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How to increase stamina in Genshin Impact? (Stamina Guide)

While performing exploration activities in Teyvat your characters may need lots of stamina. Let's discover how you can increase your stamina in Genshin Impact.
How to increase stamina in Genshin Impact? (Stamina Guide)

The world of Teyvat is a vast one and there is a lot to explore. While having adventures outdoors your party members will have to run, swim, and glide a lot, these activities have a high stamina consumption rate. So how to increase stamina in genshin impact? Let's find out!

How to check your max stamina?

Before anything else, you must be aware of your character's attributes including the max stamina system. You can check their attributes by opening the party setup and selecting your desired character. 

Genshin Impact Character Attributes
Genshin Impact Character Attributes

To check your character's stamina while they are performing an activity such as running, climbing, swimming, gliding, and performing charged attacks you can see their stamina in the yellow colored stamina bar displayed beside their silhouette. Make sure to finish or stop performing the activity before your stamina runs out or your character will die.

How to increase your stamina?

Since a lot of in-game exploration activities consume stamina you will need more stamina as you progress further in the game. Here are some of the ways you can use to enhance your max stamina:

  • Another common way to increase stamina is using the statue of the seven. You must find oculi of different events scattered around various regions and use them to worship the statue of the respective element's archon. By worshipping and increasing the statue level you can increase your max stamina. The occulis usually float around but sometimes aren't present in plain sight and you might have to find them by solving puzzled or destroying piles of rocks.
  • You can also switch your characters in Genshin Impact and make a party consisting of four anemo characters, this will reduce your party's stamina consumption rate. However, this method won't work while using a single anemo character. 
  • There are also some characters like Venti and Amber that have passive talents which reduce stamina consumption while gliding. However, this talent does not apply to other exploration activities.
  • Lastly, some dishes can temporarily increase your max stamina or reduce your stamina consumption. However, remember that using these dishes in co-op will only enhance your character's abilities while the other party members' stamina remains the same. You can also not use any dishes in the spiral abyss, so keep your stamina in check there.

What are some dishes that increase stamina?

Food is an important resource that can be utilized to increase your stamina. There are several dishes in Genshin Impact that you can cook for increasing stamina or consume less stamina. But before you cook anything some dishes need processed ingredients in Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact Cream Stew
Genshin Impact Cream Stew

Following are some of the dishes you can try out:

  • Barbatos Ratatouille
  • Cream Stew
  • Lotus Seed and Birds Egg Soup
  • Northern Smoked Chicken
  • Sticky Honey Roast
  • Zhongyuan Chop Suey
  • Spicy Stew

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