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How To Eat in Genshin Impact? Everything You Need To Know About Food Items In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a variety of amazing dishes to cook and consume. Here's how to eat food in Genshin Impact and everything else you must know about it.
How To Eat in Genshin Impact? Everything You Need To Know About Food Items In Genshin Impact

The world of Teyvat harbors various diverse cultures and nations, and every country has a mouthwatering cuisine of its own. Genshin Impact offers unique dishes that are not just delicious but can also revive fallen characters, heal characters, increase stamina, and much more. Let's discover how to quickly consume food items and all there is to know about them.

How to eat food?

Once your delicious dishes are ready it's time to finally dig into them. To consume your dishes follow the instructions given below:

Food Inventory in Genshin Impact
Food Inventory in Genshin Impact
  1. Open your inventory by clicking on the little bag icon on your screen.
  2. Click on the food icon to see all the dishes you have made.
  3. Select the dish you want to feed to your character.
  4. Press on the 'Use' option.
  5. In case the dish you picked is a defense-increasing, stamina-elevating, etc kind of dish, it will be fed to your entire party at once. However, if your chosen dish is an HP recovery dish or a revival dish, select the character you want to feed it to.

Make a note that you can't open your inventory to feed your characters in the Spiral Abyss. If you want to survive the abyss you should put the effort into avoiding the worst team compositions and don't use some of the most useless weapons that Genshin Impact has to offer.

How to collect cooking ingredients?

Before cooking or consuming any food items you'll need to collect ingredients. It's very easy to gather ingredients. You can find some of them out in the wild while exploring like fish, raw meat, and berries while some items can only be brought from the local residents running a grocery shop in the main cities of a nation, milk and almonds are some of those items.

Apples in Genshin Impact
Apples in Genshin Impact

Remember some food items are a local specialty and can only be found in that nation's areas, for example, Harra fruits can only be found in Sumeru while pinecones, a more common ingredient can be found in all regions of Teyvat.
Also, keep in mind that there will be times when you might have to process some ingredients in Genshin Impact before using them in a dish.

How to cook food items?

Once you are done collecting ingredients, your next step should be to create a dish for your characters.

Cooking In Genshin Impact
Cooking In Genshin Impact

Here are the steps to make a great dish for your party members in Genshin Impact:-

  1. Find a cooking setup and approach it.
  2. Press on the cook, this will open the cooking menu.
  3. Click on the knife and fork button.
  4. Select the dish you would like to cook and make sure you have enough ingredients for it.
  5. Confirm the amount you would like to obtain for the certain dish.
  6. The cooking meter will appear on the screen if you haven't unlocked the autocook option for the dish. Stopping the button in different areas will result in different forms of the dish. A Delicious Dish is produced when you land on the orange area, a Regular Dish when you land on the yellow area, and a Suspicious Dish when you land on the grey area.
  7. Once you stop the meter in any area, you can obtain the cooked dish.

What is the purpose of the dishes?

Food items in Genshin Impact serve a very important purpose. They are there to revive characters and increase your characters' combat abilities. Cooking dishes can also be a part of your quests or unlock new achievements for you in the game. Food can come in handy in a lot of tight situations, especially when you are new in the game and a traveler's handy sword is probably the only weapon.

Following are the type of dishes you can prepare in Genshin Impact:-

  • Restorative dishes - These dishes bring back fallen characters and make them playable again. Examples- teyvat fried egg, steak.
  • HP recovery dish - These dishes have healing power and provide your characters with lost HP. Examples- Pita pockets, Mondstat Hash Browns
  • Stamina-increasing dishes - These dishes grant your more stamina, making your running, climbing, and swimming activities less hassle-free. Examples - Cream stew, Northern smoked chicken.
  • Combat abilities enhancing dishes - These dishes can increase your crit damage, crit rate, defense, and attack stats which greatly amplifies your party members' strength levels. Examples- Jade parcels, Jewelry soup.

How much can you feed a character?

You might have a lot of dishes but you can't actually feed them all to your characters at once. There is a limit to how much your character can eat at once. However, this rule only applies to hp recovery dishes and restorative dishes.
If you just brought a character back to life using a restorative dish, you can't immediately do that with another character and would have to wait for a few seconds.

Feeding characters in Genshin Impact
Feeding characters in Genshin Impact

Also, there is a little indicator icon below every character while you are feeding them recovery or restorative dishes. This icon shows how full a character is at the moment. If your character is completely full then, you can't feed them any more HP recovery dishes. 

On the other hand, you can feed your characters as many combat or stamina-enhancing dishes as you like, there is no limit to them. However, these dishes come it a set time limit, hence it is recommended you use them efficiently before their effect wears off.

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