How To Get Genesis Crystals In Genshin Impact For Free? (Methods That Actually Work)

Discover all the legitimate ways of getting Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact for free! We tested them for You!
How To Get Genesis Crystals In Genshin Impact For Free? (Methods That Actually Work)

If you play Genshin Impact, you know how valuable Genesis Crystals are and how this currency is purchase-only, meaning it cannot be obtained within the game. And if you ever looked for a way to obtain Genshin Impact free crystals, you probably stumbled upon Genshin Impact hack tools or Genshin Impact cheat methods that promise you free Crystals or free Primogems. 

But instead of offering phony solutions for getting free Genesis Crystals, this article will show you the authentic ways you can get them without spending any money, so keep reading to learn how.

What Are Genesis Crystals Used For In Genshin Impact?

Genesis Crystals are the primary in-game currency of Genshin Impact. This in-game currency cannot be obtained through in-game activities, but you can get them by purchasing them for real money. 

Furthermore, Genesis Crystals can be converted to Primogems, and 1 Genesis Crystal is worth 1 Primogem.

You can also get Genesis Crystals on third party websites.

You can buy Genesis Crystals at a rate of 60.61 per dollar, but this rate increases with the more crystals you purchase (also, check out more details about the prices of Genesis Crystals).

Finally, the first time you buy Genesis Crystals, you get double the bonus, which means that when you buy Genesis Crystals for the first time, you get twice as many crystals than you normally would. 

This extra bonus will certainly allow you to increase your chances of getting the in-game items, Genshin Impact characters, or anything that you want to get via the Gacha mechanism.

How To Get Free Genesis Crystals?

Unfortunately, the only way to acquire Genshin Impact free crystals is through get-paid-to services. After testing some of them ourselves, we came up with two that we think are the best ones for getting free Genesis Crystals.

So without any more delay, here are the best ways to get free Genesis Crystals. 

Method #1: Freecash

With its simple interface, numerous rewards to choose from, and a variety of tasks to work on, Freecash is the best get-paid-to service for earning Genesis Crystals.

You can use Freecash to complete online tasks, get awarded with Freecash Coins (virtual currency), and exchange them for anything you wish to use to purchase Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact. 

Moreover, this service also has a mobile app which is a very convenient way to complete online tasks on the move. Of course, Freecash is tried and tested service with thousands of daily users, and there's no doubt about its legitimacy.

So, if you'd like to try out Freecash yourself and get free Crystals, make sure to follow these steps below.

Sign Up On Freecash

To get started, sign up for an account on Freecash. You can register through their mobile app or website, and you can also sign up using your Google or Steam account in a few quick clicks.

Step number one - the easiest step.

Also, entering our bonus code "TGG" after registering will enter you into a drawing to win up to $250. That's over 16000 Genesis Crystals!

Here is a field in which you can enter our bonus code.

Start Collecting Freecash Coins

The next step is to start collecting Freecash Coins, a virtual currency awarded to Freecash users for completing online tasks. Head to the "Earn" page if you're ready to get started.

These offers are different for everyone, as they are based on location.

Looking at the screenshot above, you'll notice several offers below the "Offer Walls" section. Each of these offers will have numerous online tasks you can choose from, and Freecash certainly has more options when it comes to tasks compared to other GPT services. 

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Exchange Freecash Coins

Once you've completed enough tasks and received enough Freecash Coins, you can use them to exchange for rewards that give you free Genesis Crystals. So when you're ready to cash out, just go to the "Cashout" section on a website or an app.

A full list of rewards on Freecash.

It's up to you which reward you'll get, but keep in mind that if you play Genshin Impact via Epic Games, you'll have more payment options available. For instance, let's choose PayPal.

Pay attention to PayPal fees.

PayPal is one of the most flexible payment options for Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals, especially since you can choose 8 different denominations from $5 to $200. 

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Redeem Code To Get Free Genesis Crystals

Click on "Withdraw" once you've selected the amount, and you'll receive the PayPal gift card code that you can use right away. 

Complete more tasks to top up your PayPal account even more.

Then, you'll immediately be able to redeem a PayPal gift card code.

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Method #2: Idle Empire

Idle Empire is the second best GPT service you can use to obtain free Genesis Crystals, after Freecash. This service functions identical to Freecash but has fewer reward and task options. 

On top of that, Idle Empire has no mobile app, making things much more difficult for those who want to complete them on the move. 

Still, Idle Empire is a 100% safe and genuine GPT service where you can also get rewards other than free Genesis Crystals. 

A decent alternative to Freecash.

Here's a quick guide to getting started with Idle Empire.

Register A New Idle Empire Account

To get started, go to Idle Empire's website and create an account.

Simple registration process.

You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam, Discord, or PayPal accounts to register within a few clicks.

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Collect The Idle Empire Coins

Next, you'll need to start completing the tasks that earn you coins, which can be exchanged for rewards later. Proceed to the "Earn" page, and you'll find six categories of tasks.

Feel free to choose from any of these categories.

Keep in mind that not every task will award you with the same amount of coins, as some are more difficult but more rewarding.

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Exchange Idle Empire Coins

Once you collect a certain amount of coins, you'll be able to exchange them for rewards that can get you free Genesis Crystals. So, for instance, if you play Genshin Impact on Android, you'll have to choose Google Play gift cards which will cost you exactly 58500 coins. 

Depending on a device you're playing Genshin Impact on, you can choose anything you'd like.

As there are no limitations of any kind, you can repeat this process and get awarded as many times as you want.

Redeem Code To Get Free Genesis Crystals

After you make your selection, choose the amount you would like to get and click "Withdraw."

You can redeem your Google Play gift card code on a mobile device or a desktop.

Upon redeeming your gift card, you will receive a code that you can use to top up your account and start purchasing Crystals immediately.

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