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How to Fix Error Code 9907 Insufficient Storage Space - Genshin Impact [Solved]

A common sight for PC and mobile gamers alike. If you are clueless on how to make space, we got you - read more to find out how to fix this error!
How to Fix Error Code 9907 Insufficient Storage Space - Genshin Impact [Solved]

Let's cut straight to the point - Genshin Impact's animations and graphics are top-notch for a game that's free. But with better graphics quality, along with the thousands of voice lines in different languages that bring all the hottest characters to life, Genshin Impact takes up a lot of memory space.

Error 9907 Insufficient Storage Space

If you are using your working device to play Genshin Impact, you may have encountered the Insufficient Storage Space Error 9907 before. This means that the device that you are playing Genshin Impact on does not have enough memory in its system storage and that you have to free space in order to continue playing Genshin Impact.

To fix insufficient storage space, take a look at the methods below so you can update or install Genshin Impact!

Method #1: Remove Unused Installed Apps and Documents On Your Device

Since there are a few different platforms where you can play Genshin Impact, there will be different alternatives for you to safely remove your unused files. However, the main goal is to ensure that you can fit all the Genshin Impact files on your device so that you can enjoy the game. Take a look at how you can delete, or transfer your files so that you can make space for Genshin Impact on your device.

PCOpen your File Explorer and check for your Download or Documents folder to check for any unimportant files. If you believe that you will need these files in the future, you can transfer these files to foreign memory storage, such as a USB storage device or external hard drive. On the other hand, you can try online storage to deal with data management, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox.
Apple DevicesAside from having to manually delete applications and photographs, Apple Devices are supported by the iCloud data management system. If you are a mobile Genshin Impact player, you're lucky! This way, you can store valuable photographs on the cloud without having to worry too much about accidentally deleting important files or photos. On the other hand, you can also not worry about accidentally deleting saved data of other games on your phone as you can back them up onto iCloud.
Android DevicesAndroid device users can also enjoy Google's cloud management, similar to Apple's. This should allow you to allocate enough storage space for Genshin Impact. If it is not enough, you will have to proceed to manually clear data, such as unimportant images and applications - they are the main reasons why mobile devices easily run out of storage.

Because mobile technology is really powerful, you can now play performance-demanding games like Genshin Impact on the go. However, just note that you have to monitor your device's disk space.

You might also want to consider switching off the "Download In Background Feature" for Genshin Impact as although you think you have more than enough space for Genshin Impact, the version updates gradually take up a lot of memory space.

Method #2: Re-Installing Genshin Impact

Before you proceed with this method, make sure you have tried the first method, as complete reinstallation requires a lot of time.

Downloading Genshin Impact

You might have tried to re-initialize downloading Genshin Impact again, but you still encounter the same error code 9907. If this is the case, your next best bet is to quit Genshin Impact, delete the game, and start downloading the game again from its official website (or if you are on a mobile device, redownload Genshin Impact from their respective mobile's store, such as the App Store or the Play Store).

It is common to have game errors like the Insufficient Storage Space Error 9907, especially if you have many other games downloaded on your mobile device.

Method #3: Clearing Cache on Your C: Drive [PC]

You can learn how to remove your PC's data cache. If you have not cleared your cache in a while, you should consider doing so as there might be a few GBs worth of cookies and website links saved in your browser. Follow these simple steps to learn how to clear your computer's cache by yourself!

Clearing Cache on PC
  1. Click the Windows button (also called Start), and type "Disk Cleanup."
  2. Click Disk Cleanup when it appears in the search results.
  3. Click "Clean Up System Files" to remove any clutter files first. This is like a brief tap clear cache function. It will restart Disk Cleanup. Once it's up, you should not be able to see that option again.
  4. Now, check the box next to "Temporary files". It's best to just choose this option, however, if you know what you are doing, by all means, check the other boxes.
  5. Press "OK".

By trying out these three methods, you should be able to run Genshin Impact. Just make sure that you have already exited and relaunched the game before you attempt to re-download the contents of the game.

Mona Burst In Game

It's most likely that you will have just enough space for Genshin Impact, however, this very little memory space remaining after downloading Genshin Impact will probably cause cutscene lags, screen freezes, black screens, or the occasional missing audio, so make sure that your computer can sustain the game after making space for it!

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