How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact Easily?

Here is all you need to know about the new and improved pity system for Genshin Impact’s weapon banner to secure the goods for your party.
How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact Easily?

The Epitomized Path and Fate Points are a new mechanic for pity systems in Genshin Impact that was introduced in version 2.0, when the Inazuma region was first introduced. If understood correctly, this new system helps you obtain powerful and better weapons for their favorite characters!

To see just how you can guarantee weapons with free Primogems or Genesis Crystals packs, let's take a look below!

How to Get Fate Points and Use Epitomized Path?

This example will start with the basis of an account that has a 0/2 Epitomized Path, and is about to begin wishing for the weapon they want (in this case Primordial Jade Cutter)!

  1. The player first chooses the desired weapon, in this sample banner, the player wants the Primordial Jade Cutter, therefore he sets the Epitome Invocation Path for that weapon.

  2. The player begins wishing, and he receives a 5-star weapon - the Skyward Harp! However, the Skyward Harp is not the weapon they chose in the Epitomized Path. The player therefore gets one Fate Point. The player now has 1/2 Fate Points.

  3. The player then wishes by pulling a 10x wish. He receives another 5-star weapon - and it's the Everlasting Moonglow from the banner! Although it is a featured weapon from the banner, it is not the weapon that was chosen for the Epitomized Path, and therefore, the player gets another Fate Point. The player now has 2/2 Fate Points.

  4. The player continues to spend wishes because they really want the Primordial Jade Cutter really badly for their beloved character, until finally, another golden star appears on his screen. Because he has 2/2 Fate Points, the chosen weapon in the Epitomized Path (the Primordial Jade Cutter) is guaranteed to be given to the player. The player indeed receives the Primordial jade Cutter! As the chosen weapon is received, the Fate Points are reset, back to 0/2.

This means the player needed to pull three 5-star weapons in order to finally get the Primordial Jade Cutter!

New Epitomized Path Mechanic

The Epitomized Path System is visible from the Epitome Invocation weapon banner (or most commonly referred to as the weapons banner), seen around the bottom left corner. The progress of the Epitomized Path can be seen by how many Fate Points one has received, where everyone starts with 0/2.

To utilize the Epitomized Path Mechanic, click on the 0/2 picture (or ‘Epitomized Path’ if you have not chosen a weapon). This will lead you to choose between the two featured weapons on the weapon banner. Remember to choose the weapon wisely as changing the weapon of your choice after receiving fate points resets all the fate points collected up to that point!

Once you receive 2/2 Fate Points, the next golden star (or 5 star weapon) you receive will be guaranteed the weapon that you have chosen in the Epitomized Path earlier. This allows players to secure the weapons for their characters.

Once you have received the weapon of your choice from the Epitomized Path, the Fate Point counter will reset back to 0/2. As long as you have pulled for the weapon of your choice, the Fate Point counter will also be reset to 0/2.

But how exactly do we get these Fate Points?

Fate Points Mechanic Explained

Specifically, each time you pull a 5-star weapon on the Epitome Invocation banner you did not choose for the Epitomized Path, you get one Fate Point.

How Many Fate Points are Needed for a 5-Star Weapon?

Two Fate Points are required for a player to guarantee the next 5-star weapon pulled from the Epitome Invocation Weapon Banner will be the desired weapon of your choice from the Epitomized Path. A total of 3 5-star pulls are needed for a guaranteed weapon of choice.

So, to get fate points, you will have to pull and only pull from the weapon banner. This is the only way for players to get Fate Points in Genshin Impact.

Fate Points belong to the weapon banner and only the weapon banner. As of now, there is no Fate Points Mechanic for the character banner. So, the Fate Points work solely for the weapon banner!

Getting Chosen Weapon Before 2/2 Fate Points

If you get your chosen weapon before you accumulate fate points for a guaranteed weapon of your choice (i.e. 1/2 Fate Points), the Fate Points will automatically reset back to 0/2.

Saving Fate Points For the Next Weapon Banner?

Unfortunately, any Fate Points acquired in the previous banner will not be carried on to the next banner. So, make sure that you have enough primogems for acquiring fate points!

So, now you know that Fate Points Guarantees a player to wish for a featured weapon of their choice! Make sure that you utilize this in Genshin Impact. Since it is a permanent fixture in the game, make sure to be familiar with how it works so you can create the strongest DPS with the best weapons (related: the worst weapons in genshin)!

Start wishing and bring home those weapons for your characters! If you don’t have enough primogems, check out how you can obtain Genshin Impact gift cards to make your team stronger!

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