The Best Ways to Find Food and Water in Rust (Visualized Step-By-Step Guide)

It is always good for you and your team to have plenty of food and water in Rust, and today we will show you how to do it!
The Best Ways to Find Food and Water in Rust (Visualized Step-By-Step Guide)

Since there is no survival game without hunger, food and water are a big part of survival in Rust.

In such a sandbox game, there are as many ways to do something as there are ways to find food and water.

One of the biggest advantages of having plenty of food in your base is that you can avoid starvation when your hunger hits rock bottom, and you can avoid the annoying slow drain on your health when fighting other players.

How to Find Food in Rust (Best Ways Listed)

Finding food is not that difficult in Rust, you can literally find food everywhere.

Finding Food from Food Crates

You can find a lot of food in Ration boxes, and food crates.

You can find plenty of ration boxes in Abandoned Supermarkets, from which you can get food items such as Water Bottles, Water Jug, Can of Beans, Granola Bar, Can of Tuna, and Chocolate Bars. Food crates offer more or less the same food.

Rad towns don't have a lot of food and water compared to other places, at most you will find a few food boxes

Finding Food in Nature

In the early game, you can easily find mushrooms, berries, potatoes, and clothes in forest areas. In addition to this crops can be found such as corn, and pumpkins in fresh water.

You can even make your food in fresh water, you can grow food. If you grow food in fresh water, unlike in salt water, you don't need a water purifier and at the same time, you can solve your water problem.

Finding Food with Hunting

If you can craft a bow for yourself, you can be hunting for bear meat, wolf meat, etc., and cook food yourself in a campfire.

Before we hunt wolves and bears, let's remember that they are dangerous. If you are going to hunt bears you should hold the high ground, you should keep your distance, and use the terrain around you to your advantage, bears have very high health.

Wolves are very fast and usually roam in packs, but their health is much less.

Once you have a base, it is best to cook your raw meat in a barbeque, it has much more space than campfires.

If you are in a very difficult situation to get food. You can get Human Meat by killing other players, but it will fill your hunger very little and will make you thirstier.

How to Find Water in Rust (Best Ways Listed)

You can restore low health by drinking water, just as you can with food.

If you live close to a fresh water source you won't have much of a problem with water, but let's talk a little bit about how to find water if you live far from rivers.

Collecting Water with Water Catchers

With this method, you can solve your water drinking problem once and for all. Put a few water catchers outside your house and you will never run out of water again.

If you live near salt water, you can use a water purifier to purify the water and get your drinking water.

Stockpile Water with Water Jug

If you have the best base location but are not close to the water source you can use water jugs and small water bottles to collect water from rivers.

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