(Solved) How to Change Character's Gender in Rust Easily

Is it possible to change characters in Rust? If yes, find out how.
(Solved) How to Change Character's Gender in Rust Easily

While there used to be only male character models in the Rust game, later female character models and different skin tones were added.

Gary Newman then randomized the character's appearance and gender based on Steam ID. Thus the change in gender has never been allowed in the game and is not being considered anytime soon. because he didn't want 80% of the game to be a character creation screen and didn't think it would detract from the enjoyment of the game. Gabe Newman desired character system was to create a random wholly balanced player crowd.

Garry Newman also said, "We were also talking about how much we hate it when players are recognized by the names that are floating above their heads. How, in an ideal world, players would be recognizable by what they look like. And this would be consistent and follow them around permanently."

And he added by saying "You are who you are. Before we added different races and genders, you played as a bald white guy--you never had a choice. So we're not taking a choice away from the player, we're just adding more variety to the player models."

How to Change Character In-Game Rust

In short, it is not possible to change your character or change gender even character customization isn't possible in Rust which is connected to your steam for now.

This means that there is a character pool in Rust and the player does not have the right to access and choose from this character pool. So it is not possible to choose the desired character or change gender in Rust.

Therefore, character customization is not possible either, our characters are connected to our steam, or rather to our steam account ID. So you can't change your character unless you buy Rust on a completely new steam account.

How to Change Genders or Character with Launch Options in Rust

With this method, you can change your gender or race. By using launch options and following codes with this method, we will be able to change our gender without using new steam accounts, there will be no random character.

  1. First, let's make sure we have backed up Rust's files.
  2. Then go to your Steam Profile.
  3. Go to Edit Profile.
  4. Go to My Privacy Settings and if your profile is not Public, change it.
  5. Make sure Rust is running in Administrator mode and go to Steam Library
  6. Right-click on Rust and select properties.
  7. Navigate to launch options.

Here we can change our gender, color, genitalia, breast size, and hairstyle. We can change our attributes in these categories, but if you use two codes from the same category Rust will most likely crash.


  • Female: -gdr20f
  • Male: -gdr20m


  • Asian: -rc_asn
  • Heavy Black: -rcB_high
  • Low Black: -rcB_low
  • Heavy White: -rcW_high
  • Low White: -rcW_low

Genitalia/Breast Size:

  • Size 3 (large): -sz6l
  • Size 2 (medium): –sz6m
  • Size 1 (smallest): -sz6s


  • Hair style1: -rcH_1
  • Hair style2: -rcH_2
  • Hair style3: -rcH_3
  • Hair style4: -rcH_4
  • Hair style5: -rcH_5

While many players have confirmed that this method works, this character change method is unofficial and is achieved by tweaking the game's settings. It can corrupt your game, so be sure to back up your game files. 

Will a character creation interface come to Rust in the near future? Will we be able to change character gender in Rust? The answer to the questions is currently no.

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