How to Fix PUBG Lite Unavailable In My Region

Since the dawn of online gaming as we know it today, we have witnessed some truly amazing technological feats in our time. Feats that allow us to play with the masses in real-time, witness phenomenal visuals and take advantage of the most innovative mechanics produced to date. However, online gaming isn’t without its pitfalls. You’ll often be subject to choppy frame rates, slow connection speeds or technical hiccups, as is the life of an online gamer. On some occasions though, you may encounter errors that are due to no fault of your own and PUBG Lite is no different in this respect.

Why is PUBG Lite Unavailable in My Region?

The error that we are referring to is the ‘unavailable in your region’ error for PUBG Lite. This is an issue that occurs when a player tries to launch PUBG Lite. The system will suggest that the title is not available within the country that you are located and can lead to a frustrating time trying to figure out why this has occurred. This will often happen with this game even if it was working the day before without any issue and can be rather confusing.How to solve PUBG Lite Unavailable in My Region?While in some cases it may become unavailable in your country, most of the time this is an issue that can be resolved through altering your system settings. This error is often caused through a discrepancy between your systems time zone settings clashing with your actual location. This can be a scary message to receive but thankfully the potential fixes are easy to do. So here is a list of fixes that you can try to resolve this issue and get back to playing PUBG Lite

Alter Your Time Settings

  1. Begin by opening your start menu and in the search bar, type ‘change the time zone’.
  2. This will open the time settings for your PC. In this menu, be sure to toggle the options so that the PC automatically sets the time, time zone and daylight savings time.
  3. This should automatically fix any potential issues but to be sure, manually check which time zone that is selected and change if needed.
  4. Launch PUBG Lite and see if the issue persists.

Use a VPN

On some occasions, PUBG lite genuinely is unavailable in your region. This may be due to Bluehole’s change in policy or yourself moving to a new area. Either way, you’re going to need a way to bypass this restriction and get back on the battlefield. So here is a guide on how to use a VPN to do so. We will use market leader Nord VPN for this example.

  1. Launch NordVPN and enter your login credentials to gain access to the service.
  2. This will automatically link you to the strongest and closest server available. Simply disconnect from this server and select connect.
  3. This will show you a selection of worldwide servers that you can access. Simply select a server closest to your old location or a location you know will be acceptable and establish a connection.
  4. Launch PUBG Lite and see if the problem is resolved.

Disable Your VPN

While a VPN can be a great tool to surf the web anonymously and take advantage of artificial IPs all around the world, they can cause issues regarding how your system perceives your time zone. No matter what time you have set on your system, if your IP is based abroad, PUBG Lite may see this as a red flag and revoke your access to the game. So here is a quick guide on how to resolve this issue. Again, we will be using NordVPN for this example.

  1. Open the NordVPN tab and find the connection that you are currently accessing.
  2. This should have an option to disconnect from this secure connection and return to a normal Wifi connection. Once you are prepared to do so, press disconnect.
  3. Launch PUBG Lite and check if the issue has been fixed.

Update Windows

In some cases, the issue can occur due to your system not being updated to the newest version of the operating system. Thankfully, this is a particularly simple issue to fix. Here is a quick guide on how to update windows.

  1. Click the start button and open the settings menu.
  2. Once you open the settings menu, select the ‘Update and Security’ option.
  3. Once in this menu select ‘check for updates’. If any are available they will download automatically. Be sure to restart your PC so they can take effect.
  4. Launch PUBG Lite check to see if the problem has been solved.

Play Wherever you are

Whether you’re in a built-up city, rural countryside or a sleepy town by the river, you should have access to your favourite games. PUBG Lite may occasionally throw a curveball in your way but with these tips, you should be able to get yourself back into matchups and go in search of some chicken dinners with relative ease. We hope these guides solve your problems, wherever you are in the world.