How to get free Rust skins

If you are a Rust player, you are surely aware of how high skin prices can be and how big the economy is behind it. However, not everyone knows that you can collect an inventory of genuinely enormous value by investing nothing but your time.

3 Ways to get free Rust skins

Compared to other games (such as CS:GO or Dota 2), Rust skins can be super expensive, mainly because there aren't many of them. However, what's interesting — getting skins for this game is not that difficult, and you can actually collect an inventory of skins worth several hundred dollars without investing a single cent. 

There are several safe and proven ways to get free Rust items, and we don't even mean just the cheapest ones. That may sound appealing, but keep in mind that if you're hoping to make a real profit, you're going to have to devote a lot of your time. So if that's not a problem for you, we're happy to provide you some practical ways to get Rust skins for free:

Rust In-game skin drop system

Let's start with a method familiar to virtually all Rust players — skin drops. Statistically, for every 100 hours played in Rust, you will receive one random cosmetic item. This may seem like a lot but: 

  1. If you are an active player, these 100 hours will pass rapidly.
  2. There are many Idle servers where you can just keep on logging hours and waiting for potential items.

Of course, the 100 hours is just statistical, sometimes it will be more or less. To sum up — just play, and free Rust skins will come by themselves

Offer wall websites

What exactly are offer wall websites? Some call it the smallest e-commerce on the market — these are basically services or apps that reward us for performing specific tasks. These types of tasks include, for example, watching a video, completing a survey, or downloading a game. Just like in RPGs — you do quests and get certain rewards for them. The prize is more prominent for more demanding tasks, and for smaller tasks, it is somewhat more symbolic.  

We recommend two such websites in particular:

The most popular site of its kind, and the absolute best of all in our opinion. Very user-friendly interface, and even if you encounter any problems, you can count on the support staff (which we checked ourselves). Interestingly, the system of tasks and payments is constructed so smoothly that most users receive their first rewards about 40 minutes after signing up.

The second most popular offer wall website, in operation since 2015. The earning system is pervasive; you can even collect rewards passively, e.g., by using your computer for cryptocurrency mining. What's more, the site offers a sort of leaderboard system, where the people who have earned the most coins in a particular period are additionally rewarded.

None of these sites offer free Rust skins directly, so the rewards you will be interested in are:

  • Steam gift cards. Put the funds from the gift card straight into your Steam Wallet and use them to buy skins on the Steam Community Market.
  • CS:GO skins. Sell such skins on the Steam Community Market or any other online marketplace (such as Dmarket or Skinport) and buy Rust skins with the proceeds.

Gambling sites

Another interesting option to get free Rust skins is to use gambling sites such as RustChance. These types of services often offer a sign-up bonus of sorts, allowing you to play a few games for free. And you know how it is in gambling — if it is your lucky day, you may increase the value of your Steam inventory by several hundred dollars or more.


The last way of getting free Rust skins we want to suggest to you are all kinds of giveaways. Apart from giveaways organized by the Rust community, there is one website worth mentioning — vLoot. It's a place where you can enter several giveaways at once, and pretty much all of them are Steam-related. Prizes include CS:GO skins, Steam gift cards, and popular game keys.

Even if you don't believe in the fairness of online giveaways and your chances of winning — what's the harm of trying? With literally one click, you give yourself a chance at a potential prize that can help you develop your Rust skin collection.


These were all methods to get Rust skins for free. None of them require anything more than your time, and the reward can be really worth it. Thus, we wish you good luck, both in your grind of free skins and your constant fight for survival!