How to change names and appearance in PUBG mobile

PUBG has been a sensational release and it's only natural that PUBG Mobile had the same level of response and popularity. When launching the game for the first time, we get to assign a name and avatar to the account. During the early days of PUBG Mobile release, there was no way to change either of those things but the developers have been listening. With Season 12 for PUBG Mobile comes the ability to re-name yourself and also change your appearance.However, changing these things does require a consumable called a Rename Card. It's not currently possible to modify either of those in PUBG Mobile without using the special consumable. This means if you want to have a different name for an event or tournament, then you'll need multiple of them.

How to get a Rename Card

Collecting the Rename Card in PUBG Mobile isn't too complicated and users could spend some money at the in-game shop to purchase the items instead. However, it's possible to earn Rename Cards while playing PUBG Mobile thanks to missions and Crew Challenges.

Complete Missions

Missions from Level 1 to Level 10 will give you a Rename Card on completion so they are worth completing in PUBG. Completing these also provides other rewards such as RP so there are other incentives as well. The missions in PUBG are tasks for players to complete while playing the game such as landing on a roof multiple times or killing multiple enemies.If you've completed some missions already then you probably don't need to do any more than that. Just follow these instructions to find and use the Rename Card but if you find that the item isn't listed for you then you'll need to complete another Mission.

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile
  2. Go to the Inventory option on the PUBG home screen
  3. Scroll down to the list of coupons where there will be a "Rename Card" listed
  4. Click on this and then Use It
  5. Change your in-game name

Through Crew Challenges

While missions only give a limited number of PUBG Mobile Rename Cards, doing these crew challenges can provide an unlimited number of them. This is a competitive mode where players can form 'crews' where only teams of 4 are allowed to play. While there can be up to 6 players per crew, only 4 can play at a time.To earn a PUBG Mobile Rename Card, you need to have 200 Crew Points from this mode. Getting these points requires players to be active with getting kills, reviving teammates and more.

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile
  2. Go to the Crew option on the main screen
  3. There will be an option to get the Rename Card costing 200 Crew Points
  4. Click on it to exchange the points for the Rename Cards

Crew challenges can be played daily.

How to Change Names in PUGB Mobile

Once you've obtained a PUBG Rename Card then you just need to use it. Doing so is simple but some players might have trouble at first since it might not be obvious but this method does work. It might be due to the “Use” button not being very obvious.

  1. Confirm you have a PUBG Rename Card in your inventory
  2. Tap the card
  3. Select Use
  4. Add a new name
  5. Click OK

If problems do occur then closing and restarting the app should fix it, otherwise restarting the phone should fix this. Those two things are popular fixes to most mobile game problems. For resolution problems then switching to "Auto-Rotate" in your phone's settings could let you rotate the screen into a new position which could help.

How to Change Appearance in PUBG Mobile

To make any modifications to the appearance of your character, you'll need 3,000 BP to do this. It doesn't require a special item but collecting enough BP or Battle Points can take some time. PUBG Mobile BP is the main currency in the game and it is earned by playing the game and completing matches.Here are the ways to earn PUBG Mobile BP:

  • Complete Matches
  • Finish Missions
  • Log-in Daily
  • Gift or Receive BP from friends and others
  • Connect your Social Network Accounts to the game
  • Certain events give BP as rewards

Collecting enough PUBG Mobile BP will take quite some time if you only use one method, using a variety of methods is the best way to collect PUBG Mobile BP. Being a regularly active player will keep you generating BP daily even once all the missions have been completed. In the long-term, you'll be mostly playing matches, and taking part in events will be the best ways to continuously collect PUBG Mobile BP.BP can be used to change the appearance of an avatar in PUBG Mobile but it can also be used to purchase Soldier Crates.Changing names in PUBG Mobile seems a little awkward since it needs a Rename Card to be able to do this.Thankfully, it crosses over with changing appearance in PUBG Mobile since the needed items can both be earned from completing missions in the game.Newer players will be able to quickly get what they need with missions but older players will need to start doing crew challenges and use other methods to BP.PUBG Mobile customization requires some time dedication to the game. While the Rename Card can be bought from the in-game store, it's pretty easy to get in the game as well. Playing the game daily is the best way to get enough PUBG Mobile BP while playing crew challenges regularly too will ensure you change your name and appearance regularly.