How to Find Weapons in Rust (Best Methods)

In Rust, you are nothing without a weapon, so it is very important to know how to find weapons in the easiest way and increase the number of your weapons.
How to Find Weapons in Rust (Best Methods)

Most of the time when you log into a new server in Rust and start playing, many other players will have weapons, but you won't. In survival games like Rust, it is very important to get guns fast. There are many different ways to get weapons in the game, but finding guns in Rust is mostly a matter of luck, as the game is mainly based on the looting system.

Some weapons can only be obtained from an attack helicopter, airdrops, or loot crates. These uncrafable weapons can also be purchased with scrap from the bandit camp. On the other hand, most other weapons can be crafted from workbench level 1-2-3.

There are many ways to find reliable guns in the game. By looting basic crates you can get relatively bad weapons like double barrel shotgun, waterpipe shotgun, eoka pistol for early game.

High-tier weapons are mainly found in attack helicopter crates, elite tier crates, locked crates, and military crates. Let's take a look at all the methods we can use to find weapons.


How to Get Guns by Looting Monuments - Puzzles in Rust

Looting monuments and doing puzzles is one of the most common ways to find weapons in Rust, no matter how unlucky you are, there is a very high chance that after puzzling a monument 2-3 times, you can at least get guns that you can defend yourself and research. 
Monuments have different types of puzzles, some have rooms that you can only enter with a green and blue card and, some rooms can only be entered with a red card. 
Green rooms have basic crates, tier 1 loot, and blue cards. In the blue rooms, there are some basic crates and some green military crates. You can easily obtain close-range and medium-range weapons such as a Semi-Automatic Rifle, Custom SMG, and Python Revolver from these loot crates.
Monuments with red card rooms are likely to have high-tier weapons such as Assault Rifle, the fastest-firing gun of the rooms, and long-range Bolt Action Rifle.


How to Get Guns by Looting Airdrops in Rust

Airdrops are another easy way to find weapons. A lot of people try to get airdrops in the early game, but if you join the game in the middle of a wipe, not many players will bother getting airdrops.

Airdrops usually include tier 2 weapons, you can get Semi Automatic Rifle, LR-300, and M39 for medium-range and long-range. For close-range, you can get Thompson, Custom SMG, MP5A4, Pump Shotgun, M92 Pistol, and, tier 2 armor sets.

There are two types of airdrops, you can call an airdrop anywhere you want with the Supply Signal item. The other is a server event, that is, it is randomly thrown to a random location.

If you have a Supply Signal, the roof of your house or your compound is the safest way to get your airdrop loot safely, but it may attract unwanted attention from your neighbors.

If there is an airdrop with a server event and it happens at night, you should definitely go to that airdrop because very few people will be able to follow it, and most players will be AFK at that time because they don't know what to do at night or won't want to bother.


How to Get Guns by Looting Tunnels in Rust

Looting tunnels in Rust is another solid way to get a gun.

Tunnel Dwellers drop nice recycle items that can be recycled and they also drop tier 1 weapons. You don't need a high-quality weapon to kill Tunnel Dwellers, even Crossbow and Nailgun will help you kill them comfortably if you have even a little experience in the game.

By collecting green military crates and normal crates in the tunnel, you can find weapons very easily and get scrap very well at the same time. Don't forget to take lowgrade fuel with you before going down the tunnels.


How to Get Guns by Taking Over Cargo Ship in Rust

If you ask me, one of the best loot places in Rust is Cargo Ship. In Cargo Ship, a new locked crate spawns every 10 minutes and there are 3 in total. After these locked crates are activated, there is a 15-minute timer and after 15 minutes the loot inside is accessible.

Locked crates include high-tier weapons with fast fire rate such as Assault rifle, LR-300, and HMLMGs with high fire rates but slow reload speed. On the other hand, when it comes to long-range it includes weapons like the Bolt Action Rifle and the L96.

In addition to all this, the locked crates in this Cargo Ship also contain explosive items such as Rocket Launcher, Rocket, and C4.

While looting on the Cargo Ship, you get loot and weapons not only from locked crates but also from the scientists you kill and the green military crates, elite tier crates, and basic crates that constantly spawn on the ship.

However, the only downside of Cargo Ship is that many people will come. While looting the ship, you must also be careful about other players trying to board the ship and protect the ship until you escape with the loot.


How to Get Guns by Taking Over Oil Rig in Rust

The Oil Rig is a bit different from the Cargo Ship. Again there are scientists, differently there are heavy scientists and puzzle rooms. The green card room again contains tier 1 crates. The red card room with the locked crate is behind the blue card room, so you need both blue and red cards to reach the locked crate.

After you start the locked crate counter, heavy scientists arrive with the chinook helicopter, these scientists are much more powerful and dangerous than the other standard ones. They are deadly and also die hard and their loot is much better than the others.

Just like Cargo Ship, Oil Rig is also a popular destination, and while you're clearing out and looting the scientists, you'll also have to be aware of your surroundings and fight off incoming players.


How to Get Guns by Taking Down Patrol Helicopter in Rust

Attack Helicopter is a bit different from the other methods, for this method it is very important to have a good weapon and plenty of ammo and medical syringes.

The M249 can only be found in two ways in the game, one by shooting down the Patrol Helicopter and the other by destroying the Bradley. The Patrol Helicopter is usually shot down to get the M249 weapon.

The best way to destroy a Patrol Helicopter without any problems is to have a nice rooftop. By taking cover from your own roof, you should drop the helicopter as close to your base and as visible from the roof as possible.

Depending on the number of people in your team, a few people can protect you from the roof while others can go to the helicopter wreckage to loot.

It should be noted that the helicopter event is one of the most PvP elements in the game. Other players will definitely come to steal your loot.

You can also salvage helicopter wreckage with a pickaxe or jackhammer to get 800 charcoal (which you can use later in rust), 1,500 metal fragments, and 70 high-quality metal.


How to Get Guns by Taking Down Bradley in Rust

Bradley only finds it at the Launch Site monument. The Bradley event, like the Patrol Helicopter, requires some investment. But in this one, we can destroy Bradley not with guns but with explosives.

One of the two ways to get the M249 weapon is through Bradley. You can find Assault Rifle, but you can also find unrelated things like shotgun ammunition.

High-Velocity Rocket and Timed Explosive Charge are most commonly used to destroy the Bradley. In Rust, 7 High-Velocity Rockets or 3 Timed Explosive Charges are enough to destroy Bradley.

But since it is very difficult to get close to the Bradley, it would be a much wiser choice to use a High-Velocity Rocket.

Launch Site is already a very crowded and popular monument, according to most major zergs the best base location is Launch Site and therefore it is a very hot conflict zone. Especially when you add Bradley's firing sounds to this, it is not even possible for other Rust players not to come.


How to Get Guns by Trading with Other Players in Rust

Another way of finding guns in Rust is to trade with other players. If you joined a few days after the wipe, most developed groups will open a shop with a vending machine on their bases to earn extra income and often sell weapons for the materials they need.

The best part is that you don't have to go all the way to their bases to trade with other players, you can go to the Outpost or Bandit Camp and trade safely with the drone.

Weapons are very important in Rust as we mentioned, Tier 1 crates are available in most places and you can easily find a two rounds double barrel shotgun or a water pipe shotgun from these crates.

As for the other weapons, there are many ways to find them, as we explain in our beginner's guide to Rust. If you don't have any weapons, it's wise to trade with other Rust players or do monument puzzles. If you have weapons and want to multiply your weapon count, you should definitely try Cargo Ship or Oil Rig.

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