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How to Get Cloth in Rust (Best Methods)

Cloths are a big part of survival in Rust, with cloths you can craft many vital items such as the Medical Syringe.

Published on Oct 02, 2022
How to Get Cloth in Rust (Best Methods)

Cloth is a very essential resource both at the beginning and at the end of the game. It allows you to craft important items like a sleeping bag and bow early in the game and many more crafting recipes later in the game.

There are several methods to obtain cloth, such as setting up a hemp farm, finding hemp fibers from grassy areas, harvesting cloth from animals, or cloth recycling.

Since it is not possible to craft cloth, it is an item that runs out quickly in the game, and it is also a much-needed item. Finding cloth and keeping the cycle going in constantly is very difficult.

Method #1: Find Hemp Fibers in Rust

Harvesting hemp fibers outside is crucial and they are found in grassy areas in Rust.

This method is more suitable for the early game because the clothes you collect from hemp fiber plants are only enough to make a bow and sleeping bag. You won't collect too many clothes with this method.

However, it is a good habit to pick hemp fiber plants you see outside, and throw sleeping bags around the base or in the areas where you live in general. But after some time the sleeping bags outside decay.

Method #2: Get Cloth with Recycling in Rust

Recycling in Rust is one of the most vital and important parts of the game, if you don't recycle you bounce around. To get cloth in Rust, one of the best items to recycle are rope and tarp for cloth.

To get cloth in Rust, you need to go on a component run. Sea loot, monument loot, just barrel farm, whatever you can think of.

Once you've looted enough and collected enough items to get cloth, you can recycle them in a safe area.

Method #3: Get Cloth with Hunting Animals in Rust

Gathering cloth from animals is another good way to get cloth.

Carrying a crossbow or a silencer with you when you leave the base will allow you to easily hunt the animals you see on the road and you will be able to meet your food and cloth needs.

In addition to cloth, you can get bone fragments, animal fat, and meat from animals.

You can make a bone knife with the bone fragments you collect from animals and harvest cloth faster.

You can also harvest animals with stone, but you will get much less material than with knives and hatchets.

Method #4: Get Cloth with Hemp Farm in Rust

Hemp farm is one of the best sources of livelihood in Rust. Both in terms of cloth and scrap.

You can make scrap with your cloth farm in Rust.

To get cloth in Rust with hemp farming you first need a few blueprints.

In short, here are the blueprints we need:

  • Wind Turbine

  • Root Combiner

  • Electrical Branch

  • Large Battery

  • Ceiling Light

  • Splitter

  • Water Pump

  • Fluid Switch & Pump

  • Fluid Combiner

  • Fluid Splitter

  • Water Barrel

Next, we will talk about building a 4x4 cloth farm base with 3 floors and 48 planter boxes in it, but before we get to that, let's talk a bit more about the preparations.

Preparations Before Setting Up Cloth Farm in Rust

Before we start our Cloth farm, we need plenty of hemp seed. We need to collect all the hemp plants we see outside and stock up on a lot of hemp seeds.

We will need a lot of hemp seeds from hemp plants first because we have to adjust the genes of our cloth plants to get the maximum yield from them. But this is a completely different and huge topic, so we won't go into it here.

At the same time, since the planter box craft requires tarps, we will need a lot of tarps.

Now we can get to the actual farming.

Take the clones that you made with your hemp seeds with the letters Y-G and H and the greenest clones, and look for combinations for crossbreeding on this site.

Our main goal is to combine these three letters, Y stands for Yield, G for Grow, and H for Harvest. Crossbreed according to the character you want your hemp seed to have, my favorite is Y-Y-Y-Y-G-G.

Cloth Farm Base Water and Electrical System

The electrical and water system that I have prepared for you below is a system that can handle the base that we talked about earlier, which is 4x4 with 3 floors and can take 48 planter boxes without any problems.

Use and Importance of Cloth in Rust

If you don't have cloth in the game, you are doomed to lose. While all other teams can quickly replenish their lives with Medical Syringe in the middle of the battle, if you try to eat food and use bandages, you will inevitably die.

That's why many big zergs have dedicated hemp farmers who only produce cloth for their teams.

But you don't need a dedicated farmer either, even if you convert half of your sewing kits to cloth every time you go to recycle, it will be enough. This also allows you to get scrap from your other items.

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