How to get clothes in PUBG (XBOX, PC, PS4)

In reality when fighting on the battlefield, looking your best is hardly top on the list of priorities. Usually, infantry will wear the same gear and perhaps that’s the best way. However, in PUBG, when you drop into the battle zone you want to be looking as fresh and fly as possible to be the envy of all your friends and your enemies. This is usually to the detriment of any sort of camouflage in battle but no one said looking good was easy.In PUBG there is a multitude of clothing options available for you to accessorise with to look your best and there are several ways to obtain them. This will depend on if you are playing the full PUBG experience or the mobile version as each uses different methods of rewarding the player. In all honesty, it can be a little confusing to work out at first and can leave new players scratching their head as to how other players are looking so fly.Well, we want you to look fashionable when you go in search of chicken dinners so we have put together a little guide to help. So here is a rundown on how to get clothes in PUBG.

How To Get Clothes In PUBG

Daily Rewards

Firstly, let us be clear that this one is only for those that play PUBG on mobile and is not a feature of the PS4, Xbox or PC versions. However, for those that play on the mobile version, if you simply sign-in on a daily basis to PUBG, you’ll be given a random award. This will usually be battle points but if you stick with it for an entire week, you will usually be rewarded with a crate that includes some premium clothing so you can look stylish in your next game. Here is a quick guide on how to claim your daily reward in PUBG mobile:

  1. Once you have launched PUBG Mobile, select the events section present on the main menu.
  2. This will show you the events menu. Once this shows simply select ‘login reward’.
  3. This should show you a table of rewards and tick of the item you have received. If this doesn’t work then simply repeat the process.

Complete Missions

Another way that you can earn yourself some new threads is by completing missions that replenish daily. These will have a wide range of difficulty from as easy as signing in to the game, all the way up to tasks such as getting a certain amount of headshot kills or reviving teammates.If you do these missions, you can then go into the menu screen and claim the rewards for each task. This will usually equate to a handful of experience points and activity points.Each day you will have 150 activity points to collect with different value crates handed to the player at 30, 60, 90 and 120 activity points. Then the top prize will be handed out if you complete all your objectives. You may have to alter your playstyle a little but it’s worth it to get some new items for your inventory.This method is applicable to all platforms which are PS4, Xbox, PC and Mobile. Here is a guide on how to claim the rewards:

  1. Launch PUBG and once on the main menu screen, select the icon on the bottom right that looks like a clipboard with a tick.
  2. This will bring you to the mission menu. Here you can check what tasks you have to do. If you haven’t completed any, jump into a match and meet some of the criteria.
  3. After you have completed some tasks, return to the mission menu and scroll down to the task you have completed. Then simply select ‘claim’ to collect your reward for a job well done.

Buy crates with Battle Points

Crates are the random loot boxes that can be purchased within both PUBG and PUBG mobile. They contain a series of varied cosmetic items with the rarity of the items included depending on the value of the crate. These crates can be accessed in a number of ways but the most cost-effective way is through simply playing the game. The player earns battle points through completing tasks, playing matches and collecting daily rewards on mobile. This is the in-game currency of PUBG and can be used to buy crates. This can be done on all platforms including PS4, Xbox, PC and mobile.You can purchase up to six crates a week through this method with the cost of battle points rising with each crate you buy. Here is a rundown of the costs for each crate:

  • First crate: 700 BP
  • Second crate: 1,400 BP
  • Third crate: 2,800 BP
  • Fourth crate: 4,200 BP
  • Fifth crate: 5,600 BP
  • Sixth crate: 7,000 BP

Buy Crates With Real Cash

If you have exhausted your Battle Point allowance for the week and want more loot, then you’ll need to break your wallet out. On the Steam Marketplace, you can purchase keys for premium crates within PUBG for real money. All crate keys on the steam marketplace sell for $2.50 each and you have eleven different crate types that you can choose from.Here is a quick list of what is on offer (at the moment when writing this):

  • Wanderer Crate
  • Survivor Crate
  • Biker Crate
  • Desperado Crate
  • Militia Crate
  • Fever Crate
  • Aviator Crate
  • Raider Crate
  • Equinox Crate
  • Triumph Crate
  • Gamescom Invitational Crate

This tactic doesn’t apply to PS4, Xbox players or mobile players. However, if these players which to invest real money into PUBG, they can do so through adding battle points using their respective systems marketplace.

It’s called Fashion, look it up!

War is all kinds of hell but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fancy when you’re dropping bodies. We aren’t talking silk gowns walking down a runway in Paris but everyone wants to have a little bit of flair when it comes to appearance. Thankfully, PUBG has you covered with an outstanding range of outfits and accessories to keep you looking stylish out there. So now that you know how to get as much loot as possible, get you nicest threads on and drop in with style.