediately save your longitude and latitude, so you can come back and get your precious items again.

But if you master your knowledge about the location, and understand how important latitude and longitude are in Rust, you can easily find your stash even if you hide it in an empty field with nothing next to it.

The Rust map shows us many things visually, but we cannot put more than one mark. When you know how coordinates are taken in the game, you can save the coordinates of your stashes or save the coordinates of the bases you will raid, the rest is up to your imagination.

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